McDonalds Introduces RICE in India (Chennai)

McDonalds introduces rice in Chennai, India

McDonald’s, a very popular restaurant across the world for its burgers, wraps, nuggets & fries, has introduced –you won’t believe it but we actually ate it– RICE in India. OK, they’ve not yet launched it across India, but they have very much launched it in all their 16 outlets across Chennai.

It seems Chennai is the testing ground for this product. If it succeeds, they may launch rice in their other stores across India. Let’s hope it does.

Before you go all wide-eyed, you’ll have to know that glocalization is nothing new to McD. They have previously launched products like Kebab burger in Hyderabad, Potato wedges in Bengaluru, etc. Even rice is available in certain countries of South East Asia.

But launching rice in the capital of rice kingdom should be an interesting experience for them, I guess. For now, they have launched two flavours –

  • Veggies & Cheese Rice (Rice topped with veggies like peas, carrot, American corn, zucchini tossed in cheese cream layered with herbs)
  • Beans & Gravy Rice (Rice mixed with peas, carrots, chickpeas, kidney beans, tomato gravy with basil, garlic & pepper)

Both these rice varieties are available in Veg & Non-Veg options, priced at Rs. 119 & Rs. 139 respectively.

We ate the veg one, of course. Personally, my favorite is Beans & Gravy Rice. Actually, this is a bit spicy and combined with lemon juice it tastes great 🙂 If you like cheese more, you might like the first variety as well. Just make sure to mix it well before you eat as the veggies/cheese are on a separate layer on the top.

I wish rice was available at McDonald’s a few years back when I was staying alone in Bangalore. I would’ve been a regular customer. No worries, I guess I’ll be frequenting McD from now on – for the Beans & Gravy rice 🙂

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Why is the Rush Hour at 11 A.M. in Chennai??

This is something I am not able to understand. While the rush hour is generally between 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. in the mornings at most places, in Chennai, the RUSH HOUR seems to be at 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. and sometimes it extends up to 12 P.M. in the NOON also.

If we assume that most offices would open between 9 – 10 O’Clock in the morning, the rush hour ought to be 8 – 10 O’Clock, right? The maximum traffic ought to be at that time right?

But I’ve often noticed maximum traffic between 10 and 11 A.M. in the city. Are people supposed to reach their offices after 11 or what? If there are such offices, let me know – I’ll want to start working there NOW 🙂

If we assume that businesspeople are traveling at that time, then does it mean that there are more businesspeople than office staff in Chennai? Or do people start traveling after they report to work – for official reasons? Or do people prefer to wander around for entertainment on weekdays itself?

This is something I’ve not been able to figure out.

But one good thing about Chennai Traffic is, the vehicles keep moving – even if only very slowly. In Bangalore, for example, I’ve seen vehicles just stop for many minutes without much of a reason in sight.

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My New Dream Car: Mini Cooper Convertible

Frankly, no car has impressed me in the past. I’ve seen cars as a means of inefficient transportation due to their gas-guzzling nature. But the moment I saw this Mini Cooper Convertible at Phoenix mall recently, I was impressed instantly 🙂

Wait. I am not going to buy it or anything. For that I need to save money – well, almost the entire 40L 😛 (and) I want the manufacturer to release an electric version that is optimized for solar charging.

That said, this is the first car that I’ve ever fancied. The best thing I like about it is its convertible roof option – it is possible to fold the roof behind at the touch of a button. I’ve seen such open cars in old movies but wonder why I don’t see even one nowadays. Perhaps the idea of owning a unique car that is open on all sides and allows wind to flow freely thrills me even more!

I like its retro looks from outside and the modern looks from inside. It’s small enough and that’s important for maneuverability. It’s a powerful cruiser comfortable for long rides… it’s got the perfect colors… it’s so beautiful… I can go on and on.

I wish I could own this car sometime in the future. The electric version, of course – manufacturer, make a note. Don’t worry, you have enough time 🙂

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PS: What’s your dream car?

Paperless Post: Send Invitations & Cards Online in Style!

Paperless Post is an online service that enables you to send Online Invitations to events like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. You can also send Online greeting cards, wishes, and more using this website.

While some cards and invitations are available for free, others come with premium designs/features like envelopes, envelop liners, backdrops, custom stamps, etc. that require Paperless Post Coins which can be purchased online on their website.

For events, you can customize the pre-designed cards with your own text, fonts, colors, etc. You can even add a photo on the cards that support this feature.

The best thing I found about event invitations is, you can keep track of the delivery (sent, opened) for each recipient and you can also keep track of how many people are actually coming (RSVP). There is an events page that will be populated with your guest names who opt to come, and there is a comment wall that enables them to write their own wishes, comments, etc. – facebook style.

While designing an invite for testing, I found two limitations: After I add an email address, there is no way to delete it if I change my mind later on. Also, I am not able to add videos or music to any of the cards. Otherwise, the design, delivery and tracking process on this website is very easy to use.

So next time you’re about to organize an event or wish someone on their special day, do remember Paperless Post. Just come back and look at the beginning of this blog post for the link 🙂

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The Importance & Benefits of RO Water Purifier

Drinking water quality is one of the key concerns in the modern era. Pollution is on a gradual rise, which makes it necessary to ensure proper purification standards to safeguard the health of your family members. The old filtration methods cannot tackle the impurities adequately, hence the need for an RO water purifier.

RO is considered to be the best bet for water purification. RO stands for reverse osmosis, which involves filtering water by subjecting it to high pressure in order to remove traces of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and THMs from the water.
Now, this is something that every purifier promises but the task is to find the best RO water purifier.

Livpure’s RO purifier is equipped with an extensive purification process that filters our all-possible impurities from the water and ensures good health for your family members. Under its warranty process, there are also provisions for replacement of the RO water purifier filter that is the major contributor to cleaning the impure water.

Clean and pollution-free water plays an important part in enhancing your family’s lifestyle. Reverse Osmosis is the most popular water purification technology available across the world, today. Hence, choosing the best RO water purifier is as important as choosing the right doctor.

It’s easy to make money in this modern world, but health, the most important wealth of all, is the real wealth that eludes many. Drinking pure water is the first step in maintaining good health. And Reverse Osmosis Water purifiers are essential for that. Do your research well and choose wisely!

Selfie Video with Peacock #DiwaliDecor

Here is my Selfie Photo/Video with Peacock flower arrangement at Phoenix MarketCity, Velachery, Chennai on the occasion of #DiwaliDecor. Wait, there is a twist to this selfie – watch it for yourself,

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PS: Howzz ittt? 🙂

Disclaimer: This video was made for a selfie contest organized by Phoenix MarketCity. If you feel this should be labeled as a sponsored post, then it is.

Preethi Turbo Chop – Our Experience

Preethi Turbo Chop is the smaller version of a mixer grinder (mini mixie) that can grind/chop vegetables and fruits into fine pieces. If you are looking for a device to cut/chop vegetables into large/medium pieces to make poriyal (large bits), etc. this is not the apt device.

If you are looking for a device to cut/chop vegetables into large/medium pieces to make poriyal (large bits), etc. this is not the apt device.

However, if you want to chop them into finer pieces or even grind them into a paste or make them into finely ground poriyal, kesari, juice, chutney, etc., Preethi Turbo Chop is a good option.

Here is a small overview video of Preethi Turbo Chop, its parts, assembly, and a short look into its operation –

Recently, we made a few Deepavali dishes using Preethi Turbo Chop – Tomato rice, Cabbage vada, Carrot Halwa & Pomegranate juice. Detailed recipes for making these dishes are available at the above link. Based on our experience, here are the advantages & limitations of Preethi Turbo Chop.

Advantages –

  1. Easy operation
  2. Saves time, chopping is fast
  3. Press action enables us to choose rotation/cutting intensity
  4. Large bowl
  5. Simple setup & assembly
  6. Easy to clean
  7. 450W motor is powerful and doesn’t consume as much electricity as its 750W mixer grinder variants
  8. Not only a chopper but also a blender
  9. Value for money
  10. Occupies very less space
  11. Sharp blades
  12. White colour looks simple and elegant in the kitchen

Limitations –

  1. Slightly difficult to clean at the motor opening, especially in between chopping multiple veg/fruits
  2. Doesn’t chop veggies into medium or large bits, chops them only into fine bits or powder. If you accidentally extend the operation, it becomes a paste. Need to be careful how long you use the motor
  3. We are dependent on electricity for its operation. Doesn’t work during power cuts
  4. Lower jar could have had a handle

Here is a demo video created by the company –

You can buy Preethi Turbo Chop Online from Amazon.

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Reduce Air Pollution at Home by Reducing Formaldehyde Exposure

You thought air inside your house is clean and free from air-pollution?

Think again.

Formaldehyde, a dangerous air pollutant – carcinogen and sensitizer, is found ten times more inside homes than outside.

Which materials are responsible for formaldehyde release at homes? 

  • Air fresheners/fragrances/perfumes
  • Wallpaper
  • Cleaning products containing tarpenes
  • Adhesives, Carpets
  • Cigarrates/e-cigarattes
  • Wood/Coal and even Gas Stoves
  • Combustion Exhausts from automobiles
  • Paper napkins
  • Easy care, Anti-wrinkle/shrink clothes and curtains treated with formaldehyde
  • Polyester clothing and pillow foam
  • Skincare products using formaldehyde as preservative
  • Cosmetics like nail polish and hair smootheners
  • Manufactured wood furniture products & furniture preservatives/coatings (Especially when these are brand new)

How does continuous exposure to formaldehyde affect one’s health?

Exposure to formaldehyde increases the risk of developing any of the following ailments depending on the exposure and body resistance of individuals.

  • Headaches, vomiting
  • Irritation/burning eyes and nose
  • Allergic reaction, fatigue, nausea
  • Wheezing, asthma
  • Skin rashes, allergy
  • Even cancer

How to reduce exposure to formaldehyde at homes?

  • Don’t allow smoking inside homes
  • Ventilate garages well enough that vehicular exhausts are released directly to the atmosphere
  • Ventilate homes with sufficient open windows, fans and exhaust fans so that any formaldehyde and other pollutants leave quickly
  • Don’t use chemical-based perfumes or air fresheners. Opt for natural/organic sources like agarbathi, camphor, sambarani, etc.
  • Have exhaust fans directly over cooking stoves
  • Buy and use natural/organic cotton-based clothing materials and handcrafted textiles that use natural dyes
  • Reduce humidity and temperature by using an Air Conditioner
  • Use denser filters with ACs.
  • Use indoor/outdoor plants that are known to reduce air pollutants in and around homes. A list of few such plants and trees is available here and here
  • Use natural and organic products as far as possible for cleaning and personal care
  • Try to avoid finished wood products like MDF, hardwood plywood, particleboard, etc.
  • Give preference to formaldehyde-free building materials like stainless steel, plastic, gypsum, etc. instead of wood
  • Prefer other (safer) coating materials instead of formaldehyde coating for furniture and other materials
  • Buy antique wooden furniture which mostly does not emit formaldehyde or have at least exhausted their capacity and no longer release this dangerous chemical
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle – keep switching between indoors and outdoor frequently to avoid continuous exposure. Encourage kids to play more outdoors

Use Royale Atmos paint from Asian Paints

Asian Paints has come up with Royale Atmos paints which, the company claims, reacts with formaldehyde and breaks it into harmless molecules. They also say that this paint also absorbs other air irritants like nicotine, ammonia, etc.

All you need to do is paint your house/office with Royale Atmos wall paint to protect your home for up to two years from air pollutants, as mentioned on their website.

Asian Paints says that Royale Atmos also absorbs malodours/foul smell and releases a good fragrance. It gives a smooth matte finish that gives a nice look to your walls and is equipped with Teflon surface protector to protect your walls against stains – which makes cleaning the walls easier.  It also comes with green assure seal.

More Information: Asian Paints Royale Atmos website.

Have a look at their TV Commercial featuring Deepika Padukone,

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For more exhaustive information on formaldehyde pollutant and how you can protect your family against it, check here and here

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OK, finally I have also jumped on the bandwagon 🙂 Sarahah is a service/app that allows anyone to send anonymous messages to others without disclosing their (sender’s) identity. Of course, the recipient needs to first register in Sarahah to get a unique link for themselves which they can share on blogs, FB, etc., like how I have done here. They can later login on Sarahah to view the received messages. All messages through this app are anonymous.

I request you all to send me some constructive (or otherwise – it’s OK) feedback regarding my blogging activities, FB activities, etc. so that I can improve myself and create better content in the future.

Here is my Sarahah link –

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