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Nehru Stadium – For all sports lovers in Coimbatore

Nehru Stadium Coimbatore Gallery Close UpIt was a sunday morning and I woke up surprisingly early! Well, 7:00 AM actually! Since I didn’t have anything else to do, and someone had suggested to me that the Nehru Stadium is a good place for a morning walk in Coimbatore, I decided to go there.

I was quite surprised when I saw so many people playing so many games around and inside the Nehru Stadium! Inside, people were practicing athletics (running, etc) and football – there is a nice grass football court! Everyone were wearing some sort of sport Jerseys and were looking professional! I even inquired with an official there if any membership is required to practice inside the stadium, and he said that anyone can come and practice – there was no restriction. Well, anyone could go inside means, I can also go inside to click photos – here are some of them.

Nehru Stadium Main EntranceNehru Stadium Inside view - seating from a distance

Nehru Stadium Coimbatore from InsideNehru Stadium Running Track in Coimbatore

Nehru Stadium CoimbatoreNehru Stadium Football Ground Coimbatore

Actually, the real action was going on in small grounds around the Nehru Stadium. So many games were being played there by people of all ages. What caught my attention was the volley ball, ball badminton, shuttle (badminton), football, basket ball, and of course cricket. There was even a Gym there. Some photos from these grounds are given below:

Volley ball in nehru stadium coimbatorebasket ball nehru stadium coimbatorecricket nehru stadium coimbatore

Nehru Stadium Gym Coimbatore

shuttle badminton nehru stadium coimbatorefootball nehru stadium coimbatoreActually, good to see people in the workaholic city of Coimbatore playing some games! 🙂

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