Some Photos Taken @ Kanchipuram Road

Once again I made the mistake of taking only my mobile with me – these photos (taken using my mobile camera) are not even close to what I saw there. In future, I need to remember to carry my P&S digital camera. I want to avoid taking two gadgets, but due to the poor quality of my mobile camera, I guess I don’t have an option! Anyway, since I have taken the pictures on the road that branches in from Chennai-Bangalore highway to Kanchipuram town, I decided I will put it up on my blog anyway. So here you go –



The last photo was not taken in that road, but it was taken @ TVR Iyer Kumbakonam Degree (Filter) Coffee shop in the Chennai-Bangalore highway (near Kanchipuram).Β There are a few shops like this in this area and they provide excellent/tasty filter coffee (it seems). Since I don’t drink coffee, I ordered for tea instead. That was also good.

Next to it, is the complimentary vadam/vatthal that they gave to their esteemed customer (me!!), today. Strangely, it goes well with tea. One sip tea and one bite vadam – yummy! πŸ™‚ Yesterday, I ate vazhakka (unripe banyan) bajji along with tea. That was also too good! πŸ™‚

OK, you can try to console me by saying that the photos have come out well, but I won’t accept that. I myself cannot see much in the above photos. I am even doubtful if these are colour photos or black & white photos!! πŸ™ I’ve been ripped off by this android mobile. Don’t buy this if you want a decent camera that can take pics in lowlight/highway. On the top of it, the mobile screen is almost invisible while taking photos in daylight. All these photos were taken approximately, without any positioning!

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  1. Filter coffee photo is really tempting. πŸ™ I can even smell the coffee sitting in my office..
    Mobile camera photos can never truly match what you get from a real camera.. It is true for any phone except maybe expensive phones like iphone or Samsung S4 etc.

    1. The cameras in the motorola and htc mobiles i had before were much better (at least when the phones were new). Probably since the price of my latest mobile is less, I might excuse it…

      Destination Infinity

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