Masala Padam Review: A Lesson on Why Formula-based Movies Work!

Masala Padam is a lesson/lecture on why formula-based movies work in India (makes money, engages the audience, etc.). In this movie, although the makers have tried to wrap a story around this ‘message’, it’s only the message that takes the center stage. The story seems to have been twisted (quite blatantly during the climax) to justify the ‘message’.  Continue reading Masala Padam Review: A Lesson on Why Formula-based Movies Work!

Kamal’s Next Movie: Thoongavanam (Amazing Trailer)

Thoongavanam is Kamal’s next movie, releasing shortly — probably within a month or so. It stars Kamal Hassan, Trisha, Prakash Raj and Yugi Sethu. From the trailer, you can say it’s a crime thriller. Let’s hope it’s different and as good as it is portrayed in the trailer. This movie will be released in Tamil and Telugu (as Cheekati Rajyam). It has been directed by Kamal’s former assistant, Rajesh M. Selva. It seems, the filming was finished in 38 days! After Kamal Hassan’s wonderful performance in Drishyam, I am eagerly waiting for this movie. Hope it will be released without controversy — good movies don’t need it anyway :)

Everyone is raving about the trailer (embedded above) — don’t miss :)

Destination Infinity

My next Movie: Masala Padam

Masala Padam is a Tamil movie releasing this Friday, October 09, ’15. Based on the above embedded trailer, which is quite impressive and well edited, I am planning to watch the movie first day first show. I don’t have huge expectations, but since Shiva is there, I hope there will be some comedy in addition to all the ‘Masala’. It seems, Lakshmi Devy, the heroine of this movie, has also written the script. Let’s see how good it is – I will review it on this blog once I come back.

Destination Infinity

The Promotion (Short Story)


Sai was ironing his shirt when he realized, in his hurry, he had not picked up the milk packets that morning. He finished ironing and walked swiftly to his front gate to pick them up. He noticed that one gate was slightly open. Probably he had forgotten to lock it on the previous night. Just as he was about to close the gate, he felt a soft furry body touch his legs. As he bent down, his dog, July, run out of the gate.

“July, July come back… “ Sai shouted at the top of his voice to no avail. He knew she was going to the neighboring park to socialize with the street dogs, again. Last time, when she roamed around the park without him, she had developed a bad skin infection. Sai had spent a lot of time for the treatment and he didn’t want to go through it again. He also didn’t have the heart to see his beloved dog with those rashes again. Continue reading The Promotion (Short Story)

Torobaka by Akram Khan & Israel Galvan @ Chennai, India

I went to Torobaka, a fusion dance performance by Akram Khan & Israel Galvan. It seems, it’s a fusion between Kathak (Indian) and Flamenco (Spanish) style of dancing. This concert was highly recommended by many, hence I went to see their performance @ Lady Andal auditorium, Chennai, India. It’s a huge auditorium and a surprisingly large number of people had assembled there to watch this performance.

Before I write my thoughts, I should mention that I have not gone to dance performances before. I have only seen a few of them in Temples and on TV. But recently I am taking active interest in experiencing different types of art forms, so I went.  Continue reading Torobaka by Akram Khan & Israel Galvan @ Chennai, India

Karthika Nair’s “Until the Lions” Book Release Event @ AFM


I went to Karthika Nair’s (right) “Until the Lions” book release event at Alliance Française of Madras, Chennai on 20th Sept. ’15. The book is a poetic retelling of Mahabharata in the point of view of 19 lesser known voices.

The title of the book was inspired by this quote ~

“Until the lions have their own historians, history will always glorify the hunter.” — Chinua Achebe.  Continue reading Karthika Nair’s “Until the Lions” Book Release Event @ AFM

Meetup with Khushwant Singh, Author of Maharaja in Denims


Our Writers’ Ink group arranged a meetup with Author/Columnist Khushwant Singh on Sat, 19th Sept. ’15 at CCD – The Lounge, KNK Road, Chennai. He was in town just for a day and graciously agreed to meet upcoming writers here.

*Although the names are the same, don’t confuse him with the other novelist Khushwant Singh who died last year at 99 years of age.* Continue reading Meetup with Khushwant Singh, Author of Maharaja in Denims