Coimbatore through the eyes of a Blogger

Sunset over rice field
A Textile shop in CBE
Gandhipuram, Cbe
HT Cables going along the road in Cbe
Shopping complex or advertisement complex?
Boxed exterior of a building in Cbe
Tall antenna during sunset
A campus passage across the road in Cbe
The buildings are wider, not taller
An electrical distribution centre through the fence
Wide open spaces and greenery in abundance
A lake/river inside the city
Railway tracks from an overbridge
Another boxed building flanked by huge trees
A notice board in a village near Cbe
Annanagar Tower

Ok, the last photo was taken in Chennai when I met the popular blogger Kanagu 🙂

The notice board which is in Tamil reads “In our village, no one is allowed to urinate on the streets and people are not allowed to litter on the streets either. If they do so, there would be a fine of 100 rupees along with imprisonment of three days”. I think every village and city needs to follow this example. I was also reminded of a nice post written on this topic by Sandhya.

Yeah people, I have finally managed to move to Coimbatore. Not yet got my broadband connection, so will be slightly inactive online for the next week or so. But after that, Destination Infinity will rule the online world 🙂

If you were looking for pictures/write-up on tourist places in Coimbatore, go here.

Destination Infinity

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16 Replies to “Coimbatore through the eyes of a Blogger”

  1. So, you have reached the destination you wanted to reach. All the best. My husband wants to live the retired life over there. His father had a house in RS Puram! He still remembers the childhood days when he lived there.

    The first photo is beautiful. No.10 is different! Mayileripaalayam ooratshi, is really great. We need more places with this board and have to implement the punishment – the 3 days' prison! Let us dream!!!

    Thanks for mentioning my post, here, Destination Infinity!

    All the best!

  2. at last, huh? Great ! Coimbatore is a nice place; have been to the place so many times. and thats cuz my native Palakkad is quite close. All the best and hope you get your broadband soon. Btw, the first pic is really nice.

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