My Autobiography: ‘Teaching’ my Teachers!!

I want to fast-forward my life to around 2-weeks back when I got a unique opportunity to ‘teach’ (some of) my school teachers. Actually it was a short presentation showing them how to do something but still I’d like to count it as a teaching experience. I went to the same auditorium where I spent many hours playing and acting and praying and . . .  🙂

Think about this: How many of us could ever hope to get an opportunity to teach our school teachers, even if only for 15 minutes? I guess I am extremely lucky that I got one!

As you can guess, most of them didn’t even recognize me until I told them my name and that I was their student. I feel happy that a few teachers recognized me.

I can’t believe that some teachers were looking exactly like how they looked so many years back. One of them even suggested that I die my hair to look younger, but I generally like to look older 😛

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PS: I have taken up a temporary part-time position as an IT Manager in my school(s), in addition to managing my online publishing business. Feels good to do something back to the institution that gave me so much, including memories 🙂

My First ‘Party’ Experience (Vegetarian & Non-Alcoholic!!)


On the new year’s eve, someone in my house decided that we should go to a New Year party. Since we’ve never been to any, I said OK but with a condition – they should not serve liquor and they should serve vegetarian food. Actually, my idea was to cancel the party indirectly.

But as luck would have it, there was a New Year’s party in Chennai that fulfilled both my criterion. It was the Kala Chasma party and was organized by Deccan Plaza hotel @ Royapettah, Chennai. We spoke to the organizer and they told us that there was a separate kids area, they would play Bollywood songs, they would serve Jain food. That ticked a few more check boxes and we booked the tickets for us and some cousins.


Upon entering they gave us the above-shown ticket and tied a band around our hands. We then proceeded to the starters area. Here, we had some snacks like popcorn, sevu, cutlet, corn, masala-cola & pina colada by bisleri, rose milk and (believe it or not) podi idly!! I relished that podi idly and refilled my plate multiple times with only that 🙂

Then there was a kids’ area with a few games. We could also take selfies. We also took one with wigs provided by them. Here it is 😀 😛 😀


The dinner buffet was OK but there was too much crowd. Fortunately we went early and were able to get food soon, but people who came later had to stand in long queues. There was not much place to stand and eat as well. I think the hotel should have imposed a restriction on the maximum no. of people who can attend.


The main place of the party was the ‘Dance Floor’. I have never danced much, not even in my college days. How can I dance now? Fortunately, since many in the crowd were dancing and since the DJ/Music helped, we too danced (tried to dance) for sometime. But for most of the time, we were watching and enjoying 🙂

BTW, here is a short video from the dance floor –



I guess these parties are for younger people, but there were many middle-aged people also who came with their family. Altogether this was a different experience and we would probably cherish that wig-photo for a long time to come 🙂

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My Autobiography: WWF

WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation. It’s also loosely used to indicate the ‘sport’ in which there are practically no rules. One person can hit another person however in any style they like and many of these ‘professional wrestling artists’ had their own style!

WWF was the rage when I was studying in 6th Std. or so. We were all awed by the lack of rules in the sport and the freestyle with which one contestant hit another. It was the meanest thing we had seen yet and at that age we were easily drawn towards the ‘sport’.

I still remember a few WWF contestants who were very popular – Hit Man, The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, etc. We even had cards with popular WWF sportspeople and there was a cult following among my friends for many of them.

Once, I remember someone telling me that WWF fights were not real. The young adventurous me, like many others of my age, KNEW they were for REAL. We just did not want it to be otherwise.

Whether they were for real or not, we had SUPER FUN watching the matches (fights). I remember watching a fight where 40 or so contestants were inside a single ring and people were hitting anyone and everyone around them. What a match that was!

Like our reality shows and mega serials nowadays, there was no shortage of theatricals. We liked all that back then.

But with age, like how I grew out of fantasy, I also grew out of WWF. Reality makes life a tad more uninteresting, don’t you agree 😛

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PS: I remember WWF being called as WWE after a few years. Anyone knows what it’s called now or if this ‘sport’ even exists today?

PS-2: I just discovered a ‘wrestling’ video from Youtube. It’s super fun even now. Have a dekho 🙂


Indian Ethnic/Wedding Wear for Men: Manyavar

Going back to roots seems to be the trend nowadays. Be it organic food, be it yoga/ayurveda, be it dressing.

I don’t like fashionable dresses much – jeans, tie, suit, shoes… just name a fashion accessory for men and none of them impressed me.

But ethnic wear made a lasting impression even on me. There is something about a Kurta or a Sherwani. They make men stand out. It’s probably because of that reason we see men wearing traditional dresses in many marriages and important functions, nowadays.

I wish more men wear ethnic wear or Indo-Western to office, outings, etc. Personally, I like anything that makes me stand out. I would love to wear a kurta or a sherwani to office just because not many people do!

Anyway, what you need to know is: Manyavar is THE PLACE to shop online trendy men’s wedding wear and accessories including sherwani, kurta, brooch, safa, juti, kilangi, mala, scarf etc.

Have a look at a few dresses/accessories from their collection. You can click on the below links to see more dresses from each category.







Have a look at Manyavar’s store locator to locate the nearest Indian ethnic wear/wedding wear store in your city.

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Surprise Gift we Ordered from is a portal in India where you can order gifts for anyone in India, Online. Actually, I wanted to surprise my wife by ordering a gift that would be delivered to her without her knowledge.

But considering my dearth of gift ideas and the lack of experience in selecting the perfect gift, I thought it would be best to allow her to do the selecting part. Ya, the surprise element will not be there, but I thought at least she can select the gift that she likes.

She spent sometime browsing the various gifts and selected a couple of gifts. Aren’t you curious to see what gifts she selected?

gift ideas

jewellery box & pillow with a custom-designed pillow cover. 

I think she found the jewellery box beautiful, so do I. I like the concept of a custom pillow cover. The design on the left side of the cover was already present and we uploaded the picture which has come on the right side. Actually, that picture was taken at a ceremony on the day of our marriage. I added our names and the heart for ‘special effects’ 😉

We then proceeded to checkout and completed the order without much of a hassle. For some reason, we got a mail from IGP that our photo was not properly uploaded. So, we replied to the mail with another copy of the photo.

In about three days (I think), we got the above two gifts delivered at our doorstep via courier. I am not sure if there is an option to gift-wrap the objects – ours came without it. It would be nice if there is or if they could add an option in the future.

Altogether, our experience with IGP was positive and I would definitely consider ordering gifts online, especially on occasions and places where I cannot be physically present.

BTW, I have changed my blog theme. I have installed the latest Twenty Seventeen official theme released by WordPress. Visit the homepage and let me know how it looks 🙂

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AK, I hope you are able to read my blog on all browsers now 😛 🙂

Disclaimer: offered me a voucher for Rs. 1000 and asked me to select any gift for myself or someone else, and write about my experience in my blog. Since I am NEVER the person to say NO to freebies, I readily accepted the offer 😉

Dr. J. Jayalalitha’s Samadhi behind MGR Memorial @ Marina Beach


On Friday, Dec. 09, 2016, we went to pay homage to Dr. J. Jayalalitha’s Samadhi/Memorial installed just behind MGR Samadhi/Memorial (towards the beach) at the Marina beach. They have currently erected a temporary shed over Jayalalithaa’s samadhi, but I think that will be replaced by some concrete structure later on. Here are some pictures from there.




Here are some pics from the neighboring MGR Samadhi/Memorial.



Here you can find a couple of pictures of the grand dual-leaf shaped arch and the bronze pegasus at the entrance facing the Rajaji Salai main road along the beach. Vehicle parking is available at the adjacent premises, to the left of this arch.



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Dr. J. Jayalalithaa: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Her

  1. Dr. J. Jayalalithaa (hereafter referred to as Jaya for the sake of simplicity) was born in Mandya district, Karnataka (Mysore State) – Not in Tamil Nadu. But she was born to a Tamil Iyengar family.
  2. Her name was a combination of two houses she resided in Mysore Jaya Vilas, Lalitha Vilas. The double ‘aa’ at the end of her name was added only in 2001 for numerology reasons.
  3. Jaya’s father died when she was 2. Her mother Sandhya became an actress after shifting to Madras where her younger sister lived. But her mother’s real name was Vedavalli.
  4. Jaya initially studied in Bishop Cotton Girls School in Bangalore and then in Church Park – Chennai. She was awarded the Gold State Award for coming first in 10th Std. exams in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. It is an understatement to say that she excelled in academics.
  5. Jaya had a brother, Jayakumar, who lived in Chennai until 1995 when he died in an accident.
  6. She initially acted as MGR’s daughter before acting as heroine in his movies later on.
  7. Jaya’s mother acted in the Tamil superhit movie Karnan and it was in a party related to that movie that Panthulu spotted Jayalalitha and offered to cast her as the heroine of his next Kannada film – Chinnada Gombe. That was her first film as a lead actress and she was just 15 then!
  8. Jaya was fluent in several languages including English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, etc. Due to this, MGR selected her to be a Rajya Sabha member from his party.
  9. Jaya acted in one Hindi movie Izzat opposite Dharmendra.
  10. Jaya’s last movie as a heroine was in Telugu, not Tamil. But in 1992, while in power as a Chief Minister, she acted (as herself) in a movie on prohibition – Neenga Nalla Irukkanum. The movie was directed by Visu and was the first movie to be produced by TN Govt.

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Reference: Wikipedia article on Jayalalithaa.

Bloggers Meet @ Poompuhar Craft Cafe


Photo credit: Somu of Woodooz.

Poompuhar Craft Cafe is a joint venture of Sanskrriti gifts and Poompuhar handicrafts, started one month ago. The beautifully decorated cafe is located right next to the Poompuhar showroom at Mount Road, Chennai. It seems this place was a dump yard earlier, but now it has been transformed into a wonderful cafe! The ambiance is awesome with Poompuhar’s handicraft products all along the way & generous bamboo installations.


Yesterday, they had invited a bunch of us for a blogger’s meet. So me and my wife (yes she has a blog now too) went there to explore the food and meet with the management team. It seems they serve vegetarian, healthy, almost-homemade South Indian food from 4 P.M. to 10 P.M. – for now. They are open if people want to organize private parties during lunch time.


We were served their South Indian thali along with millet-based Chapati. The chapati & kara-kozhambu (along with ghee) was very nice. I also liked the thenga-sadham (coconut rice) and the sweet. Actually, I like anything sweet 🙂 They also serve healthy millet-based dosas, bajjis, soups, etc. in the evenings. Here is the team managing Poompuhar Craft Cafe 🙂


You can shop @ Poompuhar and eat here or you can eat here and shop @ Poompuhar. They are open to both 😛 Here are a couple of photos to show you the wonderful ambiance that’s been created inside.

poompuhar-sanskriti-craft-cafe-mount-road-2-r poompuhar-sanskriti-craft-cafe-mount-road-3-r

Here are some photos of the products sold by Poompuhar & Sanskriti on display all along the way. I have more photos, but I don’t want to photo-spam you all 😀

poompuhar-sanskriti-craft-cafe-mount-road-6-r poompuhar-sanskriti-craft-cafe-mount-road-7-r poompuhar-sanskriti-craft-cafe-mount-road-8-r poompuhar-sanskriti-craft-cafe-mount-road-9-r

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.blog Domain Names available to register from WordPress!!

.blog domain names are now available to register from our beloved WordPress 🙂 Visit to get your domain name today!

Since WordPress has provided us with an amazing free blog CMS software to use all these years, I thought why not write about their new service and create some buzz. Especially when it could be useful to many bloggers.

The yearly $30 USD asking price is a bit steep when compared to .in or even .com domains, but considering that you can get a short neat .blog domain of your choosing now, it may not be that bad a price to pay. As a blogger, I am sure many will prefer a .blog domain for their blog.

Personally, I don’t know if I am going to buy another domain (I already own four). But would love to have a .blog domain in my arsenal. Let’s see 😉

What about you? Any plans to buy a domain name for your blog? If you need help setting up a domain on your blog (Blogger, or Self-hosted WordPress), let me know. It’s simpler than you think 🙂

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XENDER, A Mobile File Transfer App Clocks in 170 Million Users


Xender is a comprehensive mobile app for all file sharing needs. It allows users to share any type of file, at any time, without using any mobile data. Xender supports Android, IOS, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring with over 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed. Xender currently supports over 22 languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai and Bengali. For its Indian users, XENDER has added a choice of 12 kinds of India dialect. Let’s XENDER it!

As a popular file transfer and sharing application , XENDER has announced that it has reached 50% market share in India in the crowded file transfer market. XENDER has clocked in 170 million Indian users over the last three years alone with an annual growth rate of over 100%. XENDER has long maintained a leading position in mobile sharing tool market, well known for its fast transfer, convenient using and zero cost.New slogan, new concept,new logo,Let’s XENDER it!

xender - mobile file transfer app - 1

xender mobile file transfer app - 2

xender mobile file transfer app 3

xender - mobile file transfer app 4

XENDER also announced the launch of its new logo for Indian audience on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The new logo captures the vibrant and dynamic spirit of XENDER and incorporates hues of orange; a color deeply entrenched in the Indian culture.

Commenting on the milestone, Peter Jiang, Founder of XENDER said, “India is an extremely critical market for us with file transfer volume scaling 1.7 million. With maximum user base in in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata, XENDER is extremely popular in metro cities and northern India. With over 500 million cumulative global users, we target to attain 800 million global users over the next 3 years”.

XENDER recently announced a new version of its app with comprehensive functions and better user experience. It offers seamless transmission between Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows PC and Apple MAC system.

Download Xender from Google Play. Let’s XENDER it!

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