On Volunteering . . .

I went to Youth For Seva Chennai chapter’s Volunteer orientation session yesterday. They organize volunteering opportunities in education, environment and healthcare sectors for college students and working professionals in Chennai, and a few cities across India.  

I want to share my thoughts on volunteering. People think volunteering is a selfless activity. I disagree. “Selfless human-being” is a perfect oxymoron – IMO. We are basically selfish and all our actions are driven by our desires or fears. But, I never said being selfish is wrong. It’s just our nature, and it is the reason behind  our innovations and survival.
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My Autobiography: My bad luck with print media continues . . .

I generally don’t do something unless I have to. Even though I indulged in creative writing in school, I wrote only if it had to be done as an assignment. Contributions for school magazine was voluntary, and, as you can guess, I never sent any article/story.

Once, in my 9th Std. my Tamil teacher specifically asked me to write an article for the school magazine. Since it was requested, I had to do it. I wrote something (I don’t remember what it was about) and sent it. It was published also. When I got the magazine in my hand, I was surprised to see the name printed as ‘Radhesh’ instead of ‘Rajesh’. It was a mistake! To compound my bad luck, there was a guy in my class called ‘Radhesh’!! :P Continue reading

The Smell of Baking . . .

South-African Rose baked Cheese Cake

Photo:Cheesy (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons.

The smell of baking a cake, bread, whatever. Have you experienced it?

When I was young, we used to travel to our grandmother’s house during vacations. My aunty was crazy about crafts, baking cakes, and other such activities. Since it was a joint family, all of us got involved in her activities. One of them that I vividly remember is baking a cake. Continue reading

Ramanujan Tamil Movie Review

Ramanujan is a Tamil movie about the life of the famous mathematician (of the same name). I went to see this movie in the Abirami complex today just to see how they have filmed a subject like this. I mean, how do you explain what a mathematician has achieved? As expected, they didn’t go much into the math concepts – which would have been difficult for viewers to decipher anyway – but they concentrate more on the significant events in his life.  Continue reading

Old Age Parents (Short Story)

Priyanka, 45, lived in the city along with her husband, in laws, and kids, but her parents were living separately in another town – 3 hours away. She visited them, as she did every month, spent some time with them, gave some money for their expenses, and was returning to the city in her car.

She wanted her parents to be along with her in the city, but their house was not big enough for all of them. She wished they could have at least stayed somewhere nearby, but her parents told her that the cost of living/rentals in the city was very high. Besides, they had some friends in the small town where they grew up. Continue reading

My New Found Social Status: Novelist!

If you’ve ever tried to explain what a ‘professional blogger’ is, especially to elder people, you know how difficult that is. After 30 minutes of questions (and my replies), they analyze the field and decide that what I am doing is a waste of time. Well, I can’t totally refute that either :P

So, I was desperate to find some other answer to that lethal question – ‘What do you do?’. Once, when I was drinking coconut water (Elaneer), the shopkeeper pointed towards someone who just walked by and proudly said (to another person next to him) – ‘You know what, he is a novelist. He writes stories. He always drinks coconut water in my shop.’ The other person was also like, ‘Wow’.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the biggest motivation & driving factor in me deciding to write a novel – I desperately wanted to change my social status to *anything except a blogger*, and a ‘novelist’ seemed *most glamorous* (at least to others) :D Continue reading

The Great Gatsby (Book Review)

“Using elements of irony and tragic ending, it  (the book) delves into themes of excesses of the rich, and recklessness of youth.” – Sarah Churchwell. 

The Great Gatsby, now considered to be a classic, and one of the best American novels written, was originally published in 1925. What sets this book apart from the various other books is – there are no (artificially) good people! All the characters in this book have multiple shades of grey (as in real life), and their motivations/consequences have been documented brilliantly in fiction format by the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Continue reading

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom (Tamil Movie Review)

3 Stars (3 / 5)

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom (NKPK) is a Tamil movie released in 2012. I had the opportunity to see this movie and then participate in an interactive Q & A session with the director, Balaji.

This movie is about a person who loses his memory just 2 days before his marriage (short term memory loss – he forgets all the events that happened over the last one year). It happens due to an injury in his spinal cord (while playing cricket). The issue is, he fell in love with the girl whom he is about to marry, but he is not able to recognize her after the injury as he met her during that one year.  Three of his friends, who played the cricket match with him try to get him married (without telling his family or fiancee), in spite of his memory loss. Will they be successful in their efforts, is the story.  Continue reading