Paithruka Hi-tech Museum of History & Heritage in Trivandrum, Kerala


Paithruka Hi-tech Museum of History & Heritage is located in Trivandrum, Kerala. Actually, we wanted to visit the Napier museum (which is located right opposite to this one), but since that museum was closed when we went, we visited this one instead.

Paithruka-Museum-Trivandrum-6They had advertised this museum as a hi-tech interactive boutique museum that showcases the 3000 year old rich history of Kerala. This museum is spread over 7000 square feet, and two floors.

Paithruka-Museum-Trivandrum-5The first impression one gets when entering the museum is, ‘Wow, is this a newly constructed museum?’ It seems it was! The museum is so neatly maintained and has ample lighting and hi-tech displays all over. Some of the screens even had interactive features – It allows the visitor to explore more about the various exhibits in the museum.

Paithruka-Museum-Trivandrum-4When we went, we were even accompanied by a trained guide who came with us and explained about the various exhibits 🙂 This is the first time this has happened across the South India, for me! Each one of us were even given a detailed brochure with information about this museum!

Paithruka-Museum-Trivandrum-3As shown in the photos in this post, this museum had a lot of statues (some of them dating  back to more than a couple of centuries ago), pottery items, kitchenware, kitchen vessels, house-hold items, etc. that were used by the people of this region (in history). They even had a little model house with bed, kitchen, etc to show visitors the exact set-up of a historical house in Kerala.

Paithruka-Museum-Trivandrum-2This museum showcases paintings, scriptures, burial pot, earthen utensils, musical instruments, writings, etc. used by the people who lived a long time ago. Each exhibit was well lit and had inscription/ details about the same, very near to it. That made our experience even better.

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10 Replies to “Paithruka Hi-tech Museum of History & Heritage in Trivandrum, Kerala”

    1. My pleasure really. Actually, these photos were taken a few months back and somehow I kept postponing putting them up on the blog! Its time has come now!

      Destination Infinity

  1. a guide who explained thing exhibits? never heard of such a thing!!!
    wow that’s really nice & needed. wonder why they dont keep in every museum. helps so much in understanding & appreciating the art. and we do pay for the entry, a guide would make a whole lot of difference to our experience

    1. I guess the entry ticket was a little higher than what most other museums charge but the experience and the guide more than make up for it. Other museums should learn from this one – People would love to pay for quality things.

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  2. A guide? Are we in London or something? They give phones with buttons. We have to press the no. in the button (that is the no. of the room where we stand) and a voice will explain about everything in the room in detail! I have never thought this will happen here, that too, now! Good information, D.I.

    I like the house. The lighting is so beautiful…looks like 3D picture.

    Will remember to visit this museum if and when I visit Trivandrum.

    1. That phone guide is interesting. It is a very easy model to emulate anywhere – They could even put up a price for it, you know! People who want to spend time in a museum would rather spend quality time getting to know about the various exhibits. Anyway, this museum seems to have set a positive example and let us hope that other museums will follow the same.

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