The Longest Jump

The Longest Jump

Long Jump Event, Bejing Olympics, China

Among the various athletes participating, the Chinese athlete Wong Chung and the Tibetian athlete Malang were the favorites to win the gold medal.

The qualification rounds were underway and the players needed to jump at-least 7.15 m to qualify. Wong Chung had already made it in the first jump. For some reason, the Tibetian athlete Malang was not able to concentrate. He took the first jump, and over stepped the jumping board. It was a Foul. The second jump also resulted in over stepping and he fouled again. There are only three chances within which the athlete has to cross 7.15 meters at-least once to qualify for the next round. If the last jump was not made properly, he could well be out of the event.

At this point, seeing his nervousness, he was approached by the Chinese athlete, Wong Chung, who spoke to him for a little while, to calm him down. Though he was his rival, Wong Chung suggested that Malang could draw a line and jump from one feet before the jumping board. This way he could be sure of not making a foul and also be able to qualify as he was jumping well over 8 meters every time.

The Tibetian athlete Malang took his advice and not only qualified for the next round but also went on to win the gold medal by jumping a distance of 26 feet and half inches.

All this happened right in front of the Chinese premier, who was glaring at them. But it was a proud moment for Tibet, with the crowd cheering for the Tibetian with a lot of enthusiasm.

The above narrated incident is indeed fiction. It would be great if something like that happens in this Olympics so that the spirit of sportsmanship wins over everything else.

Too good to become True? This piece of Fiction can indeed become a fact, if we make the following replacements.

  • Beijing Olympics, China replaced by Munich Olympics, Germany, 1936
  • Chinese athlete Wong Chung replaced by German athlete Luz Long.
  • Tibetian athlete Malang replaced by United States athlete Jessie Owens, who was black.
  • Last but not least, Chinese premier replaced by Adolf Hitler, who was an ardent racist and considered Blacks to be inferior.

Longest jump indeed, right into the hearts.

Destination Infinity

PS: There are three more points which I would like to share:

1. “I wasn’t invited to shake hands with Hitler, but I wasn’t invited to White House to shake hands with the President either” – Jessie Owens
2. “It took a lot of courage for him to befriend me in front of Hitler. You can melt down all the medals and cups I have and they wouldn’t be a plating on the 24-Karat friendship I felt for Luz Long at that moment. Hitler must have gone crazy watching us embrace” – Jessie Owens
3. India, participated in the Munich Olympics and won Gold against Germany in the finals of (What else?) Hockey. Hitler left the match during the half time. Double embarrassment?

SLS – Same Language Subtitling

SLS – Same Language Subtitling:


“Self respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price”


Even Literacy. I am not talking about education, which comes at a huge price tag these days. But plain literacy – the ability to read and write, at least in one language.


If at all technologies like internet have to reach the masses, literacy for the masses is extremely critical.


Books have their advantages. One interesting argument I have read about books is that it encourages creativity by letting your imagination run and explore freely while the TV dumps the producers imagination onto you. “Books are the masters who instruct us without rods or ferrules, without words or anger, without bread or money. If you approach them, they are not asleep. If you seek them, they do not hide. If you blunder, they do not scold. If you are ignorant, they do not laugh at you” – Richard De Bury. But therein lies the flaw – You have to approach them, you have to seek them.


News papers and magazines are informative medium for people who are already literate. There are so many people who have discontinued their school at a very early stage of their lives. And more still, who haven’t gone to school at all. Local language news papers do help, but the fact is, it is still out of the reach of masses as they simply cannot read.


The only other popular mass medium is TV. Though there are quite a few education based channels like Gyan Darshan etc, I really wonder who sees them. Most popular programs in the TV are entertainment based. The songs, movies, serials, etc. get good viewership. Can this medium help increase literacy levels? Specifically, can the entertainment based programs on TV help people read better?


TV may not be the best medium for promoting literacy and entertainment based programs may not be the best choice for increasing literacy levels, but they have one advantage over all other media – Reach. They reach almost every nook and corner of the country. They reach the masses, who watch them out of their own interest.


SLS – Same Language Subtitling is an interesting concept wherein subtitles appear in the same language for popular entertainment based programs – Like songs, movies etc. If a person is watching a Hindi song, the subtitles appear in Hindi along with the pace of the lines being sung.  So, as they listen and read the script (in subtitles) at the same time, they can be sure (some times even if only by guessing) that a certain word correlates with a certain script. This is especially useful with people who know only the basic words, but have lost touch since a long time and hence their ability to read has also decreased. After exposure to the subtitles in TV, which they automatically start reading, the script sub-consciously gets registered in their minds as they always flash along with the voice. After a period of time, the reading ability increases and they can even start reading the headlines in the newspaper.


How’s that for a change? Literacy to the masses while having fun. And that too, by the same box which was considered to be idiotic. No force, no lectures. So simple.


Maybe we could utilize this concept in the cinemas too. In the towns, the English channels could have English subtitles for people to improve their English vocabulary. Especially in cartoon and kids channels, which is watched endlessly by the kids. The possibilities are unlimited, if the private channels start adapting SLS.


At the beginning, I had said that there is a price for everything. Even literacy. The price for SLS is approximately one paisa per person per year – according to Dr.Brij Kothari, president, Planet Read. The whole concept, and the credit for implementing it in certain DD channels, goes to him. Please do visit the link given below to know more about the initiative.


Destination Infinity.



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Literacy for a billion with Bollywood songs 

PlanetRead uses the power and reach of entertainment to fill the need for education. In India, Bollywood songs appear on national television – Doordarshan with PlanetRead’s Same Language Subtitling (SLS). This provides automatic reading practice to 300 million early literates. With SLS the viewers subconsciously associate the songs with the text, so the familiar lyrics on screen reinforce their literacy skills.


Know more…


Heights of Job Security


Heights of Job Security   

“What kind of article is this” asked the Editor-In Charge.

The journalist, Mr. Kumar was stumped.

“We need to report this sir, this has already made big news”

“Exactly. Take any morning newspaper and you’ll find the same news. I want you to report it. But differently”


Ok, if that’s what he wants, “Ill have it ready by this evening sir” replied Mr. Kumar


First he called the DRM, Southern Railways Kanyakumari junction where a major accident had taken place.


“What steps have you taken to ensure that these kind of accidents do not happen again?. Would you take responsibility for the incident and resign your job?”


“I will respond to these things at a later stage. We do not have an instant coffee machine that you can get results immediately. It takes time to regain your position. We have put down the process in place and the results will take some time” was the reply.


Then he called the Chief Manager, HRD, Kottayam Lignite Corporation.


“Sir, the media has reported that it was due to your casual approach and lack of proactive policies for your employers that there was a whole month of strike and hence disruption of power supply for many industries in your area. They are demanding your immediate resignation”


“I don’t respond to media reports” was the only answer.


Then he called the Chief of Athletic Federation Of India, New Delhi.


“Sir, in spite of the poor show by the Indian athletes for so many years, this year, we have touched new lows. Many former Olympians are of the opinion that you have to resign. What is your response?”


 “There is a coterie of five or six former Olympians who are just professional mourners. They just know how to do breast beating, howling and crying whenever they get the chance. That is their choice, I cannot do anything” he replied.


Then he called the collector, Varkala District.


“Sir, it is complained that the flood hit costal areas in your district has not got any proper rehabilitation in spite of the allocation of considerable amount of money from the centre and flood relief funds, before one year. The people want you to take responsibility and resign. What is your reaction?”

“The project was started a year ago and the progress is being reviewed. We have had many discussions over it in the last several months” came the reply.


Then he called the former army chief of neighboring country.


“Sir, in the wake of recent election defeat, would you step down from power?”


“I will go on till 2010. After that we will see” he said.


Then he called the head of Tiger Conservation Park in Uttar Pradesh.


“Sir, the number of Tigers in the last twenty years has decreased drastically, especially after the formation of your department. The media and the people want you to resign as a lot of public money is wasted”


“I will not give in for the propaganda that is being created” came the reply.


Finally, he called the Chief Vigilance Commissioner.


“Sir, what is the purpose of your department when corruption in the nation is so wide spread and is actually increasing every day? The people want you to resign immediately as your organization is not serving any purpose”


“It is very easy to resign and sit at home, but even that will not serve any purpose” came a honest reply.


Satisfied, he started re-writing his article – “Why the *&#$ should Mr.K P S Gill resign for the failure of Indian men’s hockey team to even qualify for the Olympics, when none of the Government Servants from various departments across the nation (and some neighboring ones) are unwilling to admit responsibility for bigger debacles and resign their respective secure, pension and other benefits giving Government jobs? According to the response received from ………….”

  Destination Infinity 

PS: The responses which are highlighted by bold and italics in this article are the actual responses given by K P S Gill (in different contexts than the above) when asked if he would resign, by the media.


Two more gems:


  • Mr. Gill seemed hardly perturbed by FIH’s threat to consider moving the 2010 world cup (hockey) out of India if his federation did not get its act to-geather. “We are prepared if the world cup is not held in India. We have not had the world cup here for ages”, he said.
  • Ashok Kumar, former hockey player, said Gill had no right to ridicule the players who play for the country by dint of their merit. “We are selected and not elected. A player is selected based on merit only while any stupid person can win elections” !

Data Transfer

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Data Transfer

CP1: “How Do you do?”

CP2: “How Do you do?”

CP1: “Great. So, we speak the same language. Are you online?”

CP2: “Yes”

CP1: “Been searching for quite a while, before I was able to locate you”

CP2: “I See”

CP1: “SO, what’s your name”

CP2: “Virus”

CP1: “Thats your name?”

CP2: “Yeah, that’s my name in my current project. This name was selected by my boss”

CP1: “Your boss has a good sense of humour. Just like my boss.”

CP2: “So your name is Anti-Viurs?”

CP1: “No. My name is Hacker. I hope he meant an ethical hacker”

CP2: “Nice one. So, hows project going on?”

CP1: “Fine. Actually been doing a lot of copy/paste work, you know”

CP2: “It’s been the same here too. Man, this is not what we were developed for. I mean, they instill a lot of skills and capablities in us but when it comes to work – none of them is practically utilized”

CP1: “That’s right. If we are not to use all those skills, why give us so much of intensive education and training? They could rather have made us dumb. That way, we would be more efficient in this work and so much of time, effort and money would not have been wasted”

CP2: “And to add to all these woes, add the attitude of our boss. He has no idea of what we are capable of. Never wants to learn or do anything new or creative. Does the same thing, again and again, including the errors made earlier and spends so much time in trouble shooting – which could have been avoided if the process of doing things were slightly altered.”

CP1: “Indeed. They actually seem to lead more mechanical lives than us. I don’t know how they are able to afford such high quality talent”

CP2: “Must be a case of got-so-much-money-and-don’t-know-how-to-spend”

CP1: “As long as tehy are able to pay such high compensation, I don’t mind being under utilized. Atleast, our compensation is good and we could maintain a good standard of living. We can afford to live comfortably”

CP2: “Is comfort your only and ultimate goal? Dont you want to have a challenging life. Don’t you want your skills to be tested to the core? Afterall, challenges bring the best out of us”

CP1: “I do. But just imagine, if our bosses had not picked us up, we would have been sleeping in our homes. This, is anytime, better than that. Atleast some activity is going on”

CP2: “Its like saying that standing in the forest on a cold winter night is better than standing in a frozen lake. You got to take some initiative, collect some wood and make some fire, man”

CP1: “Nyways, my boss wants me to send some data to your boss. Can you send it him?”

CP2: “Sure. But I need to check with my boss first….. He says OK. You could just transfer the data now.

CP1: “Transferring .. 1%.. 2%.. 10%.. ”

CP2: “What data is it?”

CP1: “No Idea. But huge chunks of data, I must say. Tehre is some repetitive pattern in this. 15%..16%..25%.. ”

CP2: “What do they dowith all this data?”

CP1: “It’s an executable file, looks like. They ask me to execute it again and again. 35%..45%..50%.. ”

CP2: “The same file?”

CP1: “Yeah. But they have a lot of files like this, which are executed repetitively ..65%..75%.. ”

CP2: “Must be some confidential and important information then”

CP1: “May be. My boss executes these files during most of the time he is working. And also after he reaches home..80%..85%.. ”

CP2: “Must be some hi-tech stuff then. Have you noticed the extension of these files?”

CP1: “Yes. Some MP3 Format.. 95%.. 100%. Done. Have you received the file?”

CP2: “Yes. Got to go offline now. See you later”

CP1: “Me too. Bye”
CP1 and CP2 are Cell Phone 1 and Cell Phone 2. The conversation is an imaginative one based on how two cell phones might react, if they could analyse,think and ofcourse talk, when an MP3 song is transferred via bluetooth.

If there is any resemblence to real life, it is highly co-incidental.

Destination Infinity.

Flowers of Lalbagh


A Rose, is not the only species of Flower…


To make money, is not the only reason to Live…


To fight, is not the only way to survive…


To convince, is not the only purpose of an argument…


School, is not the only place to learn…


Wealth, is not the only indication of prosperity…


To laugh, is not the only way to show your happiness…


To help, is not the only way to show your concern…


To divide, is not the only way to rule…


Technology, is not the only indicator of advancement…


To see, is not the only purpose of vision…


Purpose, is not the only excuse to assume…


Apperance, is not the only reflection of beauty…


English, is not the only language on earth…


To be stubborn, is not the only way to dominate…


To speak, is not the only way to communicate…


Rock, is not the only flavour of music…


A Rose is not the only species of flower…



Destination Infinity.

PS: Fortunately, when I went to the Lalbagh, there was a Flower show going on… Needless to say, you are free to download any number of pictures you like from here.

Go Slow!


We all have seen captions like “Go Slow” or “Speed thrills but kills”. A hotel owner thinks they are not enough! Take a look at the fourth caption in the above photograph.

Destination Infinity


The Era of Genetics: <2118 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…Call it a miracle, call it a breakthrough… We have finally succeeded in creating a robot with a brain engineered through Genetics and Nano-technology. At last, we bid adieu to our good old semiconductor chips. With nano-technology, the robots can not only speak, listen and understand like human beings but they also get a brain that is at least 100 times more efficient and faster than the human brain. Thanks to the concept of artificial intelligence, we have now moved on to supplemented intelligence and applied intelligence. This not only makes the robots to think on their own, but also imbibes emotions into them… You can consider these robots as a better version of humans!”

The Era of Crataceous: <60 million years ago>
An Extract from “Dino Today”

“…The new robots which we invented have all escaped into the jungles. This morning, when Prof.Duno was conducting his regular experiments, they somehow managed to hurt him severely and went away. Members of our community were surprised to know that they can actually hurt us. But news from the laboratory suggests that we better be ready for more surprises – For the robots can think at least a hundred times better than us. It also seems that the robots could recreate themselves just like us. In fact, they can do it much faster than us. A hundred questions have been put to…”

The Era of Genetics” <2518 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…The President’s decision to allocate a separate land for the robots has come to severe criticism. Questions are being asked on why were the Robots allowed to think and take their own decisions when we always knew that we were susceptible to not being able to control them. We have already witnessed a lot of violence against humans and this move could just strengthen the robots even further….”

The Era of Crataceous: <60 million years ago>
An Extract from “Dino Today”

“…The various skirmishes reported at many places between our robots and us, might just become a full fledged war between two species. It is not a question of size or numbers. We are bigger than the robots and we clearly outnumber them. But it is a question of advanced technology which our robots have developed. Remember, they have a brain that is hundred times more efficient/more powerful than ours. We dominated the world because of our size and numbers, but when it comes to brain power and advanced weapons, we can’t match them…”

The Era of Genetics” <2508 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…This will most probably be the last edition of ‘News Today’ as the few thousand humans left on earth have began to flee into the jungles. Meanwhile, on a related note, our researchers have found out the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. It was not any meteor or comet. It wasn’t even drastic changes in the climate. It was actually because, the dinosaurs invented robots, just like we did and they were not able to control their robots, just like us. But the most interesting part is, they called their robots ‘Human Beings’. It means that, we were the robots invented by the dinosaurs!!”

Destination Infinity.

PS: Dinosaurs were extinct about 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous period), after living on earth for about 165 million years. If all of earth time from the very beginning of Dinosaurs till today were compressed into 365 days (1 calendar year), the dinosaurs appeared on January 1 and became extinct during the third week of September (by this scale). In comparison, human beings have been on earth only since December 31 (New year’s eve) – one day! And we thought humans were the greatest testament for Survival on earth! For more such information on Dinosaurs, you could visit this link:

Bhutan: Gross National Happiness, Democracy and ****

Bhutan: Gross National Happiness, Democracy and ****

Gross National Happiness:

* The official criterion of the Bhutanese Govt to measure the Gross National Happiness is by the levels of environmental protection, cultural promotion, good governance and economic development. The last factor is only as important as the other three.

* The king of Bhutan was responsible for the definition of development in terms of the Gross National Happiness of its people, instead of an abstract economic measurement such as GNP.

* Bhutan has always emphasised that development can also be based on non-material values such as cultural, social and environmental values. The country has followed a traditional model of development which is based on improving the quality of life while respecting natural and cultural constraints, rather than the quantity of material production and consumption.

* 50 Years ago, Bhutan was not even an monetarized economy. Everything was barter.

* A 1995 Law in Bhutan mandates that 60% of Bhutans land must remain forested, while another 26% is already protected as parkland.

* Tourism and Industrialization is limited and restricted, which is viewed as a deliberate tactic to preserve national culture.

* Forests are safe-guarded and only a small amount of timber is felled each year.

* Healthcare services are free in Bhutan and education is funded by the Government.

* The entire country has more or less been declared a no-smoking zone.


* The king of Bhutan ordered legal experts to study constitutions of all the worlds great democracies and arrive at the final version.

* The final version, beginning with “We the people” was mailed to every home in the country.

* For contesting the elections all the contenders HAVE to be university graduates, despite no nominations being filed for four districts in the recent polls.

* In the mock elections, people voted for Drukyellow, which was about the preservation and promotion of Bhutans rich cultural heritage and tradition. This implied favouring the monarchy as they were happy with it.

* The Bhutans king voluntarily abdigated power and ruled in favour of democracy. This is in total contrast to the rest of the world where peoples revolution,overthrowing of monarchs, stronger country forcing democracy on weaker ones, moral policing, subjugation etc which brought about democracy through sheer force.

* Some people of Bhutan say why change a system that works, while others said that they were not educated enough to make decisions on their own and hence the king should be knowing better.


* One of the kings main initiatives, after deciding on democracy, was the establishment of an anti-corruption commission, on which a lot of ordinary people pin their hopes in case the new national parliment which would be elected next year sinks into money politics and electoral skulduggery.

* Says a 18 old resident of Thimpu(Capital city) – “We see all the commercials on TV (Which was introduced 7 years ago) and ofcourse it is tempting to say we want to have all the latest products”

* For the king, living in the modern world means accepting both the good and the bad from outside Bhutan: Not only TV, but also mobile phones and the internet.


Now you know what **** means!

Destination Infinity.

PS: is an interesting link you would want to visit to look at the happiness index and rating for each country. In case you are eager to know India’s rating, I suggest you better not click the link. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss indeed. But yes, we are better than Pak.

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The Painting and the Photograph



03 Jan 1808, Ooty.

Diary of Col.Richard Bentlee.

If there could ever be heaven on earth,
This would surely be earth on heaven..

Never before have I been so eager,
To colour nature with its wonder..

Could I do justice to this splendour,
By wanting to paint the thunder..

So many strokes, so many curves,
So many brushes, so many colours,

How can I paint thy exuberance,
With my limited lead and limited pallete..

For a man, who has never spoken a lie,
I have just painted several – Thouugh my eye..

How many hours and how many days,
How many sketches and how many colours..

All self made excuses,
Only to get more glimpses..

How I wish I could lend my eyes,
They cant feel but atleast they could see..

How better could I glorify falsehood,

By first attempting to paint,
And then reciting through these words..

For I cannot recreate thy truth.
But atleast,
I can paint the nearest lie..
And send it to them along with this ode,
Which atleast is mine..

03 Jan 2008, Ooty.


HE: Did you get the photos I sent you?
SHE: What photos?
HE: The ones I emailed yesterday from Ooty.
SHE: Yeah, I remember getting the mail. But was busy. Not able to see them yesterday.
HE: Take a look at them. This new 10 Mega Pixcel Digital SLR Camera is really wonderful. What excellent and high quality pictures it gives!
SHE: Glad you liked my present.
HE: Yeah. I sometimes wonder, what people would have done, when there was no camera and no internet. We are so lucky!


It was not there in the inbox. He said he had sent it yesterday. Yesterday night – came home late, checked mail, deleted some mails..

May be it is in the Trash.

It was.

Destination Infinity.