Selfie Inside Rolls Royce Phantom :)

I know all of you are already jealous reading the title. So, in your own interest, please exercise extreme caution before deciding to proceed 😛

After all, the new Rolls Royce Phantom costs 11.5 Crores (ex-showroom) in India and it is among the most expensive cars in the world. Taking a selfie inside such a car is a privilege – don’t you agree?

We were invited to cover the Rolls Royce Phantom unveiling/launch ceremony at Chennai (Taj Coromandel) today and we took full advantage of it.

Before you see the selfie, have a look at the Rolls Royce Phantom Launch event summary video (Just 30s). You’ll get a good glimpse of the car in it.


And now comes the photo you’ve been waiting to see. Here it is 🙂

Rolls Royce Phantom
If you want to go through the technical stuff and understand what makes this car so expensive, I will shortly write a detailed blog post on my other blog. So remember to come back to this post, I’ll link it from here.

Don’t you feel privileged to even read this post and watch these visuals?.?.

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PS: I already feel ultra-rich. Just imagine how much scene I’ll put if I happen to own one 😛 But first I need to figure out how many zeroes are there in that 11.5 Crores 😀

McDonalds Introduces RICE in India (Chennai)

McDonalds introduces rice in Chennai, India

McDonald’s, a very popular restaurant across the world for its burgers, wraps, nuggets & fries, has introduced –you won’t believe it but we actually ate it– RICE in India. OK, they’ve not yet launched it across India, but they have very much launched it in all their 16 outlets across Chennai.

It seems Chennai is the testing ground for this product. If it succeeds, they may launch rice in their other stores across India. Let’s hope it does.

Before you go all wide-eyed, you’ll have to know that glocalization is nothing new to McD. They have previously launched products like Kebab burger in Hyderabad, Potato wedges in Bengaluru, etc. Even rice is available in certain countries of South East Asia.

But launching rice in the capital of rice kingdom should be an interesting experience for them, I guess. For now, they have launched two flavours –

  • Veggies & Cheese Rice (Rice topped with veggies like peas, carrot, American corn, zucchini tossed in cheese cream layered with herbs)
  • Beans & Gravy Rice (Rice mixed with peas, carrots, chickpeas, kidney beans, tomato gravy with basil, garlic & pepper)

Both these rice varieties are available in Veg & Non-Veg options, priced at Rs. 119 & Rs. 139 respectively.

We ate the veg one, of course. Personally, my favorite is Beans & Gravy Rice. Actually, this is a bit spicy and combined with lemon juice it tastes great 🙂 If you like cheese more, you might like the first variety as well. Just make sure to mix it well before you eat as the veggies/cheese are on a separate layer on the top.

I wish rice was available at McDonald’s a few years back when I was staying alone in Bangalore. I would’ve been a regular customer. No worries, I guess I’ll be frequenting McD from now on – for the Beans & Gravy rice 🙂

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My Digital Valentines Day Gift to my Wife

This year, I thought of giving a digital video greeting card as a gift for Valentine’s day to my wife. So I made the above video.

Jokes apart, I am shortly ordering a handbag for her from Amazon 😀 😛 😀

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PS: Did you actually think I’ll get away with just that video? I should, however, admit that yesterday, I naively thought I would 🙂

The icing is not the cake – today’s hard-learned lesson 😛

Why is the Rush Hour at 11 A.M. in Chennai??

This is something I am not able to understand. While the rush hour is generally between 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. in the mornings at most places, in Chennai, the RUSH HOUR seems to be at 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. and sometimes it extends up to 12 P.M. in the NOON also.

If we assume that most offices would open between 9 – 10 O’Clock in the morning, the rush hour ought to be 8 – 10 O’Clock, right? The maximum traffic ought to be at that time right?

But I’ve often noticed maximum traffic between 10 and 11 A.M. in the city. Are people supposed to reach their offices after 11 or what? If there are such offices, let me know – I’ll want to start working there NOW 🙂

If we assume that businesspeople are traveling at that time, then does it mean that there are more businesspeople than office staff in Chennai? Or do people start traveling after they report to work – for official reasons? Or do people prefer to wander around for entertainment on weekdays itself?

This is something I’ve not been able to figure out.

But one good thing about Chennai Traffic is, the vehicles keep moving – even if only very slowly. In Bangalore, for example, I’ve seen vehicles just stop for many minutes without much of a reason in sight.

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Sri Kannika Parameswari Temple Kumbabishegam @ Tiruppatur (Jan.’18)

The Kumbabishegam (Consecration) of a South Indian TempleSri Kannika Parameswari Aalayam was celebrated grandly over three-days (Jan. 26 to Jan. 28 – 2018) at AVS Thirumana Mandapam, Chetty Street, Tiruppatur (Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India).

I went to the ceremony and made the above-embedded event slideshow highlighting some interesting photos and moments of this Temple Consecration ceremony.

The main event, Kumbabishekam was held on Sunday, 28th January 2018. Since it’s the inception of an important Temple in that area, there was a huge crowd present on the day of the Kumbabishekam.

The management – Tiruppatur Arya Vysya Samajam did a good job of organizing the entire event in a grand way with 14-Yaga Kunta pooja, arranging for meals and amenities for guests, and even arranging for a Drone Camera (via Raja Clicks Photography) to cover the event.

They arranged for the Kumbabisheka theertham to be sprinkled on the crowd via a piped long-range water sprinkler. There were poojas that involved cows, horses, elephants and hold your breath – even a snake!! 🙂  There were many cultural activities like Kolattam, Traditional drum music, Dances, and Devotional Songs.

I had the opportunity to touch the top of the Temple Gopuram (Kalasam), which by the way is accessible to the public only on that day. Overall, never having been to a Temple Kumbabishekam before, this event was a very different experience for me. Needless to say, we took a lot of photos, including a selfie with the Kalasam on top of the Temple Gopuram 🙂

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Here is the history/story of Sri Kannika Parameshwari God along with photos from the Chennai Temple visit published by me earlier.

First Indian (Tamil) Space Movie: Tik Tik Tik

Our fan video for Tik Tik Tik (above). Courtesy

OK, let’s admit that Tik Tik Tik is not the first Indian movie set outside the earth – in the space. Two earlier movies, one Tamil movie starring MGR and one Hindi movie were primarily set in the space, way back in the 1960s. Two more films, Chanda Mama Door Ke and Aamir Khan’s biopic on Rakesh Sharma are also set in space, but they are yet to be made and released.

In the meanwhile, the Kollywood Padam Tik Tik Tik starring Jayam Ravi and Nivetha Pethuraj should get the honor of being the first Indian movie set (predominantly) in space with genuine and believable Computer Graphics + Sets all done in namma Chennai by namma makkal.

It seems 170 technicians worked round the clock to complete the project within 5 months! As per the Wiki page, 80 minutes is the duration of Visual Effects scenes in this movie.  Ain’t that cool 🙂

Have a look at the below trailer to catch a glimpse of the neat job done by the CG team. The movie is releasing this Republic Day (Jan. 26, 2018) and I am eager to watch it on the big screen. Although I may have to wait until the next week to actually see it, I feel excited nevertheless.

Are you? 🙂

Update: News just in on Twitter that the release of this movie maybe postponed to Feb. 2018. Will update this page with the release date when it is announced. 

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The director, Shakti Sounder Rajan, has directed another science fiction movie in Tamil – Miruthan. Due to the gory horror theme, I gave it a skip then.

My Autobiography: The glassy Goal!

Like all kids, my favorite game was cricket. But we used to break a lot of neighboring apartment window glasses by playing cricket! So, we sometimes changed the games that we played in order to convince the apartment residents that we were not playing cricket and hence their window glasses were safe. We used this technique to temporarily divert their attention.

So, during one such change, we shifted to football. We kids, as usual, were convinced that no glass would be broken by this ‘peaceful’ game 😛

During one football match, we were trailing 0-3 and were under a lot of pressure to score goals. So, our forward player (whoever happened to be in the front) was trying too hard to recover for the team.

During a stage of the match, H – who was our forward, took the ball rather brilliantly into the opposite penalty area. He tackled two guys before he went (with the ball) near the goalkeeper. He could have hit the goal right then, but he waited.

The goalkeeper came forward to grab the ball, and he managed to tackle the goalkeeper as well. Now – it was him and the goal. No one else was in between. We were all cheering – go for the goal, go for it………….

Imagine the scenario – it was an empty goal and he could have just tapped the ball slowly (on the ground) to score. But this guy closed his eyes and hit the ball with all his might and power.

The ball not only missed the goal but went and hit a nearby window. This window is usually closed but on that day, maybe due to our bad luck, it was open. Unable to stand so much force, all the glass on that window broke and fell down like water. I still remember that scene.

We were all frozen unable to believe WTH he just did!

The house owner was the father of one of our teammates, which only added to our embarrassment. He came out, saw the window which was totally devoid of any glass, perhaps wondered how we managed to make such a clean hole, smiled at us, and went back inside. Not a single taunt, not a single complaint.

We all wished we had such ‘cool’ uncles in other apartments too 😛 🙂

Of course, our team lost that match 😛

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PS: I wrote this post in Feb. 2011, but for some reason, it has been sitting in my drafts all these years. Finally publishing it now after some editing 🙂

Happy Pongal/Sankranti to all of you 🙂

My New Dream Car: Mini Cooper Convertible

Frankly, no car has impressed me in the past. I’ve seen cars as a means of inefficient transportation due to their gas-guzzling nature. But the moment I saw this Mini Cooper Convertible at Phoenix mall recently, I was impressed instantly 🙂

Wait. I am not going to buy it or anything. For that I need to save money – well, almost the entire 40L 😛 (and) I want the manufacturer to release an electric version that is optimized for solar charging.

That said, this is the first car that I’ve ever fancied. The best thing I like about it is its convertible roof option – it is possible to fold the roof behind at the touch of a button. I’ve seen such open cars in old movies but wonder why I don’t see even one nowadays. Perhaps the idea of owning a unique car that is open on all sides and allows wind to flow freely thrills me even more!

I like its retro looks from outside and the modern looks from inside. It’s small enough and that’s important for maneuverability. It’s a powerful cruiser comfortable for long rides… it’s got the perfect colors… it’s so beautiful… I can go on and on.

I wish I could own this car sometime in the future. The electric version, of course – manufacturer, make a note. Don’t worry, you have enough time 🙂

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PS: What’s your dream car?

Christmas Decor @ Orion Mall, Bengaluru

Christmas Decor at Orion Mall, Bengaluru (Slideshow) from Rajesh K on Vimeo.

Recently we went to Bengaluru for a function and a meet. Since we had some time in hand, we decided to go to the ISKCON Temple. But as we reached the venue one-hour before opening (after lunch) we went across the road to the check out the neighboring Orion Mall, the third largest mall in Bengaluru with an artificial lake and fountain. Orion Mall is near Sandal Soap factory Metro station at Mahalakshmi layout near ISKCON.

Since we went there during the festival time (Christmas), the mall was decorated with Christmas Trees, Snowman, and other Christmas props. A slideshow with a few photos taken by us with the Christmas decor is embedded above. Have a look 🙂

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If you wanted to see the artificial lake, here it is >>  (Sorry Fountain was not operational when we went)

artificial lake at orion mall, bengaluru