Is the IT/ITES/BPO Sector the best employer?

At last, blogs are doing what they ought to – Criticize and Learn. Instead of the normal, ‘your post/comment is holy and the most insightful, etc.’ type of comments and replies, one blogger has chosen to go off-beat and write an entire post criticizing my comment. This is the comment in contention –

“First of all, I am happy that you did not choose to be one of those IT/ITES/BPO employees in swanky IT parks, contributing to practically nothing, except price-rises. I am happy that you have chosen a field where you can make a significant contribution, unlike those ‘software engineers’ that I see all around me”

First of all, I should appreciate that blogger for criticizing my point of view. This was the kind of spirit I saw in the blogosphere when I started blogging, back in 2008. Back then, I learned a lot just by participating in debates/controversies and reading other’s frank opinions. Somewhere along the way, blogs changed drastically and people started scratching each others backs (as my non-blogger friend calls it), and started using sugar-coated words.

Anyway, let us now come to the issue in contention. Since I don’t work in the IT/ITES/BPO industry, I am actually least qualified to make such a comment. But then, my opinion was formed due to continuous interactions with people working in that field. Most of my friends are, ‘software engineers’. Irrespective of what they do, they call themselves that.

Since I have never worked in the IT/ITES/BPO sector, I request others (who have worked/ know people who work in that industry) to answer one question – Is IT/ITES/BPO segment the best employer? Based on your answers, I might want to change my opinion.

Go ahead and answer the question. I am not going to reply to any comment in this post and hence, for a change, you will be writing to convince yourself, not me. If anyone tries to reply to anyone else below, those comments will be deleted. I want people to give their frank opinion (it can be for or against the topic, that doesn’t matter), but it should be what you think and not what others expect you to think.

Destination Infinity

PS: Rather than supporting my comment, I would be happy if you could just answer the question.

Contd: What are the factors you mostly look forward to, in a job?

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