A Large Shiva/Nandi Statue @ Kanchipuram (Chennai-Bangalore highway)


When I was going to Kanchipuram from Chennai (on the Chennai-Bangalore highway), I saw a large Shiva/Nandi statue on my left hand side. This statue was located just before one takes a left to go to Kanchipuram from the main road (main arch) and just after the L&T factory.

I became curious and went near the place to enquire with the security staff on whether I can visit the premises. He was happy to come along with me, show around the place and answer my questions. I came to know that this premises is not actually a Temple, but is meant to be more like a monument. It seems it is built and managed by Sankara Madam, based in Kanchipuram.

The Nandi Statue is about 25-30 feet in height and the Shiva statue is about 60-70 feet in height. I am not sure if you are able to guess its height from the pictures, but the statues are huge and are easily visible from the main road. It seems this place is open for public to visit (there are no tickets).

He told me something else that was even more interesting. It seems, Sankara madam has also conceptualized a heritage/mythological museum right behind this place and people can visit it to get a glimpse of our mythological history. He says multimedia-based exhibits are also included.

But they require at least 5-6 people to operate important exhibits in that museum (visitors in groups). Since I went alone, I was not able to visit it. If anyone is able to visit this place, please share your experience in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, have a look at some pictures of Lord Shiva/Nandi and a short video I took near the monuments.






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22 Replies to “A Large Shiva/Nandi Statue @ Kanchipuram (Chennai-Bangalore highway)”

    1. This place is small but what surprises me is, they don’t charge anything for the museum behind it as well. Maybe slowly they will start charging, as the place becomes popular.

      Destination Infinity

  1. I have seen these huge statues couple of time while passing Kanchipuram but couldn’t even capture from distance. The premises look very beautiful and you captured them all with great details!

    The video is very good along with your brief describe. Wish I visit this place sometime 🙂

    1. Yes, that video contains an unprofessional spoken description. I hope to improve as I go along. Taking a video and simultaneously speaking is new/difficult for me now.

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    1. The location is strategic and such a huge statue is easily visible from the road. I am not sure how many people know that they can visit this place or the museum behind it. I didn’t know it until I went and inquired with them.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks for this nice write up, pictures, and the video. We have seen this while passing through. But never thought of stopping and visiting inside. Will do next time.

    1. I too have passed this place previously and once I almost went inside. But it was already late evening at that time. Since I went in the afternoon this time, I was able to go inside.

      Destination Infinity

  3. Nice to hear your voice, D.I.

    Somehow we have never come across these statues. I think we have never gone via this road to Bangalore.

    We will try to visit this place next time. Impressive statues and you have taken them in good angles. Thanks for the information.

  4. Dear Rajesh, Yours is a wonderful personality. For every question, you have a right answer. Kepp it up and help people across the country to visit places. I intend to visit coimbatore shortly and will make use of your expertise.
    Thanking you, niranjan

  5. That first photo of Nandi is fantastic. In fact all the photos are good! Your photography has grown by leaps and bounds I must say. I too have been looking for some decent photos of Nandi to post, and very soon I will be doing it. But they pale in comparison to these ones. Congrats.

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