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Iniyavai Narpadhu rally photos – Sendhamizh Manadu Kovai 2010

Today, 23rd of June 2010, there was a procession on the theme ‘Iniyavai Narpadhu’ {Sweet 40 things} which is basically a rally with statues and models (oorvalam) about Tamil language, culture, icons, civilization, folk arts, musical instruments, etc. from VOC Park in Coimbatore to the CODISSIA grounds where the Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu (World Classical Tamil Meet) is being organised. The procession went through the Avinashi Road and there were huge crowds all along the way to watch it. Since I was also one of the crowd members, I hereby share some of the photo’s that I was able to click from there. Enjoy :).

Iniyavai Narpadhu 1 - Semmozhi Manadu 2010Iniyavai Narpadhu 2 - Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu CoimbatoreIniyavai Narpadhu 3 - Ulaga Semmozhi Manadu CbeIniyavai Narpadhu 4 - World Tamil Conference 2010Iniyavai Narpadhu 5 - Thamizh Manadu Kovai Iniyavai Narpadhu 6 - Semmozhi ManaduIniyavai Narpadhu 7 - Tamil conference 2010 Coimbatore ProcessionIniyavai Narpadhu 8 - World Tamil Meet Coimbatore procession photosIniyavai Narpadhu 9 - Avinashi road procession for Senthamizh ManaduIniyavai Narpadhu 10 - Procession PhotosIniyavai Narpadhu 11 - Semmozhi Manadu procession Coimbatore photosIniyavai Narpadu 12 - Semmozhi Manadu photosIniyavai narpadu - 13 Iniyavai Narpadhu 14Iniyavai Narpadhu 15 - Tamil World Conference Coimbatore photosIniyavai Narpadhu 16 - Semmozhi Manadu procession photos avinashi road Iniyavai Narpadhu 17 Coimbatore Semmozhi manadu procession VOC park to CODISSIA photosIniyavai Narpadhu 18 - Semmozhi procession photosIniyavai Narpadhu 19 Thamizh Manadu Oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 20 - Semmozhi manadu bhavani oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 21 - Semmozhi Manadu first day display photosIniyavai Narpadhu 22 - Coimbatore Thamizh Manadu procession oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 23 - Kovai Senthamizh manadu display photosIniyavai Narpadu 24 - Semmozhi Manadu artefacts photoIniyavai Narpadhu 25 - Bharathiar statue photoIniyavai Narpadhu 26 - Semmozhi Manadu ship photo
ss=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-674″ title=”IMAGE_414″ src=”” alt=”Iniyavai Narpadhu 27 – Semmozhi manadu traditional arts performer” width=”450″ height=”337″ />
Iniyavai Narpadhu 28 - Semmozhi Manadu statue photoIniyavai Narpadhu 29 - Semmozhi Manadu Iniyavai Narpadhu 30 - Semmozhi manadu 2010Iniyavai Narpadhu 31 - Semmozhi manadu Iniyavai Narpadhu 32 - Semmozhi ManaduIniyavai Narpadhu 33 - Semmozhi Manadu Coimbatore Oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 34 - Semmozhi Manadu puliyattamIniyavai Narpadhu 35 - Semmozhi manadu madu photoIniyavai Narpadhu 36 - Semmozhi Manadu satelliteIniyavai Narpadhu 37 - Semmozhi Manadu kudhirai attamIniyavai Narpadhu 38 - Bharathiyar statue semmozhi manaduiniyavai Narpadhu 39 - Semmozhi Manadu folk artsIniyavai Narpadhu 40 - Semmozhi Manadu KadhalIniyavai Narpadhu 41 - Semmozhi Manadu temple and nandhi statueIniyavai Narpadhu 42 - Semmozhi manadu folk arts kalaingargaliniyavai Narpadhu 43 - semmozhi manadu procession house iyaanar statueIniyavai Narpadhu 44 - Semmozhi manadu coimbatore 2010

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  • V Rakesh

    Interesting pictures! Thanks for posting!

    Yeah, it was a difficult job to take off the photos that I was not going to publish… Thanks for your comment…

  • msoorya

    Nice Photos. But, I see nothing special in this rally. It was like Republic Day Celebrations at Chennai. Very Simple. I thought that it would have been like Olympic Inaguration Function, so grand with many fireworks. Below Average prepartions.
    Only good thing is that, Kovai got improved. Karunanidhi did this only to grab the votes of Konku caste people. Because, DMK allies lost severely in Kovai at Parliament Elections!

    The theme of a republic day function or an Olympics are quite different from this one… For this theme, I thought it was a good show and besides its not every day that Coimbatore gets to see a rally like this in Avinashi Road!!

    I am not sure about the political impetus or connections… but whatever they be, if politics and power are the drivers behind such an event and can make such grand preparations possible, let it be….

  • Swaram

    Reminds me of Dasara celebrations @ Mysore 🙂
    Very nice pics .. thanks for sharing 🙂

    I wanted to visit the Dushera celebrations in Mysore when I was in Bangalore but was not possible, but Mysore is near to Cbe as well… so hopefully :)…

  • senthil

    I thought i miss this event, But really i thank you very much for this superb! photos to show the event realy what i miss,
    Grat work, photos are very nice!

    Thanks, it was easy for me as I stay in Cbe… good to see huge crowds on the road to watch the procession…

  • Krish

    it was really fabulous picuters. This is the best way to convey to the publics about the importance of tamil.Thank you so much to share the photos with us. Jai hind

    Sure, my pleasure 🙂

  • RamyaVijayaKrishnan

    it was really nice picuters. Nice to share the pictures with us.The theme of a republic day function are quite different from this one… For this theme, I thought it was a good show and besides its not every day that Coimbatore gets to see a rally like this in Avinashi Road!! Keep going . Jai Hind

    Thanks to you too… Indha commentla padhi yengayo partha madhiri irrukke… 😉

  • Sandhya

    How were you able to take photos so clearly in that crowd? Very nice. I saw most of these cars and you filled in which I missed. Thank you.

    I liked the theme, reminded me of my school Tamil books! Otherwise we wouldn't know about Paari Vallal, Karikaal Chozhan etc. Uma Padmanabhan gave a good Tamil commentary in TV. And James Vasanthan (I think) spoke in English. One 'special reporter' spoke 'galgal' Tamil! Still the procession was nice to watch. The two families of Karunanidhi were highlighted too!

    Would like to hear some good speeches. Mr.SG said that one American Tamil Scholar is participating – to talk on Sangath thamizh.

    Since I do not have a TV in my house, not able to follow the Thamizh Manadu! But there is no time either, so no regrets!! How I wish I could revisit those school non-detailed text book times and re-read all that prose! Hmmm…

  • Ashwathy

    Lovely 🙂 reminds me of the float/parade we have in kerala for onam…

    Oh, never knew about that… do let me know when and where it is held, and I will try to catch up with it…

  • Reema

    great snaps! why didnt u use the slideshow feature?

    That's a good idea – didn't think about it! Will use it in the future. But posting them individually lets people download some photos if they want…

  • Nimmy

    Hey hey..Real time coverage of the great event..Only Hindu had pictures of the event.. All Tamilians can be proud of their language..

    Here,malayalis have transformed themselves to ugly mallus and are proud of being the same.. Just a border apart,i hope these mallus will learn from tamizh makkal…

    Actually I keep visiting Kerala sometimes and my opinion is exactly the reverse!! 🙂 Actually, I dream of settling down in Eranakulam 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Dev

    Excellent collections!! I felt I missed this event, but not really after visiting this page. Good job!!

    Today, I found out that all these statues were kept just outside the venue of Senthamizh Manadu… I could have got better pictures of them, if only I had more time!!

  • priya

    well… looking at the 20th pic…where a guy is sitting below a tree and a hand offers to…. reminds me of the michelangelo's famous painting "The creation of Adam"…i have given the link below to have a better look at the picture…

    Can anyone tell me what that picture portrays in our sangam tamil period???? i dunno abt the rest .. but this pic is surely a thing to looked upon..

    Actually I wanted to take both together… but the Van moved fast and was able to focus only one! Not sure about what the picture portrays – it would have been better if the organisers had developed a website detailing about each of the exhibits in the rally…

  • SG

    Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing. I live in California. Here a friend of mine, George Hart, is head of the Tamil Departemnt at the University of California at Berkeley. He was a speaker in that conference in Coimbatore.

    I have also read that name in a few Tamil magazines… I guess he was involved in determining the age of the language… not sure though. Wish I had more time to involve myself in the various activities of the conference and get to know more about it…

  • anerges

    hi viewers!
    i had very glad to view this pictures of variety of ancient people in accordance with tamilnadu…………..

    see yourself………
    enjoy yourself…………..

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