PV Sindhu & Sayali Gokhale: Rising World-beating Indian Badminton Stars

We can be rest assured that Indian Women’s badminton is in safe hands. Along with Olympic bronze medalist & Former World No. 2 Saina Nehwal, two more rising world-beating stars have emerged in the Indian badminton scenario – PV Sindhu & Sayali Gokhale.

After cricket, the second most popular outdoor sport in India is perhaps Shuttle Badminton – At least, it was my second favorite sport (when I was younger). In spite of my valiant efforts, I repeatedly failed to qualify for my school team. Well, let’s keep my credentials aside for now… 🙂

PV Sindhu has now become the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Badminton World Championship for Women’s Singles (which has surprisingly eluded Saina Nehwal, until now). PV Sindhu defeated two high-ranked Chinese women enroute, and anyone who knows the might of Chinese players in world badminton will know how much effort that takes. Earlier, she won a gold medal and two silver medals in Grand Prix events (Grand Prix in Badminton, is equivalent to Grand Slam in Tennis. Well – almost).

Sayali Gokhale is another promising player who became the national champion last year by defeating PV Sindhu in the finals. She has a couple of international tournament wins also to her credit.

While future prospects are very bright (partly due to the efforts of National Coach Gopichand and his academy), Indian badminton could very well do without controversies like this and this.

There is a reason why I am writing this post today, as another landmark for Indian Badminton – Indian Badminton League (IBL) starts from today. With participation from many Indian and World Badminton Champions, this will definitely make an exciting contest. I hope many people will turn up for the events or watch them on TV and give some support to the IBL – Indian Badminton players deserve it. Details about teams.

Of course, Badminton is fast-paced, entertaining and exciting to watch. Even better to play, actually 🙂

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18 Replies to “PV Sindhu & Sayali Gokhale: Rising World-beating Indian Badminton Stars”

  1. I watched Saina and Sindhu’s matches and the finals this time. Men’s matches also were very interesting. It is good to know that one or two more are becoming prominent in this sport!

    1. I don’t think I have watched as many badminton matches, as Tennis matches (when I was actively watching TV). These days, I don’t watch TV so I miss these things as well… Good to know that the matches were interesting – they will, especially if Indians are playing and have a chance to win 🙂

      I missed mentioning about P.Kashyap, who has been performing consistently well in the men’s event. But somehow he finds it difficult to crack and stay in the Top 10. Still, his efforts are quiet valiant.

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      1. Chen Dan and Long’s matches were very interesting. I think the names are correct! We are not familiar with their names. The volleys were breath taking!

        My son plays badminton and because he is watching, I also watch with him. Otherwise I watch only Saina Naiwal’s match!

        1. When I was young, I used to watch more Tennis than badminton. But I always played badminton and never played Tennis! Badminton is fast, like table tennis.

          I have not seen many badminton matches recently, as I don’t see TV nowadays. Someday, I hope to catch up with the sport. But yes, I am glad that India has produced world-beaters in badminton 🙂

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  2. I am glad you have highlighted their achievements.I wish these promising players with great potential to rise to the top positions in the international contests,The sports federations,the governments both state and centre should make their career as lucrative as cricketers.These games call for tremendous concentration,agility,great skill and abundant stamina.Their careers are relatively short lived unlike cricket.All the more they should be rewarded for making our country proud.

    1. That’s true – Like table tennis, badminton too is a very quick game where reflexes and practice matter a lot. Somehow, our sportsmen seem to concentrate more on badminton, than any other game! PV Sindhu’s parents were both volleyball players, but she has specialized in badminton! Saina Nehwal is the highest paid sportsman in India outside cricket.

      So, the momentum and the acceptance of the game is good – People should just start watching it more so that many more sports persons will be encouraged by private sponsorship, etc.

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    1. Yes, that’s exactly what I am afraid of, too. But then, it will take a long time for IBL to become as popular as IPL or get anywhere near it. Until then, there may not be much fixing, etc.

      Destination Infinity

  3. It’s good for India concentrating on other sports rather upholding cricket as only sport of country. All the best to the Indian badminton players and I also read about IBL. Hope they don’t mess like IPL

  4. Badminton was my first choice in games. It only remained a casual play though.
    I hope India remains competitive in Badminton, then perhaps some limelight can be shared with it also.

    1. Good to know that badminton was your first choice. I wish I could also say that, but I played far more cricket than badminton 🙂 Yes, there is no need for a cricket monopoly in India, there is definitely some space for other sports. Actually, a lot of space.

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  5. I used to enjoy playing badminton, but sadly am unable to play for lack of company and also due to time constraints. Feel happy to see the rising stars in badminton. Its high time other games got their due in our country.

    1. Good to know that you play badminton. It’s never too late to pick up your racket once again – I know I would love to. If there were some nice sports clubs that allow people to play casually (and company), I would love to reconnect with my this passion 🙂

      Destination Infinity

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