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Photos – Miniature models of few World Wonders among others taken in Race Course road, Coimbatore

Well someone told me that there were miniature models of the wonders of the world around the walkers lane in the Race Course Road, Coimbatore. So, I enthusiastically set out to take photos of them. But I was not able to find all of them (including our very own Taj Mahal! – probably they shifted it to that exhibition 🙂 ) – but there were other interesting shots to take around that place. The photos are below – Enjoy 🙂

Miniature Model of Leaning Tower of Pisaminiature model of great wall of chinaminiature model of eifel towerminiature model of hawa mahaldecorative statue in race course road coimbatorea small temple gopuramfancy clock in race course road coimbatorestatue of frog made of stone in race course road coimbatorephoto of a nice plant in race course road coimbatorephoto of a decorative plant in race course road coimbatorebeautiful small plant along the walkers lane in race course road coimbatorephoto of the walking lane in race course road coimbatoreThe last photo is of the walking lane all along the race course road, Coimbatore. Notice how even the lamp post blends in with the greenery? I guess this is one of the best places to have a morning walk in Coimbatore!

Destination Infinity

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  • arvind

    the Eiffel tower was the best… I think after reading ur last few posts it would be easier for me to raom around coimbtore if i ever visit there 🙂

    Well I have just started roaming around… I heard that there are even more interesting places around Coimbatore! – The responsibility of having to explore all that is on me, fortunately 🙂

  • Nita

    Hawa Mahal is a very unique structure and I think it deserves more applause that it currently gets. If one had a museum in India with all the interesting structures, it would be quite educative. This is good for starters. But the models should be more true to life.

    Interesting, I have always wanted to go to Rajasthan on a Tour – looks like there are a lot of photograph friendly sites there 🙂

  • V Rakesh

    Absolutely wonderful! Brilliant showcasing!

    Also, love the fresh new look of the site – This is easily among the best of templates in WP!


    Thanks, Rak… I like the typography and the fonts of this site – they are clearly visible and neat. The header picture is the one which convinced me to keep this template, like my last template!)

  • Avada Kedavra

    Hawamahal and Leaning tower of Pisa are the best 🙂

    The Pisa tower was impressive to see directly as well, but I had to struggle with different shots for all others to showcase them here!

  • Harini

    Great pictures… Eiffel tower and Pisa are the best 🙂

    They could have been bigger, and some more monuments could be planned in this park… hopefully all that will happen sometime soon

  • Sandhya

    I know why you have put the Pisa on top…that is the best! The last walking late is beautiful. Feel like walking there.

    We will definitely visit this place when we come there, Destination Infinity. Thank you.

    If you come here within the next 4-5 months, do visit my place also! But the city of Coimbatore needs more tourist specific sites, in and around the city. There seem to be very few, right now and even those are not well known to the workaholic people here!

    • Sandhya

      Sure! My husband is born there, though we don't visit this place so often nowadays. His father's house is still there at R.S.Puram, somebody else owns it now!

      Even when people come to Chennai as visitors, we just don't know where to take them during their second visit. Some gets bored with Kapaleeshwarar temple etc. then beach, then? I would like to visit Fort St.George, but no company!

      I think you have settled down over there happily, for now…you sound happy!

      For now, things have become fine – but you never know when twists would happen! 🙂 I would love to live in a place like Coimbatore – I like its non-city but yet city nature! Interesting to see that you have good links with this city! Which is this Fort St. George? I would like to visit it too… We will go when I come to Chennai… 🙂

      • Sandhya

        Our Assembly used to be there! Now, Karunanidhi has built a new modern building for the assembly – eco friendly building, they say.

        Fort St.George is very very famous for the European connection. Read it here:

        Then we need to visit both. Actually, I saw the picture of the new assembly in a news paper, and it looks very interesting, architecturally. I would love to take some photographs there… I will contact you when I plan to come to chennai.

  • kanagu

    The miniatures are really good DI 🙂 Whats the cam u are using now??? the phots are nice and clear 🙂

    Why Taj Mahal isn't there?? 🙄 🙄

    I am using my cell phone camera – it takes good pictures of what ever is there near it. But its not good at taking long shots (beyond 100 meters)…

  • Vijay Anand

    Why didn't you add the Gymnasium. It is in Racecourse only. Take the photo and include quickly. Come by 6-7 am in the week days. I will be there .

  • Muralidharan

    Awesome photos , i like all of them very much .

    Its just because of your photos , i had came to know about the place , these photos had excited me to visit the place at least once a time .

    Some recent days only i had more eager on travelling and your photos had introduced a new place which i didn’t heared still now , thank you for and your your awesome photos..

  • Gaston

    Hi, beautiful photos, did you know who made the miniature icons (Eiffel Tower, Tower of Pisa, Pink Palace)?

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