Private India (Book Review)

Private India is a Thriller written by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson. I have read two more books written by Ashwin Sanghi and liked them very much for the depth of historical information presented in them. But this one is more like a regular mystery/thriller.

The story is good, book is unputdownabble, and the serial killer is unguessable. But why every thriller wants to feature a serial killer (that too someone who leaves clues to the cops after every murder) is beyond me. Think of something new guys! Continue reading

Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam: Movie Review

Excellent and innovative second-half. But an ordinary first half. In fact, movie goers (within the movie) mock the movie’s average first half themselves, just before the interval! One needs guts to do that and still get the approval of the producer :)

Kathai Thirikathai Vasanam Iyakkam is Parthiban’s attempt to make a movie without a story, and he almost succeeds in his mission until the interval. The movie tries to hold the audience attention with witty one-liners alone and that’s difficult. There should be some substance (aka story), and that comes during the second half. First half is a drag, but don’t give up on the movie based on that. Continue reading

CBC BLOG TAG-2: Mogappair as the Twin City of Chennai!

There are a few twin cities in South India.

  • Cochin – Trivandrum
  • Hyderabad – Secunderabad
  • Bangalore – Mysore
  • Coimbatore – Palakkad
  • Mumbai – Pune, etc.


  • Chennai – ???

That’s why I propose that Mogappair (currently a sub-urban area of Chennai where I live) be developed as a twin city of Chennai :)

I know what you are thinking – Mogappair is such a small area –  then how can this area be developed into a twin city, that too for Chennai?  Continue reading

Kochadiyaan Tamil Movie Review


Kochadiyaan is a Tamil movie released in 2014 starring Rajnikanth and Deepika Padukone. It’s set in a historical context and animation has been used extensively to make the movie (except the actors’ faces and emotions, everything else has been created using animations).

The story is interesting (and good), but the graphics makes it unrealistic. For this budget (120 crores) they could have filmed the movie with real characters and real locations, and it may have been much better. Still, you can watch it once.

Continue reading

Why do Parents send their Children Abroad?

Sending children abroad should be one of the most irrational, illogical, and foolish things that Indian parents do. I can understand what benefits children (think they) might have by going abroad, but why do parents even agree to send their children abroad, often spending Lakhs of their own money, is beyond me!

Let us first admit that there is some selfishness in everything. Parents are concerned about the well being of their kids, but they also want something back (it can be money or emotional support or pride or whatever) over a period of time. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Continue reading

Job Scam: Freshers Paying a Company to get a Job

I was talking to a relative and I came to know about a new type of job scam where freshers need pay a company to join them as an employee! If you are a fresher or you know any fresher, please ask them to be careful with such type of jobs. They are mostly scams.

The company in question is a large Indian company, and I am surprised why such a big company is indulging in cheap scamming activities like this. Continue reading