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9 Non-Fiction Books I bought from Flipkart

Do you remember this post – ’13 things I plan to avoid in 2013′? I wrote it for a contest in our CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club), and it won a prize! I got a voucher that could be used to buy something from Flipkart. I should thank the sponsor Cuponation for giving the prize so fast. The below list shows what I bought from Flipkart – 9 Non-Fiction books (Well, all except one – Chanakya’s Chant). Non-fiction is what I read these days.

1. Impatient Optimist – Bill Gates In his own words (Lisa Rogak)

2. An Inspirational Biography – Saina Nehwal (T S Sudhir) [My review]

3. Siddhartha (Hermann Hesse)

4. Connect the Dots (Rashmi Bansal)

5. I Dare! (Kiran Bedi)

6. The day I stopped drinking milk (Sudha Murty) [My review]

7. Wings of Fire (APJ Abdul Kalam)

8. Chanakya’s Chant (Ashwin Sanghi)

9. Turning Points (APJ Abdul Kalam)

Except the first book (I wanted to buy Business @ The speed of Light by Bill Gates, but it was very expensive), I had already planned to buy all other books. But I was postponing it as I was not sure if I will read them now. But since I also bought some books at the Chennai book fair recently, the number of unread books have increased considerably! These days I have set a reading schedule – 1 hour per day. I have started reading the 6th book – The day I stopped drinking milk (Sudha Murty) – It’s a nice book.

I just finished reading another excellent book (that I brought from my lending library): Wild Wind – my stormy youth, an autobiography (Taslima Nasreen). I will shortly review that book, and other books mentioned here too as and when I finish reading them.

I am thinking of giving these books to my lending library. I did consider the option of giving them to my school library or an orphanage, but I am not sure how many people will read it there. There is one good lending library near my house with an exhaustive collection of books (fiction). But their non-fiction collection is very limited. Even if users have to pay a small fee, I am sure many will read these books. It’s better than keeping the books in the house uselessly or selling it to the waste-paper shop, no? What do you think?

Also, do suggest me some good non-fiction books to buy. Your recommendations will be useful to me in the future 🙂

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