The Modern Temple: ISKCON, Chennai


Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (ISKCON Temple) in Chennai is a Modern Temple in looks and spirit! Fourteen years back, I remember going to ISKCON Temple in Bangalore for the first time and I was astonished to find shops, bakery, eateries, cinema theater (yes you read that right) inside that Temple!! This Krishna Temple in Chennai is a more recent one, and I thought why not visit and see what they have here. Continue reading

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

Links: Previous chapter; Next chapter; Chapter 1.

Dynamic Wordweavers - Game of Blogs - Chapter 15

The story so far:

Cyrus sits next to Roohi and appreciates the artwork she has been doing. He finds her very talented and helps her with her artwork.

Look mummy, finished… Uncle helped me complete” Roohi says as Tara returns with a plate of snacks and orange juice.

Good, honey, now go pack your bag and get ready for tomorrow”. Continue reading

How was rice discovered initially?

Rice Plants (IRRI)

Some things perplex me to no end. This is one question/thought that has been tarnishing my mind over the few days. I’ve put it in the blog so you people can also suffer :P

How (and why) was rice discovered initially?

Let’s assume I don’t know rice – I’ve never seen it. Now, I happen to wander on the plains and I happen to see a rice plant. But I don’t know that it is rice. What will I most probably do?  Continue reading

Guys, howz my New blog Design?

OK guys. After a long time, and much procrastination, I have finally redesigned my blog. I am using the same WP theme (Twenty Thirteen), but I have changed the standard header into a large ad for!! :P I have also changed the color of the sidebar and main-bar (below the header). The links are also blue now, in continuation with the blue-color theme I’ve chosen for this blog. Have a look at the redesigned home page.

Howz it??? Any suggestions?? Do you like it?  :D :D

Destination Infinity

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 2

Game of Blogs - Memory Intrigues - Chapter 2 - BlogAdda

I am participating in the Game of Blogs challenge organized by BlogAdda. It’s a collaborative novel writing competition. Our team is Dynamic Word Weavers. Links to: Chapter 1, Chapter 3.

Memory Intrigues: Chapter–2

Tara, a senior reporter at the News Broadcasting Channel 24 x 7 x 365, gets up from her desk and is about to leave the office when she notices the Sub-editor walking towards her. ‘What is she going to come up with now?’ Tara wonders but puts up a fake smile anyway. Continue reading

The Kidnap (Short Story)

It was dark all around him. Except for a small one-meter hole a few feet ahead of him, that brought in faint light, he couldn’t see anything else in the room. He tried standing up, but he only felt the ropes tied to his hands and legs on the chair, tighten.

The door opened after a few minutes. Someone switched on the lights. He saw three people enter, one after another. They sat in three chairs kept around the circular table, before him. They were wearing black trousers, black suit, white shirt, black tie, and black glasses.

The person sitting opposite to him, probably the leader, spoke – “You’ve been kidnapped.” Continue reading

The Green Bazaar, Chennai

So I went to the inaugural edition of Green Bazaar, an expo on green, organic and sustainable living in cities organized by The Alternative, last Sunday, Sept. 07 @ SPACES, Besant Nagar, Chennai.

If you are following this blog, you know that I am passionate about green living/sustainable living practices. I have an entire category dedicated to Sustainable Living articles. How then could I miss an event that brought various green living aspects under a single roof? I just had to go. Continue reading

Reusable Cloth-based Sanitary Napkins: Eco Femme

Video Introduction – Eco femme Cloth Pads:

The disposable sanitary napkins are useful to a lot of women. But, did you know that these disposable pads are made mostly of multiple petroleum-based plastic layers, and hence take 500 – 800 years to decompose? Or that they can’t be incinerated (burned) at temperatures lower than 800 Deg. C, as they can release toxic chemicals into the air? Or that they affect the health of rag pickers who come in contact with them while clearing dump yards? Or that, they are not as healthy as you thought they were? Or that, they are expensive on the long-run?

That’s why, Eco Femme, an organization based out of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, is making cloth-based reusable/washable sanitary napkins/pads for women, and is selling them all over the world! Continue reading

Handloom Cotton Clothes with Vegetable Dyes maybe better?

At the recent Green Bazaar, Chennai, I attended a talk hosted by Bindu Kasinadhuni of Chakra Design Studio & Preethi of Krya. In this talk they asked: Why not use Handloom Cotton clothing made using hank yarn & natural vegetable dyes, instead of the machine made clothes & chemical dyes?

Frankly, I never knew Handloom was an option for me. Second, I didn’t know its advantages. Have a look at some: Continue reading