I have been doing some experimental posts this month, and this is also a part of it (Read: I am in holiday mood, and hence no patience to do serious posts!)

When I wanted to buy a touch screen phone (I wanted a touch screen phone because it is much easier to browse the internet with them on the phone), and had a limited budget of Rs. 10,000/- (INR) only, there are two good options that I short listed on: The MOTO ROKR E6 and HTC P3400i. Since I was already using MOTO ROKR E6 and ended up buying HTC P3400i, I thought I could compare both of them on my blog.

MOTO ROKR E6 is more of a phone and less of a PDA. HTC P3400i is more of a PDA and less of a phone. The former is based on a Linux Operating system. And the latter is on Windows Mobile. MOTO ROKR E6 comes with a reader-only for word, excel, pdf and ppt files. But HTC P3400i comes with a mobile word, excel and pdf editors. Not that I have used these applications on my cell phone!

The display size of the HTC P3400i is bigger and the touch screen of this phone is easier to handle. The problem with touch screen phones is typing big messages (like blog comments or emails). It takes time to type them using the built in on screen keyboards. So, if you are an SMS freak, don’t buy a ‘touch screen only’ model. But the advantage of such phones is the ease of browsing the internet and selecting options.

The HTC P3400i beats the MOTO ROKR E6 when it comes to the internet options. It has the EDGE capability but the other has only GPRS. Meaning, the web pages load much faster on the HTCP3400i. Both don’t have Wi-Fi or 3G, and I don’t think that is a big dis-advantage.  It took one day for me to configure and use my laptop for internet browsing through the USB Cable provided by the MOTO ROKR E6 phone. It took two hours on the HTC P3400i (Experience?)

Both are surprisingly good when it comes to the music options. The MOTO ROKR E6 has a 3.5mm universal headset jack which means, I can directly connect the phone to my computer speakers with sub-woofer and play the songs on the speakers, without a PC! The sound and clarity of the external speakers are better in MOTO ROKR E6. But the head-phone experience (with equalizer) is better with HTC P3400i. The MOTO ROKR E6 comes with a built in radio.

Both of them have a decent 2MP camera and the MOTO ROKR comes with a 1GB memory card (expandable upto 2 GB) but no such luck with the HTC mobile. You could always buy a 2 GB Micro SD Card and put it on(Expandable upto 4 GB). The mirror for taking self portraits is on the front for the HTC!

There is a good phone locking capability with MOTT ROKR E6 – by just sliding a button you could lock the touch screen. But with the HTC P3400i, you could switch off the touch screen by just pressing the power key once (It will get auto on, if a call comes in).

It is easier to configure work email on HTC P3400i. I configured my personal Gmail id too, and I am notified whenever a new email comes in either. The MOTO ROKR E6 also gives you the option, but I was not able to configure it.

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section, I will answer it. And don’t expect a very long life for the touch screen. But you’ll be glad, when it fails, as it is an opportunity for buying the latest model J


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Shreya Ghoshal and Saina Nehwal


“Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

 Saina Nehwal:

 In less than a year since I wrote this post on India’s performance in Olympics, I had to eat my words. More than the three medals we got this time, it was the individual brilliance and the fight put up by our athletes that amazed me. One such athlete who went right up to the quarterfinals of the Olympics in the Badminton event was Saina Nehwal. In fact, she won her World Badminton Junior’s title shortly after the Olympics – meaning, she was still qualified to play for the junior’s event when she achieved this feat in the Olympics!

 Her semi-final appearance in the recently concluded Super Series Finals in Malaysia, where only top eight players in the world compete for the crown, is great news for Indian badminton and also her coach Gopichand, who has himself won the All England Badminton tournament for India.

 Her journey to the top, as expected, was not an easy one. Her father drove 50 KM daily for three months in a scooter to reach the coaching institute at 6 AM in the morning, when she was barely 8 years old. After that, her family moved closer to the stadium but she still had to commute 7 KM daily – morning and evening for the practice.

 Keep smashing hard Saina, a whole nation is proud of you!

 Shreya Ghoshal:

 If brilliance, ever had a voice, this was it!

 I was among a handful of people in an empty theatre watching the movie ‘Banaras’, just to listen to this song – Om Namah Shivaya sung by Shreya Ghoshal, in theatre effect. I liked the voice so much that I should have listened to it hundred’s of times, afterwards.

 After listening to the Kannada(Telugu) and Malayalam(Tamil) versions of the climax song of the movie – ‘Chandramukhi’, I thought it couldn’t get better than the Tamil (Telugu) version – Ra ra…. But that was till, I heard Shreya Ghosal sing Mere Dholna sun’ in Bhool Bhulaiya.

 It seems her career in Bollywood started with the finals of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma TV show when her voice was spotted by Sanjai Leela Bhansali. She started her career by singing five songs in the movie Devdas and received a lot of accolades for singing Bairi Piya’ in Devdas. I don’t think any one else could have recorded this song in the first attempt itself!

 No doubt, ‘Jadoo hai Nasha hai’ song from Jism was one of her very best. Still, I think her voice in the Cheeni Kum’ title song was equally good. It seems she started her sojourn in stage performances with this Rajasthani Classical –Suniyo jee’.  To understand the spirit of her voice, listen to this song she sung in a concert – Yeh Ishq Aaye’ (Jab We Met).   

 She has also sung some beautiful songs in Tamil – My favorite one is the slow and soulful ‘Ninaithu Ninaithu parthen’ from 7G Rainbow Colony (Listen to this in a slightly higher volume – you’ll love it).

 I didn’t previously know that the song ‘Munbe vaa yen anbe vaa’ was sung by Shreya Ghoshal. I should have guessed it! Another song that caught my attention was ‘Aiyaiyo’ song from the movie Paruthiveeran. This one is a pure village folk song with a highly local accent, which proves her skill to sing songs which are diverse and difficult.

 Also do listen to this nice Kannada song – Araluthiru Jeevada’ from the movie Mungaru Male, also sung by her.


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WordPress Vs Blogger: An Interesting Experience


It’s around one year since I started Blogging. I was introduced to blogging by my friend MSR. I started with two blogs. One in WordPress and one in Blogger (The free versions of both). For the last one year, I have been posting the same content, simultaneously, in both WordPress as well as Blogger almost at the same time, with similar tags, titles etc. So when you visit, and

you would find that they have the same content. And when I visit other blogs, I comment as a WordPress user in WordPress blogs and Blogspot user in Blogger sites. This post is to share my experiences and stats for both of them for the last one year.

Since I am not an expert like Daniel of Dailyblogtips, I can only share my experiences as a beginner and a novice. And besides, I use only the basic services of both the above blogging platforms, as blogging is just a hobby for me. So please do point out, if there are some glaring mistakes in my observations and you could add your own too in the comments section.


I love everything about my WordPress theme – the colour, header, design, background and pretty much everything. But the level of customization is limited here. With Blogger, the themes are simpler (When I started), but I can change the background/foreground/font colours if I wish – and I did. My friend says we can do much more customization in Blogger but I don’t understand technical terms like CSS etc. While WordPress gives all the important Widgets needed for the sidebar, Blogger gives much more. You can access them directly from the Blogger site, and that makes it easier for people like me. But you don’t have the recent comments widget in Blogger and I did try to get the code from the internet, but couldn’t make it work! But when I wanted a sliding text in my sidebar, I searched and got a piece of code in the net, which I applied to both Blogger and WordPress. The code worked only in Blogger.

Posting Options:

Both WordPress and Blogger are simple and easy to use for posting of articles. While WordPress has more posting options (Like Addpoll, Excerpt, Auto Pingback, Password protect post etc.), with Blogger I can post in languages other than English (Like Tamil and Hindi) directly from the site.


I have enabled comments in both WordPress and Blogger and I also comment on other interesting WordPress and Blogger blogs. The wordpress comments section with just three fields and open interface right from the beginning, is very easy to work with. Especially when I am reading and commenting from my mobile phone. Initially Blogger did not allow comments from other blogging platforms (I think), but now they do. Blogger has an option to request the commenter for word verification, to avoid spam comments. But Akismet, in WordPress does a decent job of avoiding spam comments. I also like the Email Comments feature of Blogger. It is easy to keep track of the replies when I comment on other Blogger sites.

Tracking of Stats:

I track stats for both my blogs using,

1. The inbuilt stats checking facility available in the wordpress site,

2. Google Analytics for Blogger.

Google Analytics gives you a lot of options to track the activity in your website. But I found that Analytics was slow and gives you much more information than required for a hobbyist like me. That makes me search for the relevant information each time and hence more time needs to be spent. WordPress on the other hand, gives me the no. of views per day/per month, referring websites, terms used in the search engine to reach my page, the posts that were actually viewed on a particular day and the number of hits – All this at the click of a single button. What more could I want?


Now, let us look at the actual stats. Just for my reference, I have taken the actual number of hits during the sixth month of my Blogger site as 1 (As this was the lowest value available to me) and all the other months will reflect a scale which is proportional to this value.


                                                   Blogger                               WordPress


1st Month                                        2.03                                        3.70

2nd Month                                      3.16                                        5.16

3rd Month                                      1.58                                        2.77

4th Month                                      1.67                                        4.96

5th Month                                      1.35                                        4.87

6th Month                                      1.00                                        4.48

7th Month                                      1.35                                        5.19

8th Month                                      2.09                                        11.29

9th Month                                      2.29                                        12.58

10th Month                                    3.77                                        16.19

11th Month                                    3.51                                        18.09

12th Month                                    3.70                                        19.48

But I should also add that I had registered a free domain ( – you can register your blog with a domain name and is a free service for doing so) for wordpress and promoted this with my small circle of friends and colleagues. This might have worked in favor of my WordPress stats as in the 8th month, you can see a sudden splurge of the stats in WordPress – That was the month when I emailed the above mentioned domain to all my colleagues and class mates and asked them to see. Also, in the Frequently Visited Sites Folder of my Google Reader, there are 13 WordPress Blogs when compared to 6 Blogspot ones. So, this could also have made a difference.

Google, which owns Blogger, gives a Page Rank of 4 for my WordPress site and N/A for my Blogger site, even though same content is present in both of them. Probably this might be due to a better community in WordPress and I could have received more links from my fellow WordPress users. But my friend says Blogger is better/liked by technical people like him (Also for technical blogs).


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Mikhail Kalashnikov was the inventor of the AK-47 Automatic Assault Rifle.

  • AK-47 fires about 600 rounds per minute
  • Effective range : 100 – 800 meters
  • It has only about 8 moving parts and hence very simple to produce, use and maintain.
  • There are about 100 million AK-47’s and its variants in use, worldwide.

For more information on the AK-47, visit the Wikipedia page – AK-47.

M Kalashnikov grew up in a peasant family in the remote Altai Mountain region by the Mongolian border. He started working on his rifle in 1940’s, driven to design by Soviet defeats in the early years of world war II at the hands of far better armed German soldiers.

“In October 1941, I was seriously wounded and while in hospital, I conceived the idea of a submachine gun, a simple one you wouldn’t need a big plant to build. So, I got out my notebook and pencils, and started making drafts of the would be weapon” – M Kalashnikov

“It was the Germans who turned me into an arms designer. If I hadn’t taken part in the war, I would probably have made technology to ease the tough work of the peasants” – M Kalashnikov

“I am proud of my invention, but I am sad that it is being used by terrorists. I would prefer to have invented a machine that people could use and that would help farmers with their work – for example a lawn mower” M Kalashnikov

“I sleep well at nights. Politicians are responsible for not resolving their problems without out resorting to arms” – M Kalashnikov

“It is not the designers who must ultimately take responsibility for where guns end up – It is the Governments who must control their production and export” – M Kalashnikov

“They always tell me that I would be a multi millionaire in the west. They always talk about money. Are there no other values? What about having a bronze bust of yourself in your home village?” – M Kalashnikov

“More than 30 foreign companies, private and state based, continue the illegal manufacturing and copying of small arms” – Sergey V Cherneyov (Former KGB officer)

“Kalashnikov’s progeny appear to have caused most of the 3,00,000 annual combat fatalities in the wars of 1990’s. They were the primary weapon for one or more sides in virtually all the 40 plus wars of the last decade” – Aaron Karp (Sr. Consultant to the Geneva based small arms survey)

“We can’t tolerate the situation when only 10% of the Kalashnikov’s (AK-47 and its variants) are manufactured legally” – Sergey V Lavrov

“When I watch TV and see the small arms of the AK-47 family in the hands of bandits,

I keep asking myself: How did those people get hold of them?” – M Kalashnikov

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Aryabhata – I

476 – 550 CE (CE is the same as AD and BCE is the same as BC)

“Chaturadhikam Shatamashtagunam Dvashashtistatha Sahasranam

Ayutadvayavi Shkambhasyasanno Vrttaparinahah” – Ganita Pada, 10 – Aryabhatiya.

Roughly translated: “Add 4 to 100, multiply by 8 and add to 62000. This is approximately the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 20000”

Implying PI = 62832/20000 = 3.1416

  • One of his most important legacies is his accurate knowledge of the value of Pi. Especially when Pi could be expressed only as a whole number ratio as there was no system for decimal fractions back then.
  • Prior to him, Vedic Sutras had expounded on geometric relationships for religious purposes such as altar construction and keeping track of calendars. Jain mathematicians also excelled at mathematics prior to Aryabhata.
  • One of his works, “Aryabhatiya” has survived till today. It was written in Sanskrit and in poetic verse form containing 123 stanzas.
  • Aryabhata provides methods to find out square roots and cube roots (Though the square roots have been thought of being found out before him)
  •  Since the value of Pi was known to him, he also gave the formulae to calculate the area of a circle and volume of sphere.
  • One of his more complicated works was his derivation of the Sine Table. In fact, the modern  trigonometric names ‘Sine’ and ‘Cosine’ are a mis-transcription of the words ‘jya’ and ‘kojya’ as introduced by Aryabhata. These were transcribed as Jiba and KoJiba in Arabic. They were then misinterpreted by Gerard of Cremona while translating an Arabic Geometry text into Latin. He took Jiba to be the Arabic word Jaib, which means fold in a garment, ie. Sinus.
  • Aryabhata’s astronomical calculation methods were also very influential. Calendric calculations worked out by Aryabhata and followers have been in continuous use in India for the practical purposes of fixing the Panchangam or the Hindu calendar.
  • Aryabhata was the first astronomer to make an attempt at measuring the earth’s circumference accurately. His estimation of 24,835 miles was a deviation of just 0.2% from the actual value.

So, the next time you hear the name of the first satellite launched by India to be “Aryabhata”, the Lunar Crater “Aryabhata”, Aryabhata Maths Competition or of the Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Sciences (Near Nainital), you know who the great person was and why they are all named after him – After all, calculating the value of Pi when there was no decimal fraction system was like thinking of a car when the wheels were not invented!

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Thought Provoking Quotes – II

Since by now, you would have known my interest in collecting different quotations which would make you read them once again, here are some more, which I found interesting:

“Fortune does not change men; it unmasks them”

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months”

“Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them as much”

“It’s human to think wisely but act in an absurd manner”

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good”

“Truth, like surgery, may hurt but it cures”

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own”

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal”

“You should not bite the hand that feeds you. But maybe you should, if it prevents you from feeding yourself”

“What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become, is our gift to God”

“Insanity in individuals is something rare. But in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule”

“There are three sides to every argument – Your side, My side and the Right side.”

“Everyone should have a spouse, because there are a number of things that go wrong that one can’t blame the Government”

“Hearing is one of the body’s five senses. But listening is an art”

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it generation after generation”


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I am a Hypocrite


Rakesh has tagged me. This was the opportunity that I was waiting for!

The Tag: Requires me to post six things that are eccentric attributes of mine.

I choose to describe only one eccentric attribute (trait?) of mine – Hypocrisy. But I would give six instances to showcase it though!

When the match fixing scandal was exposed in Cricket, I thought that it was some kind of a conspiracy to undermine the popularity of the game. Because, even after the exposure, I tend to watch the game with the same passion I had earlier, in any of its forms. What is important for me is the fun I have in cheering for my team and the ‘feeling’ I get after we win a match or a tournament. Even if some people are skeptical about the rival captain’s decision to bowl part time bowlers at a crucial point of a match, I would choose to ignore all that. I am ecstatic because of the fact that we won that match. And that is what matters to me. I don’t really bother when in football, the United States is a a quarter finalist in a world cup hosted by the United states or when Japan and Korea both reach the semi finals of the world cup jointly hosted by them or when Italy wins the world cup just after a huge match fixing scandal breaks out there. What I am more bothered about is that I was not able to watch some of the matches! You could also read a Poem that I wrote on the topic ‘Match Fixing’ some time back!

When I see a bottle in the middle of the road, I curse the person who put it there and would get around it hoping that every one else also would be able to do the same. The idea of stopping my vehicle and removing the bottle from there never crosses my mind. Even if it does after some time (And distance), I would like to think that some one would have removed it by now! When a fellow commuter breaks the traffic signal to attend to some ‘Urgent’ work that he always seems to have, I would abuse him. Or ignore him. Worse, I would even take him as an example and start breaking signals myself, as I think that he was daring, smart and even saved a lot of time by breaking signals!

When Miss My Country wins the Miss Universe or Miss World pageant after giving such a complex and a brilliantly well constructed reply to the question posed by the judges in the final round, I would rejoice even though the sentence seems to be hopelessly memorized (Albeit for a short time, after which that ‘good’ feeling takes over again)!

I sincerely believe that all those film awards are being given to the deserving ‘artistes’ and I fail to understand or even probe why Amir Khan is not present to collect the award for any of his movies. I am happy as long as I am entertained with so many glamorous people all under one roof, and I think why they don’t screen these award functions at the multiplexes!

I believe that education is the key to success in life. So much, that I don’t care to notice how students are admitted into these ‘technical’ institutes, what they are taught there, whether they are able to understand and are able to apply the theoretical concepts to practical applications, how they very often memorize whole pages to just pass the examinations, or even to get university ranks. I just don’t bother about all these trivial things as long as I get admitted in one, manage to pass out with a decent GPA and get a high paying job in a big company. I don’t bother to see if the kind of work I am doing is helping me to achieve quality results and is able to help me take further strides in my career to understand good business practices and acquire skill sets that would reward my company and myself.  All I would be bothered about after joining one would be about the appraisals (Perhaps the lack of it?) and the onsite ‘opportunities’. Of course, I would also be bothered about how much more is my college mate or ex-colleague is earning in his/her big company!

And last but not the least, I really think that Open and Free market strategies and practices are really open and free for everyone and they are the best bet to solve all our economic woes!

I am a hypocrite and a proud one at that. Because, if I was not proud of it, I would have at least attempted to change myself! I guess I share a lot with my fellow citizens 🙂 


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Otto Von Bismarck

1815 – 1898

Germany, unlike England and France was not a united nation, for quite a long time. Bismarck’s most important legacy is the unification of Germany. Germany had existed as a collection of a lot of separate principalities, and free cities, since the formation of the Holy Roman Empire. Bismarck was the first leader to unite a major portion of what is referred to as Germany, today.

Otto Von Bismarck was not the prince of Prussia – which was by far the largest constituent of the divided Germany. In 1848, Prussia faced a revolution, which resulted in the creation of the constitution and legislature (Landtag). Bismarck was even elected to this Landtag but later was made an envoy (Of Prussia) to Frankfurt, Russia and France.

In 1862, the King of Prussia – Wilhem appointed Bismarck as the Minister-President and Foreign Minister of Prussia. Bismarck used both diplomacy and the Prussian military to achieve unification of a multitude of principalities loosely bound together as members of the German Confederation. Prussia became the most powerful and dominant member of this new Germany, and Austria was excluded. The new German empire was a federation. Each of constituent states retained some autonomy. Bismarck was appointed the imperial chancellor of the German empire.

During most of his nearly 30 years long tenure, Bismarck held undisputed control over the Government policy. He was well supported by his friend Albrecht Von Roon, the War Minister and the leader of the Prussian Army – Helmuth Von Moltke. Bismarck mostly devoted himself to keeping peace in Europe so that the strength of the German empire would not be threatened.

Bismarck’s astute, cautious, and pragmatic foreign policies allowed Germany to retain peacefully the powerful position into which he had brought it. He maintained amiable diplomacy with almost all the European nations, except maybe France.

Some of Otto Von Bismarck’s famous quotations:

“Only self interest makes a war worthy cause for a major state. At the end of the conflict we would scarcely know why we had fought”

“Man cannot create the current of events. He can only float with them and steer”

“What we learn from History is that no one learns from History”

“The most significant event of the 20th Century will be that the North Americans speak English”

“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied”

“When a man says he approves of something in principle, it means he hasn’t the slightest intention of putting it into practice”

“When you want to fool the world, tell the truth”

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Where do we play?

Sundar was in his early sixties. He had been working in a good position in a leading Government firm and had retired recently. He was always active during his working days and hence even after retirement he chose to be active by becoming the General Secretary of the apartment where he and his son’s family lived – in separate apartments. One of the proposal that he was instrumental in taking forward was the expansion of the apartments. The Government had left some good space in front of the four blocks as a part of its planned apartment construction (When the apartments were originally constructed before some years) as per its procedures. The Government then sold off the apartments to individual tenants. Recently a lot of such Government built apartments were expanding in the open spaces available with them, across the city. Not to be left behind, Sundar too managed to get the permission to expand his apartments. Dharma, was his grand son. He was studying in the eighth standard.


“Today is one of the most important dates for this apartment Dharma. We have managed to get the permission to expand the apartments. We will no longer be a 2BHK apartment owners. We will be the proud owners of Three Bedroom, Two Hall and Kitchen apartments. You should be very happy as we are doing all this for you. Aren’t you exited to have a bigger house?”


“But Grandpa, all the owners have to pay for the expansion, right?”


“Yes. But we managed to get almost everybody’s approval except a couple of the owners. The turning point was the deal that we struck with this construction company. They have offered to do the construction, free of cost for us. We need to pay only for the materials. All they wanted in exchange was to construct one more floor – The Third floor and sell it at the prevailing market rates today. So, the owners were very happy. And so was the construction company as the existing real estate prices in this area has sky-rocketed recently”


“But what is the advantage to us?”


“We would be the proud owners of such a big apartment house, that too in a prime location in the city. That’s why I insisted that your father buy an apartment here itself”


“But Grandpa, you and Grandma live in a separate apartment. My parents and myself too live in our own apartment. Why do we need four halls and six rooms for the five of us?”


“You are too young to understand the real estate market. It is something like this – If we ever decide to sell an apartment after expansion, the returns would be very high”


“But would we ever sell, Grandpa?”


“That, I am not sure. Maybe not in the near future. But we can feel secure as we have such a high value property with us. Investing in property is always the best investment, dear”


“But we have already taken a loan to buy the house. Now we need to take another one for the expansion”


“Yes, that is there. But think about this – If we stayed in rental houses, we would be paying a considerable amount as rental every month and after a long time we would have paid a lot of money but we would not own any property. This is better than that, isn’t it?”


“But the rental amount would be considerably lesser, Grandpa. We would also be able to use the differential amount for having a better standard of living. Imagine if there is a misfortune and we are not able to pay the Bank installments”


“That is exactly what I was talking about. If ever such a misfortune arises, we could sell one of the apartments, settle the bank loan and still have a handsome amount to spend in our hands. All of us could always live in a single apartment after that”


“You are talking about the advantage that we could get, in the event of a misfortune, Grandpa. I was talking about the advantages we could have, without that misfortune. And on the top of that we require a misfortune to stay together!”


“Nothing like that. This is also like living together. You could always come here anytime you want, right?”


“Yes. But everything is separate, right? We have two kitchens, two separate furniture sets, double maintenance charges, when we could have easily avoided all that”


“But this was the best option available to me when your parents wanted to live separately. You are young. You cannot understand certain things in life. It will take some time before you grasp all these things”


“I too guess so. But Grandpa, where do we play Cricket after the expansion?”


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PS: This post was inspired by This Blogpost by An Alien Earthling. Wondering if there is any connection between that post and this one? There is.

Two Great Tennis Players

His childhood was a huge tragedy. Even before he was born, three of his older siblings died. When he was barely 18, his mother died. Three years later, his father and brother died. At the young age of 22, he was the only survivor of a once big family.

He was encouraged to play Tennis by a relative, who considered it to be a form of therapy for his grief.

Five years later, he became the first American player to win a tournament at Wimbledon, in England. In the 1920’s he dominated the sport of Tennis like no one else. He won seven US Championships, three Wimbledon titles. In fact, his form was so good during his peak that he won 57 games in a row.

He was Bill Tilden, one of the greatest Tennis players of all time.


When he was barely 6 years, his mother passed away. To avoid his loneliness, he started playing Tennis. It did not take a long time for him to come to the main stage. In 1969, he won both US Open and the Davis Cup for his country. Yet, in that year, he was denied entrance to a South African tournament because he was black. He then started using his star status to help African American people to achieve equality. He also won the Wimbledon on a come back effort.

In 1980, he had a heart stroke; in the hospital during surgery, he was given HIV infected blood. He contacted AIDS. Still, for 13 years, he fought to bring awareness about AIDS worldwide.

One of his fans wrote a letter asking him that while there were five hundred billion people on the planet, why God chose him for the deadly disease? To which, he replied – “Every year fifty million people start playing Tennis, 50000 people come to the circuit, 5000 reach the Grand slams, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to the semi-finals, 2 to the finals and only one player among all wins the title. When I was holding the Cup (After winning the Wimbledon), I never asked God “Why me?”. And today in pain too, I should not be asking God, “Why me?”  

He was Arthur Ashe, another renowned Tennis player of his time.

It is from these great people that we must take inspiration. Not the hero’s and heroine’s of Bollywood.


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