I have been doing some experimental posts this month, and this is also a part of it (Read: I am in holiday mood, and hence no patience to do serious posts!)

When I wanted to buy a touch screen phone (I wanted a touch screen phone because it is much easier to browse the internet with them on the phone), and had a limited budget of Rs. 10,000/- (INR) only, there are two good options that I short listed on: The MOTO ROKR E6 and HTC P3400i. Since I was already using MOTO ROKR E6 and ended up buying HTC P3400i, I thought I could compare both of them on my blog.

MOTO ROKR E6 is more of a phone and less of a PDA. HTC P3400i is more of a PDA and less of a phone. The former is based on a Linux Operating system. And the latter is on Windows Mobile. MOTO ROKR E6 comes with a reader-only for word, excel, pdf and ppt files. But HTC P3400i comes with a mobile word, excel and pdf editors. Not that I have used these applications on my cell phone!

The display size of the HTC P3400i is bigger and the touch screen of this phone is easier to handle. The problem with touch screen phones is typing big messages (like blog comments or emails). It takes time to type them using the built in on screen keyboards. So, if you are an SMS freak, don’t buy a ‘touch screen only’ model. But the advantage of such phones is the ease of browsing the internet and selecting options.

The HTC P3400i beats the MOTO ROKR E6 when it comes to the internet options. It has the EDGE capability but the other has only GPRS. Meaning, the web pages load much faster on the HTCP3400i. Both don’t have Wi-Fi or 3G, and I don’t think that is a big dis-advantage.  It took one day for me to configure and use my laptop for internet browsing through the USB Cable provided by the MOTO ROKR E6 phone. It took two hours on the HTC P3400i (Experience?)

Both are surprisingly good when it comes to the music options. The MOTO ROKR E6 has a 3.5mm universal headset jack which means, I can directly connect the phone to my computer speakers with sub-woofer and play the songs on the speakers, without a PC! The sound and clarity of the external speakers are better in MOTO ROKR E6. But the head-phone experience (with equalizer) is better with HTC P3400i. The MOTO ROKR E6 comes with a built in radio.

Both of them have a decent 2MP camera and the MOTO ROKR comes with a 1GB memory card (expandable upto 2 GB) but no such luck with the HTC mobile. You could always buy a 2 GB Micro SD Card and put it on(Expandable upto 4 GB). The mirror for taking self portraits is on the front for the HTC!

There is a good phone locking capability with MOTT ROKR E6 – by just sliding a button you could lock the touch screen. But with the HTC P3400i, you could switch off the touch screen by just pressing the power key once (It will get auto on, if a call comes in).

It is easier to configure work email on HTC P3400i. I configured my personal Gmail id too, and I am notified whenever a new email comes in either. The MOTO ROKR E6 also gives you the option, but I was not able to configure it.

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section, I will answer it. And don’t expect a very long life for the touch screen. But you’ll be glad, when it fails, as it is an opportunity for buying the latest model J


Destination Infinity

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  • Destination Infinity

    @Vishesh: It is hard to make a call quickly with touch screen's, which I guess is the basic application of a cell phone! In that sense, I agree with you. But when you use your Google Reader on a mobile phone, or check official mails, or just browse internet in a cell phone, touch screen is the best option.

    @MSR: I don't know if it is the phone that you are talking about or the OS!! But I like both Apples and Oranges.

    @Kiran: Blackberry Curve is a great phone, but it doesn't come under ten thousand rupees. That's the catch.

    @Kanagu: The best music I have heard is with Sony Ericcson, no doubt. But I prefer to hearing music in the speaker of the phone rather than the headset. But about Sony Ericcson, I think they are over pricing their nice mobiles.

    Destination Infinity

  • Su

    Touch screen mobiles are fun to handle. one of my friend uses Rokr E6 and the other uses P3400i. I agree with all what u've said. But security wise, I think Linux phones can offer better service. Rokr drags somewhat (more latency) which u'll notice only if u observe keenly and I feel P3400i is overly bestowed.

    PS : I am an sms freak and 'm happy with my SE W810i. The keypad has sustained 6 months of a typo-maniac's onslaught and is as fresh as new. (on an average I send 92 sms per day!) all other options are good, and if any feature is not that good, then i use it too less to notice it 😉

  • Arun Gudi

    i have got a e6 and i could never use the push email application(inbuilt) i tried with my gmail but could not send receive any. do you need internet to access or just the GPRS will do?

      • Arun Gudi

        email (gmail) can be easyly set on any mobile inbuilt email clint(google for pop3 or imap settings for gmail) only gmail is will be great if yahoo provides the pop3/imap push mail services for free.
        if using
        1.aircel thenthe APN changes from aircelwap to aircelgprs select the office mobile profile and not the airtel live

        i dont know about other networks please provide for vodafone, idea, BSNL, if you know

  • Apparao


    I am using the motorock e6, iam not able to configure my internet settings in the mobile, i cannot find the settings, please can you help me tyo configure my mail in my mobile,


  • Destination Infinity

    You should be able to configure the internet settings (GPRS/Edge). I didn't have a problem with that. Just talk to the customer care department of your mobile service provider and they will be able to help you (That's how I got it). I was not able to configure mail on Rokr.

    Destination Infinity

  • Destination Infinity

    @Deepak: When I was searching, these were the two phones that came in that range. The camera in HTC is a standard 2 MP and audio quality over the head phones are good and it also has a speaker which is not bad. But I thought Moto had better speakers but the quality over the headphones are not that good.

    Destination Infinity

  • amit killedar

    Can you provide me gprs settings as well as laptop settings for surfing internet through my HTC 3400i.

    I have trying BSNL cust. care since from last 20 days, but no help. they are not having settings.

    • Destination Infinity

      In HTC, it is simple: Go to programs. From there, select Internet sharing, connect the USB Cable from the PC to the phone, and then click 'connect' button which is there in the bottom left hand side of the 'Internet Sharing' menu. That's it, you are connected.

      For me, it works both in Vista and Ubuntu. Of course, you need to have the GPRS already activated in your phone.

      Destination Infinity

  • dys

    hey but i hav heard that htc p3400i hav wifi n i hav read on one pf the website ones comment was , he is using wifi on htc p3400i so am confused

    • Rajesh K

      See, this article was written maybe two years back…. at that time it did not have wi-fi but now newer models might have come.

      Destination Infinity

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