General Theory of Beauty

I have developed a theory (based on my observation alone, and there is absolutely no scientific method applied to develop it) on the topic – Beauty. Do you remember this song from Kaho Naa Pyar hai – ‘Chaand Sitare….‘? One line in that goes like : ‘Hai roop mein itna saadapan, to kitna sundar hoga mann?’! which roughly translates to ‘If the person is so beautiful, how beautiful would his/her mind be?’ This set me thinking… Is physical beauty directly proportional to beauty of the mind? I know this is quite subjective (to the definition of beauty of the mind, not the physical beauty – where we more or less have a consensus), but still I propose my General Theory of Beauty:

The beauty of the mind [Is inversely proportional to] Physical beauty.
Note: This theory applies only to beautiful people and there is no converse of it like Lesser beautiful people having a lot of beauty in their minds, etc.

Slightly more explanatory version: When a person is very very beautiful (there is no need to discriminate based on gender, it applies to both men and women) then they develop a SUPREME EGO and think that AS they are very very BEAUTIFUL, they are some sort of BLESSED and SPECIAL creatures SPECIALLY sent on this EARTH and BECAUSE of their BEAUTY, they are ABOVE all LESSER MORTALS (read: lesser beautiful people). And since they develop that SUPREME EGO, the beauty of their mind becomes lesser and lesser. Of course, there may be exceptions.

Wait, It’s not yet over:Β  Replace Beautiful with Rich, Highly educated, Powerful etc, and the theory still holds. That’s why I am calling it the General Theory and not just Theory!

So, what do you people think of it πŸ™‚ ?

Destination Infinity


  • Vimmuuu

    LOL, If you have written this for humor, yeah, I agree. Check Abdul Kalaam – highly educated; his looks, inversely proportional.

    But if this is a serious post, I respectfully disagree. Check me ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Destination Infinity

      I write certain articles with a one sided approach to see what others think about it. So, all your views can help set mine, hopefully sometime in the future. And yes, there have been a lot of serious descriptive posts recently πŸ˜‰

      Destination Infinity

  • kanagu

    I can't agree with you DI… there are many people I have met in my life who are beautiful and also down-to-earth πŸ™‚

    Its all belong to the environment they are surrounded by while growing up.. I think so..

  • oorja

    First of all the meaning of the song is understood wrongly..

    "hai roop me itna SAADAPAN" saadapan is simplicity and not beauty.. so if she is simple she is beautiful.. according to that whoever is simple and humble are beautiful.. and i totally agree.

    though if you take the song out of the context i agree that beauty gives them the supreme feling and a giant ego.

    • Destination Infinity

      The lines were, "roop" mein itna saadapan and not "man" mein itna saadapan. Maybe they mean what you say, but why put the word "roop" out there? And the hero, in this situation had just seen her (and not even spoken to her), so the chances that he may know if she was simple in her mind or not, is quite less. And being simple and humble also has its disadvantages.

      Destination Infinity

  • Solilo

    Saadapan means simplicity so actually the meaning is 'if the girl is so simple…then her soul must be more beautiful/humble'.

    I have often heard people say beautiful people are arrogant and average lookers are nice souls. It is just stereotyping. I have met people who are pretty on face and by their deeds and who are not so great lookers and cunning. I don't think beautiful soul has any connection with pretty/ugly face.

    • Destination Infinity

      I was about to translate a Hindi song but thankfully I didn't πŸ™‚ These Hindi words always confuse me! along with the tense which is used in conversations!

      On the other hand, I have noticed that successful people are arrogant – not the imposing their views on others type, but they want their way and their say on everything connected to them! And they are quite firm about it, to the level of appearing arrogant. Again another stereotype, but I am going with Democratic principles – the law of averages based on majority opinion!

      Destination Infinity

      • Solilo

        An achiever’s arrogance or non-achiever’s insecurity and envy, it is not for others to decide. But if others form an opinion and want to stick to it then what would we call it? Egotism? It is a blame game all the way.

      • Destination Infinity

        Actually, it was the other way. I was trying to justify the arrogance of successful people. I was saying that they 'appear' arrogant but they are actually not! I feel that certain level of arrogance (determination) is required for everyone. When Google went with their IPO defying all the stock market rules (which are being controlled by big investment banks), those people said that Google was being arrogant. Absolutely, and it was required in that situation!

        About being judgemental, it is a two way knife. As we live in a society with mixed type of people, we cannot be totally open minded either. At the same time, we can't be assuming and keep forming opinions! But a minimum level opinion forming is required, at least to judge ourselves!

        And I don't have to actually blame others. The theory was just an observation and I didn't go in to whether it is good or bad. Who knows, the most beautiful person, with the least beautiful mind might come up with the best answer to 'What is life, and why are we here'!! And if they do, I would prize them much higher than the simple, humble and the most beautiful minded people!

        Destination Infinity

  • Sakhi

    "Hai roop mein itna saadapan, to kitna sundar hoga mann?’! "

    Meaning if the girl is so simplistically beautiful, how beautiful she might be internally! πŸ™‚

    And i completely disagree with your views up there πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  • Vikram

    I dont think any other animals except humans have any notion of 'beauty'. They simply select mates on the basis of evolution and biological supremacy. So the concept of beauty is quite sophisticated and may not have much to do with biology. Therefore I dont feel there can be any real correlation between 'beauty' and other attributes.

    On the other something beautiful for me is something that I like, and I cant say I like arrogant people.

    • Destination Infinity

      No doubt, the generalization cannot be done to the extent of what has been done in this post! But it was not the theory itself that I am concerned about, I am more concerned about what others think on that topic.

      Destination Infinity

  • Amit

    I have always believed that there is a certain age when a person is in awe of himself, you just can't help it. It might be the college going period or it might extend to the middle age too. Depends on your achievements or circumstances.
    It all depends on how much down to Earth a person is. I have met beautiful and humble people and I also have met ugly snobs. πŸ™‚

  • Kokonad

    DI, this post might have come from a personal (bad) experience – but let me put it this way. I agree with most of your commenters that the correlation is not always true – you can get beauty both inside and outside too! But in cases you mention – this is what happens. Let me write about the people you mention. Every vain person, no matter how vain, secretly admires/envies the niceness and ensuing popularity of those who are beautiful from the inside. They make amends to their behavior so that they are liked by more and more people. Because, at the end of the day, they know that beauty on the inside is what that matters. As their life proceeds, they learn more and more about themselves and where they go wrong.
    If you meet people who believe they are better than the other because of an effervescent aspect, it's a matter of time when they get a reality check.
    Just my two cents. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  • Chrysalis

    Hmm not agree. In fact I fear generalizations of this kind makes the beautiful people pretty lonely. They are instantly judged as arrogant and full of themselves. In fact they have to work extra hard to prove that they are smart. There maybe some who are beautiful and shallow. But there are many who are beautiful inside and out (sorry for the cliche). BTW beauty can cause a lot of anxiety because you dont know wether a person befriended you (esp. the opposite sex) because they think you are smart and a nice person or they are just victims of their lust. Beauty and brains and a golden heart is a reality. Good Karma besides good genes I guess. πŸ™‚

  • jarvarm

    I think, beauty of mind is no where related to physical beauty. But it relates to the way they have grown, their education, work culture, courage, fighting spirit etc. And of course, these qualities will make an impact on physical beauty too. They can bring glow their face and body. You can observe the so called physically beautiful people. Some of them look pale in troublesome situations and in challenging work spaces.
    In the same way, physical beauty can have a beautiful mind……

    • Destination Infinity

      That's correct. But can we generalize this thing, like the above, or can we generalize opposite of the theory, as people in the comments section want to suggest? I guess we cannot generalize, but still don't you think beauty in a person induces an ego that they are very special (and hence….), all the other factors not being considered?

      Destination Infinity

  • Nita

    What you think shows on the face. And the results are seen as one grow older. A beautiful person will have a pleasant face at 50 and a nasty one will show the ugliness.

    • Destination Infinity

      That is an interesting point too. The mind reflecting in ones face, both on the short term and on the longer term. I assume what you said like this: A beautiful person, with a beautiful mind will remain pleasant faced even if there are a lot of struggles that he/she has to undergo in life. But a beautiful person, with an ugly mind will show ugliness in the face after undergoing similar struggles in life, because they torment themselves. Is that right?

      Destination Infinity

      • Nita

        There is a scientific reason. Our most used expressions is where we get lines and it shows. People who frown and scowl all the time, are grumpy, think negative thoughts about others will get lines to show their temperament. Check around you.

        • Indian Homemaker

          Nita we have grown up hearing this! What you think shows on your face, while reading the comments just above I was thinking I will do my next post on exactly this- that what you think shows on your face, and shifty eyes, a scowl or a pleasant smile become your permanent expression… but of course even this can't always be true! A beautiful person might have a very plain face too. A very interesting post DI!

  • panchalkc

    Destination Infinity,

    I didn't feel you were joking writing this post!

    I almost agree with you. Just I won't know what leads to certain exceptions to your generalization. Maybe, people who're most proud of themselves don't need to view their 'self' through others' eyes.

    And in psychology, and hence, even 'proper' English, 'ego' is used for 'self' the way I've used above. Better term for what you meant to convey could be 'arrogance', which makes me desirous of having your views on this post of mine (click).


  • Ambi

    It is not be taken for granted that people who are endowed with one or more of the six opulences (strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty and renunciation)to a great degree are never humble.

    Since you said its a general theory, I will stop here. πŸ™‚

  • cordieb

    Beauty buys what a child gets for free. I understand where you're coming from; however most of the extremly physically beautiful people I've ecountered have equally beautiful minds. I theorize it is because they have been cultivated with positive vibes since day one; thus they don't have to worry about their outside beauty, and are afforded more time to cultivate the inside beauty. Also, extremely beautiful people are often aware that people may judge them as shallow; thus they work to not convey such prejudgement. Peace, Light and Love to YOU and YOURS….And may you cultivate true beauty in your heart today and henceforth…CordieB.

    • Destination Infinity

      Beauty buys what a child gets for free – now that is something! But I do think that everything comes with its own price, even the ones which we get ‘free’. I hope the beautiful people think that they are seen as shallow and work to offset it, like what you say.

      Destination Infinity

      • cordieb

        So true, often people do not realize this until they become old. There is an inner beauty that comes with age and wisdom, this much I do know from first hand experience. Inner beauty, if practiced throughout one's life, brings forth many returns; so much more so than what's on the outside. PLL, C.

  • Winnie the Poohi

    Ah I have many points to disagree!!

    Firstly the translation means.. hai roop mein itna saadapan means how simply she dresses saadapan == simplicity πŸ™‚

    Secondly, its the theory itself. Many beautiful people have been very down to earth. Anyone who has wisdom knows that looks doesnt equal to true beauty..

    But i do agree that its hard for good looking people to be humble. Its also because of the adulation they get!

  • cordieb

    Some of this adulation is ingraded into our children when they are small babies. oohchy cooochie, cuty. lol. It's very hard for humans to divert from these core beliefs implanted before two or three. And, when there is continued reinforcement, beliefs become truths to many. However, I'd rather implant love and adulation than implant hate and disregard…as the latter often produces personalities far worst than vain. PLL, C.

  • Manogna

    Oh! the post is small but the comments were many. i have gone over half of them.
    I disagree to the theory.
    Let me tell from personal experience that people only see the external beauty!Once they see that a person is beautiful they never try to see if the person is beautiful inside too. They assume they are proud or egoistic and the reason may simply be that the beautiful person is shy!
    In spite of having good qualities, beautiful people are always remembered as that beautiful girl; not the wonderful co-worker or down-to -earth- girl or a good friend.
    Most misconceptions are faced by beautiful people. I don’t say all beautiful people are shy or all are egoistic, but generalized theory is baseless.

    • Rajesh K

      Of course, generalizing anything is not a good idea. There are always exceptions, as I have mentioned at the end of the post. But yes, unless we are in the shoes of others, it’s difficult to come to conclusions. This post is 5 years old, btw! πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

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