Is Traveling Solo in India Safe for Women from Abroad?

Disclaimer: I am a man, not a woman.

You must be wondering, why is this guy suddenly so concerned about the safety of foreign women coming to India?? Well, there is a reason for it – I’ll tell you at the end of this article 🙂

First, I need to tell you about what kind of safety measures I follow, while going on trips. I have traveled quite extensively across South India, but at no point did I feel even threatened (until now). When it comes to tourist spots, people are generally OK – Maybe because their livelihood depends on tourist inflow. Of course, auto-drivers, Beggars and small-time traders can get on our nerves, but even they are concerned only about making more profits.

But I strongly feel that it’s better to be safe, than sorry. Expensive stuff owned by tourists can be stolen from prominent touristy locations – not only in India, but even in developed countries.

In order to prevent theft, I make sure to dress appropriately during my travels. I have two half-shirts which are so old and so dull that when I wear them (tucked-out) along with select trousers, chappals and eye-glasses, I look like any common man on the road. I follow this disastrous sense of fashion religiously, so that no one will want to waste their time plotting to steal anything from me! 🙂

Secondly, I don’t carry any debit cards with me. I carry only a credit card (sometimes) that can easily be cancelled anytime over the phone. I always carry sufficient cash (never in excess). Also, I keep my cash in multiple places. So, even if someone decides to steal from me, they will get very less. Of course, I don’t wear any gold or diamond ring/chain/bracelet and I don’t take my laptop. I would rather take chances with the hotel staff, than road-side burglars.

I guess women need to take more precautions while traveling, especially if they are new to patriarchal cultures like India. That brings me to the title of this article – I am happy to announce that one of my blogger friends, Shalu Sharma has recently published an Amazon eBook on the topic, ‘India Travel Survival Guide for Women‘. Who better than a woman who has extensively traveled across India, and has a popular travel-blog, to write on this topic? I wish her all the very best and hope that women traveling to India (either solo or in groups) will benefit from her advice/guidance.

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What are the precautions you take while traveling/visiting tourist places? Are you confident enough to visit offbeat/unconventional travel destinations in India, alone?

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