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Who is Innocent ?

Who is Innocent ?

War in Afghanistan….
So many innocent civilian casualities….

War in Iraq….
So many innocent civilian casualities….

War in Kargil….
So many innocent civilian casualities….

Are bhayia,

Who is innocent?

The soldier, who is constantly at risk of his life,
Who has left all his loved ones and may not see them again,
Who is fighting, not for himself but for the nation….


The civilian, who updates himself about the number of lives lost by watching TV,
Comfortabily blogging from his home expressing deep concern,
Who intends to donate paltry amounts everytime there is a war….

Who is innocent?

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  • destinationinfinity

    Sulochanosho: I guess this comment was for the other post : Water – The Elixir of Life. Nyways thanks for your comment. It is true that we do not care to look at the gifts that nature has provided for us in such abundance.

  • sulochanosho

    No one is innocent! Our politicians, priests, popes are ignorant and arrogant and that's why innocent soldiers, innocent people – children, women, men – are killed, raped mercilessly in the name of honor and holiness.

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