Can a sculpture show emotions?


Image credit: Glimz. This image is published under this creative commons license.

I was aware of photos that show emotions and paintings that show emotions, but can a sculpture show emotions? An expressive sculpture that shows human emotions is perhaps the most difficult art form. Michelangelo’s Pieta, as shown above, is a stunning sculpture that depicts Mother Mary carrying mortally wounded Jesus in her lap. There are a lot of nuances behind this masterpiece, and you can read about them here. Isn’t this sculpture expressive? I find it amazing!

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  1. true, it is simply marvelous!

    i wish we didn’t have to type in details of name /email before posting comment 🙁
    now that i am relying on cyber cafes, i am feeling the pinch of time

    1. I know, it’s difficult. During the initial stages of my blog, I was only reliant on cyber cafes. Just install Linux re… There will be no OS problems 🙂

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    1. Oh. I have not seen that movie. I like architecture in general, but emotions in architecture bowls me out!

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    1. Wonder why there are a very few people who can work masterpieces like that… There are so many painters/artists in comparison!

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    1. Reading his profile/life story in Wikipedia, one wonders how much trouble even master sculptors like him need to cross…

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  2. They are gorgeous. They do depict emotions. In Louvre museum and in Vatican, there are some impressive sculptures which are very artistically carved!

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