Do we require a TV?

“(Radio) broadcasting is a permanent part of the machinery of modern life. It has come to stay and universal television will soon be a practical proposition. There is too great a tendency to regard everything which is new as of obvious benefit to mankind. But in our opinion, the BBC has not only done harm to children but to everyone else who listens in. The effect of broadcasting as a whole is bad because there is too much of it. The inveterate listener is in danger of losing the capacity for personal effort. He is liable to acquire a habit for mental laziness. In the long run he may even cease to think for himself. A spoon fed generation goes from bad to worse” – Daily Mirror, England, 1945.

The above quote is about radio, but it equally applies to TV as well. I have not had a TV for the last two years. So, its actually possible to live without a TV! I heard someone telling in a debate that, ‘While a book lets you to imagine and fuels your creativity, a director imagines/ thinks for you in TV’. I have always felt it was right!   Continue reading “Do we require a TV?”