Taking a short break

Hi ppl,

I want to take a short break for 2-3 months from blogging as I feel I have not been able to write with full satisfaction, especially in the recent posts. And besides, commitments at work have increased and I have not got a broadband connection at home still – its pretty hard to manage a blog with mobile GPRS!

I hope to come back and start writing in this blog sooner…

Destination Infinity

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12 Replies to “Taking a short break”

  1. have a nice break DI.. get refreshed and be back soon 🙂 🙂 we are waiting for you 🙂 🙂

    Yeah, i need to get refreshed for sure 🙂 I will be back with a bang 😉

  2. what on earth is going on in blogosphere? everyone is going on a break!! come back soon!

    Yeah, that way my break doesn't look odd… but the situations for many of us looks similar, I guess hmmm… I just need to set right certain things personally/professionally and then will be back…

  3. Oh no !! is it because of my comments 😉 ??? DI, please come back soon !!! I donno who is spreading the rumor !!!!

    I think you are the one spreading rumors 🙂 But I should appreciate one thing – your comments have been frank as far as possible 😉

  4. Get rejuvenated and come back refreshed.

    Take care, Destination Infinity!

    Sure, Sandhya. Consider shifting to WP from Blogger in the meantime… Blogger sites are very hard to surf and comment from mobile!

  5. Though your posts will be missed,but one does need a break too.

    Yeah, Thank you Sir… I am quite inspired by your blog, so want to include some sections that talk about India when I come back…

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