Our Mahabalipuram Trip – 2017

Of course, I’ve been to Mahabalipuram many times before. I have even done individual posts about the major attractions there. But this is the first time I went there with my wife.

For this two-day trip, we went on our bike. This was not such a smart decision as although we had fun while going, we found it difficult while coming back!

We stayed in Bay Treasure Resort. They had a nice pool, which we liked – but being in water can make you tired (after you come back). I wish they had some sports facilities too, but this time we didn’t have much time anyway.

The attractions in Mahabalipuram are not that interesting. Caves and sculptures can even get boring if you are going without a guide. However, it was an excellent place to take a lot of selfies – which is exactly what we did. I made a video slide show using a few photos taken there – don’t forget to see the above embedded Youtube video.

Among the attractions, I like the lighthouse the most. I like the view from the top of any lighthouse, for that matter. One interesting incident happened here – we were eating mango and watermelon when a monkey approached us. I gave a piece of the mango. It nibbled on it, threw it away and sat next to me.

Without batting as much as an eyelid, it suddenly snatched my watermelon cup. I sat there for a few seconds watching it eat, but then walked away fearing any more (Mis) adventures 🙂

On the whole, we had a good trip except for the second-half of the last day as we became quite tired while driving back.

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Sri Lakshmi Saibaba Temple @ Mogappair West, Chennai


Today we went to Sri Lakshmi Sai Baba Temple @ Mogappair West/Nolambur, Chennai. The Temple being close to home, it’s surprising that I have not come here before. But only recently I came to know about this Temple which has a 72-feet tall statue of Sai Baba.


There are two Shrines for Sai Baba inside and there are Shrines for other Gods like Maha Lakshmi, Lakshmi Ganapathy, Anchaneya, Maha Meru, Navagraha, etc. There is a hall for Anna Dhanam where they give Prasadam and there is a stall selling Sai Baba statues, pens, rings, thread, posters, etc.


Here is a Sai Baba Fridge Magnet we bought. I have kept it over my new car-themed Laptop skin. Howzz the new skin?? 🙂

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Directions: If you come from Tirumangalam, take the left just before Golden Flats bus stop to catch Tiruvalluvar Main Road. Go straight until you reach the dead end. From here, if you take a left and then immediate right, you go to Ponamallee High Road. Instead of taking left, take a right and at some distance forward, you’ll find this Temple.

If you come from P.H. Road, take the right at the signal just before MGR University and then take a left. Go straight and you’ll see the large statue on your left initially, but as the road curves the Temple will be on your right.

The closest bus stand is Mogappair West bus terminus, 1.5 K.M. away.

Temple Address: NO. 113, Gangai Amman Nagar, Muvur Sandhi, Mogappair/ Nerkundram/ Nolambur, Chennai – 600107. Ph: 044-26535665, 8939935665, 8754579916.

Dr. J. Jayalalitha’s Samadhi behind MGR Memorial @ Marina Beach


On Friday, Dec. 09, 2016, we went to pay homage to Dr. J. Jayalalitha’s Samadhi/Memorial installed just behind MGR Samadhi/Memorial (towards the beach) at the Marina beach. They have currently erected a temporary shed over Jayalalithaa’s samadhi, but I think that will be replaced by some concrete structure later on. Here are some pictures from there.




Here are some pics from the neighboring MGR Samadhi/Memorial.




Here you can find a couple of pictures of the grand dual-leaf shaped arch and the bronze pegasus at the entrance facing the Rajaji Salai main road along the beach. Vehicle parking is available at the adjacent premises, to the left of this arch.



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Selfie with Kabali!!

And you thought taking a selfie with Kabali is very very difficult? 😛

BTW, here is a photo with Kabali 😀

Photo with Kabali

These pics were taken at the Click Art Museum inside the VGP Snow World complex, next to VGP Golden Beach. The Kabali pics were taken at the common visitor area at the ground floor – am not sure if the Rajnikanth banner next to me is temporary or permanent.

Here are some more interesting photos taken at the Click Art Museum which is in the first floor. These installations, I think, should be permanent. A sample below –

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Chetpet Eco Park: Boating & Fishing within Chennai city!



Chetpet Eco Park (செட்பெட் பசுமை பூங்கா) is a nice venue for boating & fishing right inside/within the city of Chennai. The main gate is almost opposite to Ega theater, but a few meters further, towards Central. There is parking space, and I paid Rs. 20 for parking my bike for two hours. Entrance ticket cost is Rs. 25 per head, and boating ticket costs Rs. 50 per head. The Park is open from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., except on Tuesdays.



There is a huge walkway around the lake and the area is decorated well. I think the walking distance (one round) should cover almost 0.75 K.M. There is an area on the lake dedicated to fishing/angling. I guess the charges are Rs. 300/- for a catch of three fishes and they’ll give angling rods, etc. I didn’t try this.


There is a small food court with bakery, sandwiches, soups, chaats, tea, etc. And behind it is a small play area for kids. There is also a restroom.



Of course, the main attraction of this venue is the boating around the lake. We went on a Thursday afternoon and had to wait for 20 minutes to get on a boat. I heard it’s crowded on weekends – so plan accordingly. There are two types of boats – rowing boat and pedaling boat. We went on a rowing boat which can accommodate a maximum of 2 people + 1 staff. The pedaling boat can accommodate 3 people + one staff. Kids below 3 years are not allowed.

The boat takes one round across the lake and comes back to the jetty. I think our ride in a rowing boat took around 20 minutes. TN Fisheries Dept. seems to have provided the boats and their staff manages this venue. They were polite and helpful, but don’t expect star hotel courtesy here. It was a nice experience in spite of the April summer in Chennai. Since there is no covering over the boat, you’ll have to consider the heat. But the jetty is covered on the top. Here are some pics –






Here is a short video of our row-boat experience at this venue,


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Photos by Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

Pics: Chitlapakkam Lake & Walkway, Chennai

I went to the Tambaram Sanitorium/Chitlapakkam lake, which is a huge lake right inside the Chennai city. It measures more than 46 acres and they have built a beautiful walkway all over one side of the lake. This lake is near the Temple on the Chitlapakkam main road.

t seems you can see birds from Apr-Sep, but I didn’t find many when I went. The Govt. is planning to construct a garden and introduce boating, shortly. Till then you can go and casually walk along the perimeter walkway. Here are some pics taken there:







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Photo(s) credit: By Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

Sunrise pics @ Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai

Today morning, I went to a photography shoot cum beginner training class with Chennai Photographers to Besant Nagar beach. We were first asked to shoot sunrise pics and then we had a detailed photography basics session. Here are some of the pictures taken by me.








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Photo credit: By Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

India Seashell Museum & Aquarium @ Mahabalipuram, Chennai

Recently, I went to the India Seashell Museum & Mamalla Fish World (Aquarium) at Mahabalipuram, Chennai. Here is the Google Maps location. As you can guess by the name, it houses a nice collection of various seashells and a small aquarium. Wait, there is a souvenir shop where you can buy various things made out of seashells too! 🙂 Continue reading “India Seashell Museum & Aquarium @ Mahabalipuram, Chennai”

Adventure Games Theme Park in Chennai: Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR

Adventure Sports in Chennai - Wild Tribe Ranch 1

Today, as a part of the activities organized by Chennai Bloggers Club, we went to the adventure games/sports theme park of Chennai – The Wild Tribe Ranch @ ECR, near Crocodile Park. Actually, this park — which previously functioned in Ponneri — will be opened to public only from tomorrow. However, bloggers and media persons were given a sneak peak into some of the adventure sports and games available there today. I don’t remember the names of individual rides – you’ll have to refer to the above linked theme park website for that.  Continue reading “Adventure Games Theme Park in Chennai: Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR”