How to make a vegetable/fruit salad?


I know that vegetable salad/fruit salad is about cutting and mixing all vegetables/fruits (that we are able to get hold of) and making a salad out of it. But recently, I ate one vegetable salad in a shop nearby my house, which tasted much better than just taking some vegetables and mixing it. They mix, but they also seem to add some flavors to it.

While I am not interested to know their secret flavors, I do want to know what you people add to vegetable salad to make it tastier? What can we add? Can we add cheese? Salt/pepper? Olive oil? Lime? What else? What ever ingredients you suggest, please suggest the ones available at shops in India. Better if they are available ready-made/packaged. Less work 🙂

Also, it would be helpful if you can suggest something to make fruit salad more tasty. Honey? Curd? Custard? What else?

Thanks for all your help 🙂

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  1. A great dressing for fruit salad is a ginger-honey one. Grate some ginger finely and mix it with honey well. Add it to your salad just before eating or it will become runny.

    A dressing for vegetable salad which I use often is: hung curd (tie it up in a thin cloth and let the water drain out), salt, pepper and a little chopped coriander. Mix them well and use to toss the salad in. Don’t add lemon since the curd will provide the sourness. Hope you enjoy these recipes 😀

  2. Little bit of salt, pepper powder, honey (optional) and half tsp. of chat masala will be very tasty. Sometimes I squeeze a slice of lemon just before serving.

    The picture asks me to do the salad tomorrow itself!

  3. Was about to say “dressing” when I saw that half the people have already said it! 😛

    I often use olive oil dressing…with a sprinkle of seasoning like oregano etc. It’s yum! And olive is the healthier option without going into mayonnaise and other heavy calorie stuff.

  4. DI,

    You can buy some readily available dressings – like :

    1. Mayonnaise (good ol’ good ol’) by Kraft or Hermann’s
    2. Thousand island dressing (also available by Knorr)
    3. Mustard honey
    4. Chipotle

    All these are readily available 🙂

  5. Hi Rajesh,

    I like to use goat cheese in some of my salads because it’s really tasty. As for condiments, have you ever tried turmeric? I like to add it to most of the foods that I cook.


  6. My 2 common ones are:
    a. veggies mixed with olive oil, lemon, salt
    b. Veggies[very thinly sliced & long] mixed with olive oil, vinegar, sugar & salt
    b. onion, cucumber mixed in curd with salt & cumin powder[a gujarati friend taught me this]

    I also do a roasted vegetables[baked] with….olive oil, mixed dried herbs[oregano, thyme, parsley, basil…etc], salt & pepper. Its really tasty. Try it.

    Enjoyed reading the tips from the rest of the bloggers 🙂

  7. I personally love the taste of the fresh fruits/vegetables and try to use as little dressing as possible. In fact one my favs is just toss fresh stuff in a bowl, add some salt, pepper and lime and gobble it up! Healthy for sure. If one eats in hotels it is very likely that they are using taste enhancers of some sort which are not good for health. Ofcourse the hotel you ate at may not be using taste enhancers, but many do. Another of my favourites is using a little salt with curd, Indian style with all the ingredients chopped very finely! Often nuts add taste too. If one has to do a western type salad with olive oil, then one should use virgin olive oil as that has the greatest flavour.

  8. Hi, there DI.
    Nice topic you have thought of.
    Fruits can be had with ice cream.
    My friend suggested adding mustard oil to vegetable salad. Not bad, though I prefer salt-pepper.

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