Mongol: The Rise of Chengis Khan (Movie Review)


Photo taken at: Mongolian Film Festival, Russian Cultural Center, Chennai, India. Present at the Diaz are: Sanjaasuren Bayaraa, Ambassador of Mongolia in India & Mr. B. Sashi Kumar, President of  South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.

To encourage cultural interaction between India and Mongolia, the Mongolian Film festival was held recently at the Russian Cultural Center, Kasturi Rangan Road, Chennai, India. They screened four films, and I watched two. Here’s my review of the first film screened on the day the film festival was inaugurated –  Continue reading

My Autobiography: A Risk Worth Taking!


Photo by Anto475 (Own work) [CC BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

I didn’t have a special connection or passion for English (subject) until my ninth standard. Until then, I treated it as one more subject to memorize and score marks.

But in 9th Standard, two things happened: NCERT (CBSE)  changed the English syllabus and evaluation in a good way where we didn’t have to memorize anything anymore, and I started reading Enid Blyton books. (Yes I know that was late, but better late than never!). Continue reading

TiE Villgro UnconventionL, Chennai: Social Entrepreneurship Event

Jacqueline Novogratz-CEO-Acumen

Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of

I went to the TiE Villgro UnconventionL event on social entrepreneurship @ Taj Connemara, Chennai, India, held on Wednesday, December 10, ’14. Here’s the list of speakers and agenda.

Social Entrepreneurship is doing business with a Soul. While most people want to work for large companies or start their own business, there are a few who opt to become social entrepreneurs to provide affordable products and services that will benefit the masses in the low-income group. In this business, in addition to profits, people want to create an impact and better lives with their work. Continue reading

Murder in Amaravati (Book Review)

Murder in Amaravati is a Murder Mystery written by Sharath Komarraju. The book is set in a small Indian village located in Andhra Pradesh – India.

Gist: Padmavati, the village hostess (prostitute), is found murdered inside the village Temple. The priest discovers the body of the woman who is later diagnosed to have been killed due to drowning in fresh water. Is he, the only person who is supposed to have the Temple key, the murderer? Or did the village Sarpanch, the most powerful man in the village and a regular customer of the woman, kill her? There are two more families who have enough motivation to kill her: the postman and a couple who settled in the village recently. The head constable investigating the murder is perplexed: Who killed her and why? Continue reading