Why Do People Cage Birds?

Let me try and guess some reasons why people catch birds and lock them inside a cage.

  • Birds (like pigeons and parrots) are harmful, hence people want to protect themselves by locking birds in a cage.
  • Birds are soooooo beautiful and soooooo cute. In order to permanently immerse their eyes in all that beauty, people lock them in cages and keep it close to them. By keeping the caged birds in balcony or foyer, others can also immerse in all the colors and finery.
  • Since the house is silent, birds help add some sound. The constant chirping of birds is like music (to their ears).
  • Caged birds are a status symbol. If they can afford more birds, they will seem rich.
  • Even if they are not rich, they showcase birds so that others can get fooled by assuming that the inmates are rich.
  • Birds are decorative pieces like curtains, statues, etc.
  • People want to protect birds from dangerous prey like eagles, vultures, kites, and more importantly other humans by locking them in cages.
  • Since kids/spouse/parents have left, and they are alone, having birds gives them some company.
  • Symbolically, they are telling everyone that this is how they will treat other creatures, and more importantly other human beings.
  • Since other people are controlling them in office, homes, etc. they take revenge by caging birds and feeling a sadistic pleasure of controlling the destiny of (at least those) birds.
  • By feeding birds with food and water, they feel as if they are parents. Or better, they think they are philanthropic.  Besides, birds cannot run away like kids as they are caged.
  • People can talk to birds as long as they want – birds are good listeners, unlike other people. And they don’t argue back.
  • People want to make a statement of their superiority over birds.
  • They have nothing better to do in their life. And their imagination has totally failed them.

What else?

Around my street alone, there are three houses that display many birds locked inside small cages. I wonder what kind of sadistic pleasure they must be getting – a remnant of our feudalistic system?

Destination Infinity

God is a Gamer – Bitcoin Thriller (Book Review)

God is a Gamer is a Bitcoin Thriller, written by Ravi Subramanian, the Banker-writer. This is the first book written by him I’ve happened to read and I liked it. Just one issue: The second climax in the end didn’t appeal to me or wasn’t realistic. Otherwise, this book was interesting.

Bitcoins, if you are wondering, is a virtual currency system which converts normal money into virtual currencies and helps pay anonymously for purchasing products/services online, where they accept Bitcoins. One can also store money as Bitcoins. As you can guess, it can be used for illegal money exchanges, and the story is wound around it. Continue reading

The Secret Garden (Book Review)

The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett is one difficult classic to read! I managed to finish it. No doubt it’s a well written book (as it is a classic), but look at this -

“Iris and white lilies rose out of the grass in sheaves, and the green alcoves filled themselves with amazing armies of the blue and white flower lances of tall delphiniums or columbines or campanulas.”

Continue reading

Three Movies I Like

This is a guest post by Manogna who blogs at Bee After You


Movie Discussion: When writer and fellow blogger Rajesh (Destination Infinity) gave me movies as a topic for my guest post, I decided to write about a movie each in the three languages that I love.

Telugu – Being my mother tongue, I chose Atharintiki Daaredi (roughly translated to English as ‘Road to my aunt’s home?’) starring Power star Pawan Kalyan, directed by Trivikram Srinivas as a latest addition to my list of favourites. Continue reading

V.O.Chidambaram Pillai – Kappalottiya Thamizhan!

‘Kappalottiya Thamizhan’ means ‘The Tamilian  who Sailed a Ship’. What makes V. O. Chidambaram Pillai’s sailing, a feat, is – he was the first Indian to form a shipping company (and provide commercial shipping services for Indians), breaking the monopoly of the British India Steam Navigation Company in the seas (during early 1900s).

Born in 1872, in Ottapidaram, South Tamil Nadu, V. O. C was a lawyer by education. Being a nationalist at heart, he wanted to do something beyond law, and decided to form a shipping company (Swadeshi Company) to carry people and goods between Tuticorin and Colombo. His main aim was to break the British monopoly in this trade. He tried leasing ships, but the British company blocked it. So he decided to buy ships.  Continue reading

3 Excellent Books on Fiction Writing

Over the last one year, I have been reading a few books on writing fiction. For guidance on writing non-fiction, I found an excellent book. But so far I have not found one comprehensive book that covers most of the required topics in the art of writing fiction. So I recommend three books, each good in a specific aspect of fiction-writing. However, if you want to read only one book, go with the second book mentioned below.

1. Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee. Continue reading

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 25

Game of Blogs

The story so far:

Jennifer has been driving around now for almost 2 hours.  They are driving along Linking Road, Bandra.  She suddenly realizes how hungry she is and decides to stop at a restaurant for a cup of coffee.  She sits down and orders a cappuccino and a club sandwich.  Just then her mobile rings.  It is from Shibu.  She picks up the phone and notes down the information that Shibu gives her.

Thanks Shibu.  That was really quick.  You are a real life saver.  I owe you one!”

She quickly gulps down her coffee, pays the bill.  She needs to move quickly.


Chapter 25

Links: Previous Chapter; Next Chapter.

5 P.M:

The taxi is waiting for her outside the restaurant. Jennifer gets into it quickly. Continue reading

The Modern Temple: ISKCON, Chennai


Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (ISKCON Temple) in Chennai is a Modern Temple in looks and spirit! Fourteen years back, I remember going to ISKCON Temple in Bangalore for the first time and I was astonished to find shops, bakery, eateries, cinema theater (yes you read that right) inside that Temple!! This Krishna Temple in Chennai is a more recent one, and I thought why not visit and see what they have here. Continue reading

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

Links: Previous chapter; Next chapter; Chapter 1.

Dynamic Wordweavers - Game of Blogs - Chapter 15

The story so far:

Cyrus sits next to Roohi and appreciates the artwork she has been doing. He finds her very talented and helps her with her artwork.

Look mummy, finished… Uncle helped me complete” Roohi says as Tara returns with a plate of snacks and orange juice.

Good, honey, now go pack your bag and get ready for tomorrow”. Continue reading

How was rice discovered initially?

Rice Plants (IRRI)

Some things perplex me to no end. This is one question/thought that has been tarnishing my mind over the few days. I’ve put it in the blog so you people can also suffer :P

How (and why) was rice discovered initially?

Let’s assume I don’t know rice – I’ve never seen it. Now, I happen to wander on the plains and I happen to see a rice plant. But I don’t know that it is rice. What will I most probably do?  Continue reading