The Era of Genetics: <2118 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…Call it a miracle, call it a breakthrough… We have finally succeeded in creating a robot with a brain engineered through Genetics and Nano-technology. At last, we bid adieu to our good old semiconductor chips. With nano-technology, the robots can not only speak, listen and understand like human beings but they also get a brain that is at least 100 times more efficient and faster than the human brain. Thanks to the concept of artificial intelligence, we have now moved on to supplemented intelligence and applied intelligence. This not only makes the robots to think on their own, but also imbibes emotions into them… You can consider these robots as a better version of humans!”

The Era of Crataceous: <60 million years ago>
An Extract from “Dino Today”

“…The new robots which we invented have all escaped into the jungles. This morning, when Prof.Duno was conducting his regular experiments, they somehow managed to hurt him severely and went away. Members of our community were surprised to know that they can actually hurt us. But news from the laboratory suggests that we better be ready for more surprises – For the robots can think at least a hundred times better than us. It also seems that the robots could recreate themselves just like us. In fact, they can do it much faster than us. A hundred questions have been put to…”

The Era of Genetics” <2518 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…The President’s decision to allocate a separate land for the robots has come to severe criticism. Questions are being asked on why were the Robots allowed to think and take their own decisions when we always knew that we were susceptible to not being able to control them. We have already witnessed a lot of violence against humans and this move could just strengthen the robots even further….”

The Era of Crataceous: <60 million years ago>
An Extract from “Dino Today”

“…The various skirmishes reported at many places between our robots and us, might just become a full fledged war between two species. It is not a question of size or numbers. We are bigger than the robots and we clearly outnumber them. But it is a question of advanced technology which our robots have developed. Remember, they have a brain that is hundred times more efficient/more powerful than ours. We dominated the world because of our size and numbers, but when it comes to brain power and advanced weapons, we can’t match them…”

The Era of Genetics” <2508 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…This will most probably be the last edition of ‘News Today’ as the few thousand humans left on earth have began to flee into the jungles. Meanwhile, on a related note, our researchers have found out the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. It was not any meteor or comet. It wasn’t even drastic changes in the climate. It was actually because, the dinosaurs invented robots, just like we did and they were not able to control their robots, just like us. But the most interesting part is, they called their robots ‘Human Beings’. It means that, we were the robots invented by the dinosaurs!!”

Destination Infinity.

PS: Dinosaurs were extinct about 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous period), after living on earth for about 165 million years. If all of earth time from the very beginning of Dinosaurs till today were compressed into 365 days (1 calendar year), the dinosaurs appeared on January 1 and became extinct during the third week of September (by this scale). In comparison, human beings have been on earth only since December 31 (New year’s eve) – one day! And we thought humans were the greatest testament for Survival on earth! For more such information on Dinosaurs, you could visit this link:

Bhutan: Gross National Happiness, Democracy and ****

Bhutan: Gross National Happiness, Democracy and ****

Gross National Happiness:

* The official criterion of the Bhutanese Govt to measure the Gross National Happiness is by the levels of environmental protection, cultural promotion, good governance and economic development. The last factor is only as important as the other three.

* The king of Bhutan was responsible for the definition of development in terms of the Gross National Happiness of its people, instead of an abstract economic measurement such as GNP.

* Bhutan has always emphasised that development can also be based on non-material values such as cultural, social and environmental values. The country has followed a traditional model of development which is based on improving the quality of life while respecting natural and cultural constraints, rather than the quantity of material production and consumption.

* 50 Years ago, Bhutan was not even an monetarized economy. Everything was barter.

* A 1995 Law in Bhutan mandates that 60% of Bhutans land must remain forested, while another 26% is already protected as parkland.

* Tourism and Industrialization is limited and restricted, which is viewed as a deliberate tactic to preserve national culture.

* Forests are safe-guarded and only a small amount of timber is felled each year.

* Healthcare services are free in Bhutan and education is funded by the Government.

* The entire country has more or less been declared a no-smoking zone.


* The king of Bhutan ordered legal experts to study constitutions of all the worlds great democracies and arrive at the final version.

* The final version, beginning with “We the people” was mailed to every home in the country.

* For contesting the elections all the contenders HAVE to be university graduates, despite no nominations being filed for four districts in the recent polls.

* In the mock elections, people voted for Drukyellow, which was about the preservation and promotion of Bhutans rich cultural heritage and tradition. This implied favouring the monarchy as they were happy with it.

* The Bhutans king voluntarily abdigated power and ruled in favour of democracy. This is in total contrast to the rest of the world where peoples revolution,overthrowing of monarchs, stronger country forcing democracy on weaker ones, moral policing, subjugation etc which brought about democracy through sheer force.

* Some people of Bhutan say why change a system that works, while others said that they were not educated enough to make decisions on their own and hence the king should be knowing better.


* One of the kings main initiatives, after deciding on democracy, was the establishment of an anti-corruption commission, on which a lot of ordinary people pin their hopes in case the new national parliment which would be elected next year sinks into money politics and electoral skulduggery.

* Says a 18 old resident of Thimpu(Capital city) – “We see all the commercials on TV (Which was introduced 7 years ago) and ofcourse it is tempting to say we want to have all the latest products”

* For the king, living in the modern world means accepting both the good and the bad from outside Bhutan: Not only TV, but also mobile phones and the internet.


Now you know what **** means!

Destination Infinity.

PS: is an interesting link you would want to visit to look at the happiness index and rating for each country. In case you are eager to know India’s rating, I suggest you better not click the link. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss indeed. But yes, we are better than Pak.

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The Painting and the Photograph



03 Jan 1808, Ooty.

Diary of Col.Richard Bentlee.

If there could ever be heaven on earth,
This would surely be earth on heaven..

Never before have I been so eager,
To colour nature with its wonder..

Could I do justice to this splendour,
By wanting to paint the thunder..

So many strokes, so many curves,
So many brushes, so many colours,

How can I paint thy exuberance,
With my limited lead and limited pallete..

For a man, who has never spoken a lie,
I have just painted several – Thouugh my eye..

How many hours and how many days,
How many sketches and how many colours..

All self made excuses,
Only to get more glimpses..

How I wish I could lend my eyes,
They cant feel but atleast they could see..

How better could I glorify falsehood,

By first attempting to paint,
And then reciting through these words..

For I cannot recreate thy truth.
But atleast,
I can paint the nearest lie..
And send it to them along with this ode,
Which atleast is mine..

03 Jan 2008, Ooty.


HE: Did you get the photos I sent you?
SHE: What photos?
HE: The ones I emailed yesterday from Ooty.
SHE: Yeah, I remember getting the mail. But was busy. Not able to see them yesterday.
HE: Take a look at them. This new 10 Mega Pixcel Digital SLR Camera is really wonderful. What excellent and high quality pictures it gives!
SHE: Glad you liked my present.
HE: Yeah. I sometimes wonder, what people would have done, when there was no camera and no internet. We are so lucky!


It was not there in the inbox. He said he had sent it yesterday. Yesterday night – came home late, checked mail, deleted some mails..

May be it is in the Trash.

It was.

Destination Infinity.

Mystery of the Misery

                              Mystery of the Misery


                                Babbage Differential Engine

Let Grief striketh upon thee….

If there was no grief, there would not be happiness either.
Happiness and Grief are not absolute –
They are absolutely Relative.

If there was no grief on this planet,
Mahatma Gandhi would have remained MK Gandhi..
Abhimanyu would have remained just another archer..
Socrates would have never become a philosopher..
The Du pont’s would have remained in France..
Mother Teresa would have been a charming daughter, wife, mother and grandmother..
Dada would have remained retired Sourav Ganguly..(This must have been the work of a hacker – mind hacker?)

Years of Struggle, Years of Pain,
All to see his efforts end in vain..
Because his ‘Analytical Engine’,
Was born too Early..
Early,by a century..

We made his Analytical Engine in to a Computer,
After much toil, After much Struggle..
If Charles Babbage was born today,
Imagine what he could do to our computer..
Because his Struggle,
Was much greater than our struggle..

Let grief striketh upon thee….

Wish not for its abstinence,
But the will to fight its sustenance.

Because there is no mystery,
Without misery.

Destination Infinity.

The second picture in this post is actually an Charles Babbage Difference Engine which was made in the 1990’s as per the diagrams formulated by Charles Babbage, more than a Century ago. You can find the details in this website:





Dont worry my son, everything is arranged….

“But I dont even qualify for this job”

This is how it happens in high places, my son….

Make a name first, Of course you could earn it later….

Besides, this is the year 2108 ….


My son wants to be a Robo Tech….

“BE RT?”


“Well, look at his scores….”

But we are ready to do anything….

“Maybe, we can push him in the sports quota”


“Can we be more specific on the ‘anything’ part?”


We are very poor, my son….

You better drop the dream job of yours….

And try to be more practical….

“But my master said it would be possible”

“It seems it takes only an application”


Well, working in the igovtt office is so hard….

Lets see what work we have for this week….

Job Applications….

Got to switch on my PC, Connect to the inet….

And toughest of all,

Login and press the forward button….

Lot of work! Lets do it after two days….


Has the final icandidate been selected yet?

“No, iminister”

Well good, I have some Resumes….

Some related to higher officials….

Some from party workers kins….

And some recommended by our corporate sponsors….

I am sure you would look into them before the final selection….

“Yes, iminister”


“Well, who is responsible for this debacle?”

igovtt – This is a democracy, its collective responsibility….

iminister – corporate interference….

corporate – Beuracratic interference….

Media – igovtt, igovtt, igovtt….

T.V Watchers and Bloggers – igovtt, igovtt, igovtt….


Final results ~ Olympicss

Nation 1 – 250 Gold, 250 Silver, 250 Bronze

Nation 2 – 200 Gold, 200 Silver, 200 Bronze




iNation – 0 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze


Destination Infinity.

Water – The Elixir of Life

Fasting 4-Fasting-a-glass-of-water-on-an-empty-plate
Image credit: Jdontfight. This image is published under this creative commons license.

The Elixir of Life

You are always beautiful

Whichever form you take….

Droplets in Rain,

Sea in Ocean,

Snow in a Snowfall,

Ice in a Glacier

They say,

Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder….

To any beholder,

You are

Ever captivating, intoxicating and addictive….


How can we live without you

You are the elixir of our lives

Because life revolves around water

You are too humble, you wouldn’t accept it

But you are so addictive….

So is alcohol, so is tobacco

Whats the difference?

Destination Infinity

Who is Innocent ?

Who is Innocent ?

War in Afghanistan….
So many innocent civilian casualities….

War in Iraq….
So many innocent civilian casualities….

War in Kargil….
So many innocent civilian casualities….

Are bhayia,

Who is innocent?

The soldier, who is constantly at risk of his life,
Who has left all his loved ones and may not see them again,
Who is fighting, not for himself but for the nation….


The civilian, who updates himself about the number of lives lost by watching TV,
Comfortabily blogging from his home expressing deep concern,
Who intends to donate paltry amounts everytime there is a war….

Who is innocent?

Destination Infinity – Debut Blog


This is destination Infinity’s debut blog. I would like to dedicate this series of blogs to slightly un-conventional ideas (Nice way of saying ONLY-Unconventional). For eg. today let us see the topic – Adversity in a slighty different light also in a slightly poetic (read horribly poetic) way.

Adversity – Gods Choice.

He is talented, he is hardworking, he is committed…
He wanted to change the face of the earth…
He was not short of zeal…
Neither courage…

He stepped in…
He believed in himself…
He believed in his hardwork and sincerity….
He thought he was on top of the world, knows everything…

He had the single minded determination…
He wanted to make a mark, show that he is the best…

He worked hard, struggled hard…
He was never short of work…
But only short of results…
God said: Not yet mate.

Sincerety, they say-dies, when you are in turbulent times…
They say you always change in the face of adversity…
They say your real character is tested when in deep misery…
They say you cannot hold on when the ground below is tearing apart…

He did…
He held on and on…
He struggled through his adversity…
He camped on fire when he could have slept in chill air…

He did not know why he did this…
Nor did he know if he had to do this…

Some thing kept telling him: Hold on mate…
He didnt know who it was or why.

There is an end to everything he thought…
There was no end visible to him though…

He was almost about to give up…
He thought success was an elusive club…

But even the elusive was his at last…

Call it luck, call it will, call it destiny.

You may like to end up the whole saga,
By saying that he was successful inspite of his adversities.

I am ending this saga,
By saying that he was successful because of his adversities.

Destination Infinity.