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Hi ppl,

I have launched a new website

It is about IT Network infrastructure. All of you would be using a PC in your office for connecting to the internet, checking mails etc. Some of you might also be using wireless network (Wi-Fi) to connect. You may be using IP Phones which directly connects to the network port to talk to on site people and you may have seen the IP cameras and IP Video conferencing systems. There are a lot more applications that can be enabled on an enterprise network. And a lot of systems, technologies and infrastructure are behind such networks and the applications they enable on IP. Since I have been working on that domain, I thought I could launch a professional blog/website in the same domain to share information and learn. I am also looking to monetise that website later on.

So, I request all of you – my blog pals, to have a look at the website and tell me frankly your first impressions. Since it is a slightly technical topic, it may not interest all of you but do let me know if you liked the theme, design, accessibility, categorization, idea of having a forum there, the tag line and anything else. Don’t bother subscribing to it if it is not relevant as it is for a specific category of people as mentioned in that site.

The website (Actually it is a blog) is on self hosted version of wordpress ( which is different from the site that we host our personal blogs. I have taken some shared server space and registered that domain name with Bluehost. The theme I am using there is Magazine basic (a magazine style theme) and I have also installed a forum plug in called Simple Forum for wordpress.

Let me know what else I could add there – I am planning to add that feedburner feature of emailing the posts (As it is focussed on a vertical, I think it will be useful to interested people). Do you think I should put a logo there? Please pen down your suggestions in the comments section and also your tips. If you have any questions on developing a website, do put it down and I will answer it if I know. Any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips you have for making that site search engine friendly, would be highly appreciated.


Rajesh K
(Yes, that’s my name but I would prefer all of you calling me Destination Infinity for reasons mentioned in the About Section). I am serious about what is mentioned there 🙂

Some interesting posts in that website:

Snort – Open Source Intrusion Detection System

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  1. I will put it up in my reader for sure but to be frank i am not much into these technicalities and i get lost with all the words you guys write there! *shame on me* but thats how i am… i hope after reading you stuff something goes into my head 🙂

  2. Its taking time to open in my PC now DI.. will let you know my comments by tonight 🙂

    I am always interested in networking.. hope I will enjoy it much 🙂

  3. @All: Thanks for visiting the site and as I said it is for a certain segment of people who are involved in similar things. But should you have any questions on that you are welcome to ask me. Thanks again for spending time on that site.

    Destination Infinity

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