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My dear Aeroplane….


My dear Aeroplane,


You have connected the whole world,

Like never before….


If today,

My friends and loved ones,

Can dream of education and career,

In the best universities of the world,

And top corporates of the world,

It is because of you….


If today,

I can go to Bombay and come back,

On the same day immediately after work,

It is because of you….





You have also disconnected the whole world,

Like never before….


If today,

Most of my friends are living abroad,

And I have lost touch with them,

I can’t blame the time zone or their careers,

I can only blame you….


If today,

Most of my friends settling abroad,

Don’t want to take their parents along,

I can’t blame the recession or their intention,

I can only blame you….


If today,

A wife or a husband,

Who has to choose between,

A year of On-Site opportunity,

And a year of being with their little kid,

I still can blame only you,

When they proudly choose the former.


If yesterday,

I was able to finish reading a book,

On my blissfully long train journey,

To Bombay and back on work,

But today,

When I am not able to finish,

Even a hundred and fifty pages,

For a whole three months,

I can’t blame the lack of time,

I can only blame you….


But this time,

While I thought that you could only disconnect me from others,

You chose to disconnect me from myself.



Destination Infinity

PS: This is sort of a sequel to my earlier post. I am thinking of making it a trilogy 🙂I am Rajesh K, the author of this blog. While this blog is my hobby, I am a Freelance Video Editor by Profession. If you want to make Videos for Business or Special Occasions, do visit my other website WOWSUPER.NET to see the portfolio and get in touch.


  • Gargi Dixit

    Ehh I wonder….

    Ok tell me a secret, are you a massochist? Do you enjoy thinking of pain misery, sadness and dichotomy?
    it seems so.
    May be you enjoy seeking the way to shift the blame too. especially shifting the blame to materials.

    I am sure you might be anti-materialistic too. Your sense of pleasure is different, but whatever you seek is just pleasure, pleasure of your own the very selfish pleasure. Anyways, it is a good rhythmic poem.

  • Destination Infinity

    @Gargi: Thanks for the compliments about the poem. I know that getting the smallest compliment from you is a great thing 🙂

    I think it is hard to find pleasures in misery and sadness. But I cannot be blind to the misery and sadness around me. I cannot be blind to the causes of such misery and sadness. Misery and sadness, by the way, have evolved with the time and they also have new causes these days.

    I am not blaming the Aeroplane in this poem at all! How can I hold an Aeroplane to be responsible for what I have described? This is a sarcastic poem to point out the new age problems, which is non-existent to a lot of people (or they don't want to think about those things as it is not 'cool')

    Destination Infinity

  • Amit

    I have never thought about this! 🙂 I think its a great invention. Traveling in a train from Chennai to Delhi takes 36 hours and when you get 10 days leave in six months, you don't want to spend 3 of them in a train. 🙂

  • Destination Infinity

    @Vishesh: You are the best communicator with that smiley of yours. We never know whether you are for the topic or against it! Even when you comment the second time!! 🙂

    @Amit: It is a great invention no doubt, there are much more advantages. But I am just trying to explore if there are some dis-advantages too, especially by the way technology is used by us. We as a race, have proven time and again that we can do inappropriate things with technology – Which sane scientist can discover the nuclear bomb and claim that it was his duty while very well knowing that it could be used to wipe out towns and cities all together?

  • Destination Infinity

    @Axinia: An Aeroplane (Why does this word show a spelling error whenever I type? Should we use flight or just plane?) was chosen by me as it is the most un-likeliest to be considered in the negative sphere of influence! I was generally referring to technology. Anything done in the name of technology sells here!! Just like people once believed blindly in religion, these days, they prefer to blindly believe in technology. My point is, whether it is religion or technology, it can only serve as well as the people who apply it, want to.

    Destination Infinity

  • Chirag

    DI, first very well put. I guess we might all want to curse the Wright Brothers for sometime now.

    Ya I too intentionally sometime will take a train so I can read a book or two.

    The brain drain and the search of the 'Great American Dream' has left the India alone, in many ways.

  • Solilo

    Like this sequel too. Aah! Most time progress takes you far from your near and dear ones.

    We need our good old Train where people open their dabbas and share food. Chat up and share their entire life history. Does that happen anymore? Don't know.

  • Sanjay M

    I cant believe a wife or husband spending a year onsite without the kid… its bizarre… joy of spending time with kid is uncomparable with spending time anywhere abroad!

  • Destination Infinity

    @Chirag: Brain Drain has left India alone. So alone, that about 70% Of my class in engineering has settled abroad (Or they are on-site for a pretty long time). Brain drain happens when the cream of the society settles there. 70% Of any class cannot be termed as the cream!! This is something much worse. For whom, is a different matter altogether.

    @Solilo: I guess they should be happening even now. When ever I check for Train tickets, I am not able to get!! Getting flight tickets is much easier here.

    @Sanjay: I like more number of comments. So, don't worry about that:-) It is not only husband or wife, I know a family where the kid is growing up with their grand parents here in India and both husband and wife are in the US!!

    @Kanagu: Thanks for the award.

    @Den: The rhythm just happened. Some times even randomness has a repetitive pattern!! It is ironic because, we always choose to look at only the positive side of the technology. So much that we don't even accept that there could be something negative about it.

    Destination Infinity

  • muthiahsriram

    Awesome sir!!i just went through some of your posts with interesting topics randomly!!all contents are interesting and exciting!!

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