My cooking disaster

Before I get into my cooking disaster (that happened today), let me show you what went right.

Potato curry:

Top Ramen Noodles:

Idli Upma:


🙂 Let me reassure you that all these three dishes were as good as they look in the photo. In fact, one mouth was not enough to eat them 😉 They were so tasty and of course, made by me. Well, except the idly. That was already there.

They say, success gets into your head. How true!

Immediately after making these masterpieces, the original plan was to make carrot curry. Then I thought, ‘C’mon, you are in good form. Time to get to the next level. Make something more complicated than simple curries’.

I thought for sometime and decided to make chappathi and dhal. I have seen my grandmother making chappathis and she just used to mix wheat flour with water to get the chappathi dough, which could be put in stove and heated.

Even though this was too simple and too easy (at least in my imagination), I was thrilled because I was going to make the main dish as well as the side dish for the first time. Enthused by my earlier successes, I went confidently to the kitchen to make it.

My first hurdle: The boxes containing different flour(s) were not marked. I mean, one needs to know which is maida, which is wheat, which is salt, etc. right? Due to the absence of facts and logic, I employed a long thought process and selected what could be the wheat flour due to the light brown colour. I hope it was the wheat flour indeed!

After taking 3/4th of a tumbler of wheat flour in a container, I heated one cup of water. I poured some water on the burner and half of the burner was not burning. But that’s a different story. I then took the cup of warm water and poured it on the wheat flour. Then I started mixing the flour and water. Simple process, right? Look at what I got:


No, this is not any modern art. It is my chappathi dough! It was so sticky and stuck on all my fingers. I had to use the knife to take them off! Knife! Thankfully there was no blood. I tried mixing more flour. It was still sticky. I tried mixing some sunflower oil, still sticky.

You want to see pictures of Dhal? Only if chappathi gets ready, one requires dhal no? Obviously, I didn’t even start making it. Thankfully!

Fed up, I went to a nearby shop and ate sambar idly and mu mu. Wow, what a bliss at last! 🙂

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13 Replies to “My cooking disaster”

  1. 🙂 he he he he I have been there d.I. so now I dont make chapati at all EVER..

    Thank god for the corner shops and the new Afghani and polish shops that have opened up you get 4 roti’s or Nan’s for a pound EASY PEASY .. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I appreciate this commenter for trying to help, instead of (or in addition to) just laughing one’s heart out like others.

      Destination Infinity

  2. The first three items look good and tasty in the picture itself!

    The last one really looks like a modern art!

    I remember my husband keeping his face just on the milk vessel when it was boiling because he was worried that the milk will boil and spill out if he takes his face out! Everybody has got unique experiences!

  3. The first 3 really looks good DI 🙂 Treat me with them when I come over to Anna nagar 🙂

    Did you confirm whether that is the wheat flour??? Will help you next time 🙂

  4. Wohh …
    My mouth filled with water….mu mu..
    Yesterday i made a delicious chicken precipice with mixed vegetables and you don’t believe my parents really like it.
    Wohh I’m really happy..

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