Covai Flower Show 2011 – TNAU Botanical Gardens, Coimbatore

botanical gardens flower show 2011 rose arrangementThe fourth edition of Covai Flower Show (2011) is open for public viewing from today in the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU) Botanical Gardens in Coimbatore.       It seems, this time they are keeping it open for three days (from 29th to 31st of January 2011) as school/college students are expected tour this place on monday, a working day. Otherwise, its open only for two days – Saturday and Sunday as its difficult to maintain the flowers for a long time. Its open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Entrance ticket is Rs. 10/-. So, if you are in Coimbatore, why not stop over there sometime?

A heart shaped flower arrangement with rosesThe first thing to greet you in this edition is the “Nature in Miniature” plant exhibits which are miniature trees (some with even fruits) that have been grown for many years but still have a small size.

Ficus Retusa - 42 Year old miniature tree kept at covai flower show 2011 TNAU Botanical Gardensficus microcapa a miniature tree kept at 2011 covai flower show at tnau botanical gardensa miniature tree kept at covai flower show casuarina equisetifolia - miniature trees photos at coimbatore flower show 2011 in botanical gardensThere was no dearth of flowers! After all, this is a flower show! I guess a lot of preparation should have gone in to getting all the flowers here and arranging them. Have a look at some of the flowers kept there for display.

a beautiful rose flower decoration at covai 2011 flower show, coimbatore flower arrangement in kovai flower show 2011 at tnau botanical gardensbeautiful chrysanthemum flower decoration and arrangement at 2011 Coimbatore flower showcoimbatore 2011 flower show arrangement flower decoration and arrangementThere is also a collection of printed photos in display. It seems all these photos were taken in the TNAU botanical garden campus itself at various times. One particular group of photos with butterflies on flowers were interesting.

photos of butterflies taken on flowers in TNAU botanical garden campusApart from generic arrangements, they also had some special arrangements of flowers which were like tanks, elephants, ship, rocket, etc. I have published a few of them below:

flower arrangment on a mandapam with throne in 2011 flower show coimbatoreflower arrangement in the shape of tank and ship in covai 2011 flower showflower arrangement in the shape of elephants in covai flower show 2011 TNAU botanical gardensflower arrangement in the shape of rocket at kovai flower show 2011 held at tnau botanical gardensflower arrangement in tnau botanical gardens 2011 covai flower showI guess that was a good collection and the flower arrangements were quite well done! A real treat to the eyes 🙂 A small glitch was the presence of too many shops (a lot of them unrelated to flowers) which make us walk much longer! But otherwise, it was a perfect show!

Destination Infinity

PS: You might also want to have a look at Lalbagh Flower Show (Bangalore) – January 2012 pictures.

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23 Replies to “Covai Flower Show 2011 – TNAU Botanical Gardens, Coimbatore”

    1. I have seen both the Lalbagh Flower show and the Ooty flower show. And this was done almost in the same scale. But even I came to know about this only a few days back!!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, they were called bonsai plants! I forgot the name and was thinking about it yesterday… thanks for reminding…

      Destination Infinity

    1. I heard that most of these flowers and plants are brought down from outside places – like Ooty and some even from abroad. I guess these flowers and plants cannot be grown here.

      Destination Infinity

    1. It seems this is the sixth edition, which means five similar editions should have been held for the last five years. Not many people know about it!

      Destination Infinity

    1. I too thought the rocket was very interesting. First you need to catch a plant like that – tall and long. Then cut it appropriately, then put on the coloured flowers…. huh, that’s a lot of effort! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  1. Hey Rajesh , Beautiful shots, I must say you made me nostalgic. Hey you came to my blog therefore you are mentioned in a thank you post on my page. Have a look!
    Thanks once again 🙂

  2. Feast for the eyes!

    The bonsai plants look fresh… Normally, I feel sad seeing them.

    The flower decorated elephant and her baby looks so natural.

    Is it cool over there? All the flowers look so fresh!

    Thanks for the pretty pictures, Destination infinity!

    1. I went on the first day, maybe they are fresh because of that! I heard that many flowers are brought from outside places… Now the temperature is quite warm, but not hot – yet.

      Destination Infinity

  3. The Bonsais are good.
    But why cutflower decorations?
    All the wedding organisors are doing it.
    I expected some exotic potted plants.
    An institution like TNAU can do better.

    1. Maybe there were, as I was not able to put up all the photos taken there… But yeah, TNAU should look to add to the variety and do more with each passing edition…

      Destination Infinity

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