My choice for Top 5 Hindi Songs & Top 5 English Songs for May 2011

In this post, I would like to list my choice of Top 5 Hindi (Bollywood) Songs and Top 5 English songs from among the movies/ albums released in one month – May 2011.

Do understand that it is very difficult to select five songs from among all the songs that were released in a whole month – but nevertheless, I have made an attempt.

Also, it is not possible to listen to all the songs released during that period, and many songs are not available for listening – Online (At least in the part of the world that I live). So, I had to make this choice from the limited songs I knew/ had access to. But I can assure you that I tried my best to listen to as many songs as possible and be as impartial as possible.

You’ll have to understand that musical tastes differ from person to person. That’s the biggest roadblock with these lists – But the advantage of making a list of top songs is, these songs have crossed multiple levels of scrutiny to make it to the top five positions. So, they must be good!

Do let me know about the format and the selection/ placement of songs, in the comments section. Feedback helps me to make it better the next time. The songs listed below are in a countdown format (No. 5 meaning my fifth favorite song and No. 1 meaning my most favorite song).

Top five songs in Hindi for the month of May 2011:

No. 5 – Song: Life Sahi Hai (Pyar ka Punchnama)

No. 4 – Song: Sarphira sa hai (Love you Mr Kalakaar)

No. 3 – Song: Tum ho mera pyar (Haunted 3D)

No. 2 – Song: Tonight (Luv ka the End)

No. 1 – Song: Love ka the End – Title Song (Luv ka the End)

Top 5 songs in English for the month of May 2011:

No. 5 – Song: Papi (Love?, Jennifer Lopez)

No. 4 – Song: This is gonna hurt (title song) (This is gonna hurt, Sixx:AM)

No. 3 – Song: Born this way (title song) (Born this way, Lady Gaga)

No. 2 – Song: Until it beats no more (Love?, Jennifer Lopez)

No. 1 – Song: Judas (Born this way, Lady Gaga)

Enjoy 🙂

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20 Replies to “My choice for Top 5 Hindi Songs & Top 5 English Songs for May 2011”

  1. Nice music selections. I’ve got to admit that I’ve been out of Hindi movie or song industry for a while now. I don’t even know which song or movie is currently trending oh so famously 😀 Love Lady Gaga’s music. Not so much of her style fan though.

    1. Before about a couple of months, even I was disconnected with the current Hindi songs and was not even aware of the English songs! But I am glad that I chose to re-connect with one of my favorite pass times – Listening to some wonderful songs!! I hope to help at least a couple of timeless professionals by publishing these lists – So that they can just listen to the best songs, easily.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Do you think a list like this would help you reconnect – Not immediately, but when you have time and are in the mood for some good music, you could come back to listen to some of the songs…

      Destination Infinity

      1. It would but then what i have found hard is to find out songs that are good and make ONE cd of them .. i have seem most of the time me and others too are pressing the Forward button more …

  2. Haven’t been uptodate with tamil or Hindi songs offlate…Will hear them from your list 🙂
    The recent JLO and GAGA albums are totally rocking for sure! I love born this way and judas. I also like Nicole Scherzinger’s recent album..

    1. Only those two albums were good enough from the many albums/ songs released in May! I am not familiar with that Nicole Scherzinger’s album! I will access it soon…

      Destination Infinity

    1. If you like fast paced songs, you can listen to songs 1,2, & 5. If you like slow/ melodious songs, you can listen to 3 & 4.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Even I was quite disconnected to the songs till about a little while back. I guess there is always time to pick up good songs, at least in future…

      Destination Infinity

    1. It should be difficult to keep in touch with all the latest songs – That’s why I am creating this post in my blog! Listen to them when you feel like…

      Destination Infinity

    1. Not a problem – I was disconnected from all sorts of popular music till before about two months! I am not sure if I will continue the English one – too many songs to listen! But Hindi and South Indian languages will find a regular top-10/5 list here – hopefully!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, I am getting to know about d k bose and should listen to some of his songs soon 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  3. i have search from many sites that which English songs are in top 10,,,,,,,,, the top 10 songs are
    1- REPLAY (IYAZ) | 7- pretty girls (iyaz)
    2-holla holla (AKON) | 8-Chammak challo(akon)
    3. war (JAY Sean) | 9 one time (justin bieber)
    4-right now (AKON) | 10-stay(JAY Sean)
    5-Don’t matter (AKON) |
    6.down (Jay Sean) |

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