How to make a Vegetable (Bread) Sandwich?

This is not a post teaching you how to make a vegetable sandwich. But this is a post where I am asking the commenter’s, their ideas and views on how to make a Vegetable (Bread) Sandwich.

My objective is simple. I want to make (and eat) a quick snack in the evening as I seem to be eating a lot of unhealthy junk food during that time. Remember my walking afflictions?

So, after thinking of many many healthy items which I could make myself and eat, I have decided on the bread sandwich using raw vegetables. That’s mainly because it is easy to make (or so I think). I want to make plain raw sandwich, not grilled ones.

1. Should I buy sandwich bread or normal bread will do? For how many days can I keep this bread in a refrigerator?

2. I guess I should apply a sandwich spread over the inner side of two pieces of the bread. Mainly for taste. Which brand/ flavor would you recommend? Have you tried any sandwich spread in India?

3. I guess I need to cut some pieces of raw vegetables and include them within two bread pieces. I am planning to include carrot, tomato and cucumber (vellarikka). Should I include onion slices? Should I include other vegetables?

4. I guess I should not use cheese, etc. But is there anything equivalent and healthy I can use in my sandwich (to make it taste better)?

5. Any other suggestion?(Please remember that I want to make it quickly and hence I am expecting simple and easy-to-do suggestions)

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  1. I make sandwiches.
    Buy Fun Food Mayonaisse. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Amul cheese slices. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Druk mustard sauce. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Kissan tomato sauce. Keep in refrigerator(preferably).
    Buy Tops red chilli sauce. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Kissan Jam. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Venky’s mashed potatoes. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Amul butter. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy bread. Make slices of tomato, cucumber, capsicum.
    That’s it !!

    Onion may not taste good in sandwiches. However onions with raw mustard oil and salt tastes yummy.
    You need to develop a taste for cheese.
    I tried peanut butter. Next day I threw the bottle in dustbin.

    1. Wow, thanks for giving so many options, especially for sandwich spreads. I am not planning to use cheese/ butter mainly because its not very healthy to eat them regularly. Otherwise, I love the taste! Raw capsicum tastes good in a Sandwich? Need to test it. Onions, I may use in limited quantity because I have seen some shops use them in sandwiches and they taste great!

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      1. Yeah, I try to make sandwiches the way they make in Subway(Poonamalee High Road in chennai) but with normal local bread.
        Most of the days I eat sandwiches or bread/butter/jam or bread/potato sandwich for breakfast which I eat in the metro on my way to office.
        I like raw capsicum. Tastes like chilly without being hot.

        1. Then I should try capsicum πŸ™‚ I would love to put boiled potato in it, but its not a very healthy option. I love potatoooooooooooo πŸ™‚

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          1. Just one more point, here. Kindly permit me.
            I was wondering how mint sauce (which is put in Subway) is prepared.
            I browsed the net and discovered that you need to make a paste of mint leaves and spices and salt. And then blend it again this time with curd. Mint sauce is ready.
            Of course this has to be consumed in two days even on refrigerating.

          2. I need to say this. That’s why.
            It is not Venky’s potato mash. It was Vegit potato mash.
            To be frank, I have not tried it. But I did cook Aloo Curry after boiling Aloo. This I stuffed in between breads and grilled them in sandwich maker.

  2. Pick any bread that’s freshly available near your home (the lesser effort will make this attempt successful). It can stay fresh for around four days in your fridge.

    As far spreads and brands, Kirtivasan has suggested several cool ones, but my favorite is Amul cheese spread (both plain and the peppered one). The good point about it is you don’t need to worry about seasoning your sandwich after applying it. No hassle of frozen butter and no need of cheese slices. Besides, it tastes awesome even in absence of vegetables (when you are very hungry and in no mood to chop vegetables).

    As far vegetables pick all you enjoy in a sandwich, though I love tomatoes and cucumber most.

    Hope you have a healthy, tasty, quick snack every evening πŸ˜€

    1. There are two shops (bakeries) which have fresh bread – I will buy it from there. I guess Amul Cheese spread (peppered) will be my first Sandwich spread. Let me try it and I’ll let you know πŸ™‚

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  3. I think the above two people have given you enough tips. If you want it hot, buy some Coriander chutney from Grand sweets and use. You can keep this also in fridge. Amul butter….I love the taste!

    1. I have seen some shops apply coriander chutney – I am sure it will taste good. I will try this one also. There is one Grand Sweets slightly near to my house πŸ™‚ Right now, I am not planning to use butter or cheese. I want the sandwich to be relatively healthy.

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  4. well this is what i do .. buy lots of vegetables as in the salad ones , carrots-raddish-cabbage , and other stuff ..

    if you eat mean then you cna get cooked meat as in slices oif it … cut pices mix it all up add some mayonaise or some other garnish and there you go a perfectly healthy foood .. πŸ™‚

    sandwhichs are ok but i have gone sick and tired of eating them now…

    1. I guess I can try some cabbage (if its available in the refrigerator). No, I don’t eat meat – I am a vegetarian. I like sandwiches with raw vegetables in it, but the taste depends on the ingredients/ spread and other factors which I am going to experiment with. Thanks for the help.

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  5. I love bread sandwiches..and as you say..they can be made quickly for evening hunger.. But I don’t know if you store Bread in refrigerator. It has to be consumed in 2-3 days.
    Amul spread is the best. Buy and refrigerate Peanut butter, Mayonnaise, honey, coriander chutney and Tomato pickle. For variety in tastes! And when you choose jam – opt for different flavours like mango / orange apart from usual strawberry jams.
    You can work out the combination of butter and tomato pickle – They taste awesome! And so does Avakkai urugai and butter! Any pickle and butter combo works well!
    If you have a few extra minutes to cook – you can make fruit sandwich. Roast thin slices of apple in ghee. Arrange them in between breads, add cut banana, add honey as topping – It’s healthy and tasty too!

    1. Using pickles with butter is an interesting suggestion. I would want to try it after I get bored of normal spreads. Fruit sandwich seems very enticing – Thanks for that suggestion too.

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  6. Well, you have had plenty of suggestions. I usually use whole wheat bread, not brown or white. I use olives which are healthy to eat and very tasty, giving a nice tangy flavour to the sandwhich. As a base you can use either butter, cheese spread or ready-made tomato pizza/pasta sauce paste or mustard. I often use mustard as I prefer a low cal sandwhich. And ofcourse other raw stuff like cucumber and tomato cut very thinly.

    1. I guess wheat bread should be very healthy. Not sure how it would taste being part of a sandwich. Mustard paste/ chutney? I could try this one too. I don’t like the taste of olives – I have tried them in Subway, too strong for me! I will remember to cut the vegetables thinly…

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    1. I need to make it quickly as well. If there are no more additions to this page, I am making it tomorrow πŸ™‚ I am pretty clear on the making procedure now!

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    1. SM, it looks so simple. You can make it yourselves anywhere, anytime… Not sure how good the taste would be. Will check and confirm.

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        1. I made the sandwich using Amul cheese spread (plain), tomato, carrot, cauliflower and cucumber. Its good, but it can be better. I guess I need to get my hands on the coriander chutney. I will try it soon and update πŸ™‚

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  7. I agree with Kirtivasan on the following;

    “Buy Fun Food Mayonaisse. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Amul cheese slices. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Druk mustard sauce. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Kissan tomato sauce. Keep in refrigerator(preferably).
    Buy Tops red chilli sauce. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Kissan Jam. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Venky’s mashed potatoes. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy Amul butter. Keep in refrigerator.
    Buy bread. ”

    Also on “I tried peanut butter. Next day I threw the bottle in dustbin.”

    But not on “Make slices of tomato, cucumber, capsicum.”

    Oh and, some nice ham slices could do well too πŸ™‚

    Oh, I forget, you are on a diet aren’t you? πŸ™‚

    1. I am a vegetarian. So, I don’t want to put ham slices. I am thinking hard on the amul cheese spread I am using now. Its great for taste, but it might add unnecessary calories. Going with it, for now!

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  8. A small addition from me.Always try to eat brown bread as it is healthier then the white bread.Buy Kissan cheese garlic creamy spread or tomato and oregano.You can eat this when you are in no mood to slice the veggies.

    1. Does this brown bread taste good? Need to try it. I already bought Amul cheese spread (but plain), next time will try Kissan πŸ™‚ Actually, I got corriander chutney which tastes great and adds some spice to the sandwich.

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  9. take a fresh brown bread which can go for atleast 3-4 days refrigerate it.

    for evening munch, take 2 pieces of bread and slice it into 4.

    cut thin, long pieces of onion and cucumber

    grind 1 carrot .

    add onion, cucumber slices first on the bread and then sprinkle carrot on top of it.

    add a little black salt on it.

    if you are not health freak, apply mayonnaise on one slice and lot of chilli sauce on the other. join the bread slices together like a sandwich and enjoy the yummy delight



    1. Wow, thank you for letting me know another method of making sandwich! Right now I am fine with using slices of raw vegetables. When I get bored of it, I will try your method. What is this black salt?

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    1. Yes, I make them these days. I use two things – Amul Cheese spread and mint sauce (pudhina chutney) for some spice. Among the vegetables, tomato and cabbage are my favorite but I also put some cucumber and carrot as well. Sometimes I add salt and pepper… Its good to taste.

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