An Artist’s Love for her Creation (Short Story)

Word count: 715 words.

Kayal was six when she built a sand castle for the first time on the beach. She dug into the mug around a small circular area and accumulated the soft mud towards the center with her hands. She stopped when the heap was one-and-a-half feet high and stepped back to admire her creation. Tarun, eight, her cousin brother, who was observing her activity suddenly jumped on the sand castle and destroyed it within a few seconds. Continue reading An Artist’s Love for her Creation (Short Story)

In my Next Birth, I want to be born as . . .

Little brown bat with visible symptoms typical of WNS (8509677349)

A Little Brown Bat!

Actually, I wanted to be born as a Buffalo in my next birth cos I love it’s attitude towards life (lazy, uncaring, et. all) but once I got familiar with the little brown bat, I immediately changed my mind.

The little brown bat can sleep for 19.9 hours a day, and hibernate for 6+ months in a year. (Source: Wiki)

Did you read that? Go back and read the previous line carefully once again.


So, what creature would you want to be born as, in your next life (if there is one)? Let me know in the comments :)

Destination Infinity

Photo credit: By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Happy Man (Short Story)

I am going to die in one hour. But this one hour is my most important hour as I attempt to reverse two biggest mistakes of my life: I fought with the man I ought to have supported; and supported the man I ought to have fought with.

There is only one last hurdle I need to cross: My grandson. Ah, here he comes. With his white suit, he looks more like 25 than 19! 

“Hi Gramps. You wanted to talk to me?” he says, pulls the heavy chair on the other side of my large wooden table, and sits down to face me. Continue reading Happy Man (Short Story)