WordPress Vs Blogger: An Interesting Experience


It’s around one year since I started Blogging. I was introduced to blogging by my friend MSR. I started with two blogs. One in WordPress and one in Blogger (The free versions of both). For the last one year, I have been posting the same content, simultaneously, in both WordPress as well as Blogger almost at the same time, with similar tags, titles etc. So when you visit,

http://destinationinfinity.wordpress.com and


you would find that they have the same content. And when I visit other blogs, I comment as a WordPress user in WordPress blogs and Blogspot user in Blogger sites. This post is to share my experiences and stats for both of them for the last one year.

Since I am not an expert like Daniel of Dailyblogtips, I can only share my experiences as a beginner and a novice. And besides, I use only the basic services of both the above blogging platforms, as blogging is just a hobby for me. So please do point out, if there are some glaring mistakes in my observations and you could add your own too in the comments section.


I love everything about my WordPress theme – the colour, header, design, background and pretty much everything. But the level of customization is limited here. With Blogger, the themes are simpler (When I started), but I can change the background/foreground/font colours if I wish – and I did. My friend says we can do much more customization in Blogger but I don’t understand technical terms like CSS etc. While WordPress gives all the important Widgets needed for the sidebar, Blogger gives much more. You can access them directly from the Blogger site, and that makes it easier for people like me. But you don’t have the recent comments widget in Blogger and I did try to get the code from the internet, but couldn’t make it work! But when I wanted a sliding text in my sidebar, I searched and got a piece of code in the net, which I applied to both Blogger and WordPress. The code worked only in Blogger.

Posting Options:

Both WordPress and Blogger are simple and easy to use for posting of articles. While WordPress has more posting options (Like Addpoll, Excerpt, Auto Pingback, Password protect post etc.), with Blogger I can post in languages other than English (Like Tamil and Hindi) directly from the site.


I have enabled comments in both WordPress and Blogger and I also comment on other interesting WordPress and Blogger blogs. The wordpress comments section with just three fields and open interface right from the beginning, is very easy to work with. Especially when I am reading and commenting from my mobile phone. Initially Blogger did not allow comments from other blogging platforms (I think), but now they do. Blogger has an option to request the commenter for word verification, to avoid spam comments. But Akismet, in WordPress does a decent job of avoiding spam comments. I also like the Email Comments feature of Blogger. It is easy to keep track of the replies when I comment on other Blogger sites.

Tracking of Stats:

I track stats for both my blogs using,

1. The inbuilt stats checking facility available in the wordpress site,

2. Google Analytics for Blogger.

Google Analytics gives you a lot of options to track the activity in your website. But I found that Analytics was slow and gives you much more information than required for a hobbyist like me. That makes me search for the relevant information each time and hence more time needs to be spent. WordPress on the other hand, gives me the no. of views per day/per month, referring websites, terms used in the search engine to reach my page, the posts that were actually viewed on a particular day and the number of hits – All this at the click of a single button. What more could I want?


Now, let us look at the actual stats. Just for my reference, I have taken the actual number of hits during the sixth month of my Blogger site as 1 (As this was the lowest value available to me) and all the other months will reflect a scale which is proportional to this value.


                                                   Blogger                               WordPress


1st Month                                        2.03                                        3.70

2nd Month                                      3.16                                        5.16

3rd Month                                      1.58                                        2.77

4th Month                                      1.67                                        4.96

5th Month                                      1.35                                        4.87

6th Month                                      1.00                                        4.48

7th Month                                      1.35                                        5.19

8th Month                                      2.09                                        11.29

9th Month                                      2.29                                        12.58

10th Month                                    3.77                                        16.19

11th Month                                    3.51                                        18.09

12th Month                                    3.70                                        19.48

But I should also add that I had registered a free domain (www.destinationinfinity.co.nr – you can register your blog with a domain name and co.nr is a free service for doing so) for wordpress and promoted this with my small circle of friends and colleagues. This might have worked in favor of my WordPress stats as in the 8th month, you can see a sudden splurge of the stats in WordPress – That was the month when I emailed the above mentioned domain to all my colleagues and class mates and asked them to see. Also, in the Frequently Visited Sites Folder of my Google Reader, there are 13 WordPress Blogs when compared to 6 Blogspot ones. So, this could also have made a difference.

Google, which owns Blogger, gives a Page Rank of 4 for my WordPress site and N/A for my Blogger site, even though same content is present in both of them. Probably this might be due to a better community in WordPress and I could have received more links from my fellow WordPress users. But my friend says Blogger is better/liked by technical people like him (Also for technical blogs).


Destination Infinity

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