My Autobiography: Ball Ice cream!

You might have heard of cup ice cream, cone ice cream and even stick ice cream. But have you heard of ball ice cream?

It’s basically a plastic ball – with a pressable & removable lid, that completed the ball. When you open the lid, what you find is – SURPRISE – Ice cream πŸ™‚

When we were young, we were crazy about this ball ice cream (and many other things, but for this post let’s restrict to one thing). The flavor was rich vanilla. I say rich, because the taste of that vanilla ice cream was quite different from (and better than) the dull vanilla that we get these days. I still remember the taste – I used to relish it, back then.

The best part about this ball ice cream is, once we finish eating the ice cream, we can close the lid back and then – yes, you guessed it right – use it as a ball! Back then, we were always short of balls to play with. We can’t keep losing balls and keep asking for more, right? So what we did, we asked for ice cream instead – this ball ice cream πŸ™‚

I think, it was made by Aavin (the state-run milk producer, in TN). Ha, what an innovation by a Govt. department back then! BTW, you should eat pal-khova (milk sweet) and drink milk-shakes from an Aavin parlour, if you happen to be in (or) visit TN. Β These two are very good, even today. Fresh milk?

But this ball ice cream had one technical flaw – if we pitch it on the floor (how else do we play cricket?), the plastic cap drops from the body and the ball bounces awkwardly. That wouldn’t deter us – we used to bowl full-toss or play with it in some other way. Maybe we could have stuck the cap with cello tape or something . . . Maybe we tried? I don’t remember.

The plastic was hard and was impossible for (even) us to break – talk about quality! The body was white, and the cap was blue. Surprisingly, this ball ice cream is (one of the) fond memories that stayed with me after all these years.

You get to eat ice cream & you get a ball to play with – which kid can resist that? πŸ™‚

Destination Infinity

Just asking: Anyone familiar with this ball ice cream?

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