Hindi Movie Songs: Top 10 Hindi Movie (Bollywood) Songs for July 2011

I am back with yet another Top 10 Hindi Songs list. How much ever regular readers might not like them, readers from search love them! 🙂 This time I have selected the Top Ten Hindi movie songs from the month of July 2011. That means, all these songs are from movies released in a single month – July 2011.

I have tried my best to listen to all the Hindi movie songs released in July, to select the below mentioned songs. But do remember that the selection is mine and I don’t follow any scientific procedure or take any public poll to decide on the songs and their ratings. I go by my instinct and how much I like a certain song.

Irrespective of the positions of these songs given in this post, just know that even if you start listening from the tenth song, they will still be nice. All these songs have been selected after multiple rounds of scrutiny – so they should be good! Some more songs in July deserved to be on this list as well, but I am restricted to ten Hindi movie songs and hence had to made certain decisions, which I did.

Ok, now let us proceed to the Top 10 Hindi Movie Songs for July 2011:

No. 10Tie tie phish (Chillar party)

No. 9Behla do (Chillar party)

No. 8Maula maula (Singham)

No. 7Hara shwet kesariya (Gandhi to Hitler)

No. 6Har ore tabahi ka manzar (Gandhi to Hitler)

No. 5Bhaag DK Bhose bhaag (Delhi Belly)

No. 4Saathiya (Singham)

No. 3I hate you like I love you (Delhi Belly)

No. 2Hale dil (Murder 2)

No. 1Jaldayini Faldayini (Gandhi to Hitler)

Enjoy 🙂

Destination Infinity

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8 Replies to “Hindi Movie Songs: Top 10 Hindi Movie (Bollywood) Songs for July 2011”

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Its not my fault really, they should have come up with better songs for the month! 🙂 But musical tastes also differ from person to person. And certain songs become likeable only after you listen to them for a certain number of times. The song no. 1 for example, I didn’t like it the first time. But after listening to it for 5-6 times, I adore it now.

      1. You got me wrong DI,i meant i heard them on TV and didn’t like them.I didn’t check the link you gave.

        These days they are very few songs which i am liking,maybe i am getting old 😀 😀 😀

    1. Actually, I wanted to put the Song no. 2 as the Song no. 1 because technically thats the best song, but after listening to the first song for 3-4 times, I liked it very much. It sort of grew on me. Of course, Song no. 3 is very different and has a catchy tune… That song no. 5 is the fastest song I have heard in recent times! Thanks for listening to them…

      Destination Infinity

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