Which Party should I Vote for in this 2014 Elections?

I got my Voter ID card recently. At last! Actually I applied for it to get an address proof, but, it seems, it’s got another use also – I can vote!! :P

So, for the first time I am going to change the fate of this country elect an MP. But now comes the REAL CONFUSION – which party/person should I vote for, in this 2014 General Election?? To complicate things further, my Tiruvallur constituency (Tamil Nadu) has 8 candidates from known political parties and 6 independent candidates. (Source). Total: 14. Didn’t know that this was such a HOT constituency! Continue reading

The Monologue (Short Story)

Jack Russell Puppy

He: [Rings the doorbell]
She: [Opens the door] You know what your son told me, today? He told me not to ‘interfere’ with his life.
She: Did you hear what I said just now? I am ‘interfering’ with his life, it seems. I carried him in my womb for almost a year; I sacrificed my career to give him the best possible attention; I dropped him to school, tution classes, hobby classes, and brought him back daily, for years; I made sure he got healthy meals even though I slept hungry on some days; I have sacrificed so many things for his happiness only to hear him tell me that I was ‘interfering’ with his life? Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Book Review)

Literary Fiction, at its finest. This book is about marriage, and the politics surrounding it, in the early Nineteenth Century England. I can’t believe that this book was published first in 1813. The author brings the characters, situations and imagery to life and we are forced to believe that the story is happening right in front of our eyes, now! This is the first classic I ever read, and I now want to read more classics :)

Make no mistake – this is neither an ideal book, nor an easy book to read. I took many days to complete this book. Had I read it before even just a few years, I would not have completed it. I think, to be able to read and appreciate classics like this, one needs to be (somewhat) old and mature. This is almost a fairytale and has been written to give false hopes to young girls that marriage is the only worthy thing to look forward to, in their life. Maybe it was like that, back then.  Continue reading

Water Bowl Project: Quench the Thirst of Animals on the Street!

Blue Cross of India is an organization that is involved in rescuing, protecting and caring for animals on the streets. They are based out of Chennai. I visited their premises on Saturday, to know more about their Water Bowl project.

Before a few years, I accompanied a foreigner who came to India (for the first time). While traveling in a taxi, he pointed to some roadside dogs and asked me, “Who cares for these dogs – how do they grow up?”. I must admit that such a thought never occurred to me earlier and I just shrugged my shoulders. The concept that dogs could be left on the streets, was alien to him – I guess!   Continue reading

Poynter Journalism Workshop, Chennai, India: My Experience!


* Whether you read the article or not, don’t miss the song embedded in the end *

You maybe thinking – why did this guy go to a journalism training workshop? Frankly, I am wondering about the same too! :)

Who is Poynter.org?

“We teach those who manage, edit, produce, program, report, write, blog, photograph and design, whether they belong to news organizations or work as independent entrepreneurs. We teach those who teach, as well as students in middle school, high school and college—the journalists of tomorrow.”-Poynter.org.

Continue reading

Paperboat drinks, made with traditional Indian ingredients


People, looks like the *popularity* of my blog is steadily rising everyday! Have a look at what I got for review through the courier, today :)

Paperboat drinks/juices advertise themselves as being made of natural & traditional Indian ingredients. I was hooked by that ‘traditional Indian’ thing because it’s different. Btw, everyone announces themselves as natural, even those instant juices where we need to put the concentrate and add water! Paperboat juices are not like that – they come ready to drink. We just need to open the pack and you know what to do next… :) Continue reading

My Autobiography: Of Valuing Security over Talent/Skills

We Indians have a weird belief in valuing security over talent/skills, while choosing a career/job. I am not saying it is totally unjustified, but there are always exceptions to it and parents (generally) don’t want to give priority to these cases.

Even though this post has been categorized under the ‘My Autobiography’ category, this is not about me. I have never been ‘exceptional’ at anything. This is about three people who studied in my school and whom I knew.  Continue reading