A Simple and Effective method to Stop Corruption among Politicians – Lok Janpal Bill

I have a lot of respect for Anna Hazareji’s campaign on Anti-Corruption. Their Jan Lokpal Bill is a Top-Down approach. While I do think that it will be effective, I would like to suggest a simpler method to stop corruption among Politicians.  I am calling it Lok Janpal Bill.

This bill is very short and doesn’t run into pages. In fact, it just needs a single amendment to the existing laws.

It will be so effective that no politician will think of getting involved in any form of corruption henceforth.

Lok Janpal Bill:

If any MP or MLA has been proven (with evidence) in a Court of Law that they were involved in corrupt practices, in addition to the regular punishment given to them (by the Court), the following punishment needs to be implemented additionally for all the people who elected that particular MP or MLA.

1. For a period of five years (starting from the date of Judgment), all the working people in the constituency from which that MP or MLA was elected should pay double income taxes, businesses should pay double sales taxes and for people who don’t pay any taxes, they should be entitled to only half of what people in other regions are entitled to (Quantity of purchase), with their Ration Card. There will be absolutely no Freebies given to any Ration Card holders in this constituency, during this five year ‘punishment’ period.

Simple, but very effective if implemented strictly.

Destination Infinity

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25 thoughts on “A Simple and Effective method to Stop Corruption among Politicians – Lok Janpal Bill

  1. he he he he you are making sure the bill does not get passd .. even the people will appose it ..
    what shud happen is if found guilty ANY ONE remotely related to the mp all there property becomes GOVT property .. and the MP-officer is thrown out of job and has to get a job from scratch ..

    no jail no nothing JUST Take away each scent they have .. will serve them right .. jail etc wont do any justice as they will still have the money to enjoy later ..

      1. Dear Rajesh,
        I first want to thank you for your efforts made for this website.
        While talking about corruption, our people are thinking that govt. is corrupted and the govt. officials are corrupted. Its absolutely wrong. Corruption is living among us. Our youth are giving extra money for a movie ticket for a first show first ticket of a supreme star’s movie. This is also a form of corruption.

        Corruption could be wiped out only by the self-control of each and every citizen. But, here we indians or the world are divided into religions and castes. Nowadays, every humanbeing is selfish. We can see this on roads during the morning or evening traffics. Everybody for their own selfishness, disobey traffic rules, i.e. law.
        Ok. Here, we the people daily disobey laws in different ways. Then, why not the politicians. Ofcourse, they should be punished since their activities affect the nation. They are not the avatars, we the people had been selected to represent us.
        Here, I want to say that we the Indians should be united. No north indians or south indians or tamilian or malayalee or singh or anything. We are the humanbeings or we are a animal like any other animals in the world.
        Nowadays, we see that each and everything is mixed with politics. Politics is controlled by the corporate companies. We, the people are the makers and the workers of both the sections of the society.
        Hence, we are also responsible for the corruption.
        Also, I would like Anna’s team to open a statement on 2G scam which is mainly happened by the corporate companies and their lobbyist Neera Radia.
        Thank You Friends.
        We should be united for a another freedom.
        Also, the world should be united for the peaceful living.

      2. Mr. Rajesh,
        I thank you for information about G. D. Naidu in your page. I copied it to my facebook wall.
        But, sorry I forgot to add you webpage address to my post. But I will do it next time.
        Thank You.
        Good Job.

    1. Democracy is about collective responsibility. They too will have to face the same thing.

      I can ask a similar question. What about people who voted for a corrupt politician in a constituency where majority of the people voted correctly for a good politician? They are not going to get punished, right?

      Destination Infinity

    1. I initially thought I could write two points. But then decided to write just one – Actually forgot to take that 1. out! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. point 1 > Bring Right to Reject Law ( which will help people to choose right and eligable person out of available, ( aoppose all standing member are corrupt then voter has the choise to reject all of them and I have fresh election Until a right person is elected)

    ponit 2 > control the population, as every person loves their children and he will involved in corruption procedure to keep his large family needs ( for example If X earns Salary of Rs 10000/- and have only two children ( he saves Rs 2000/- every month) and Y have 5 childrens ( like our every corrupt people in India) the salary is not sufficent. then he opts for earning illegal money from poor people.

    ponit 3 > why not to raid rich people every day( if worler are less in number. then take the hepl of unemployed higher education students as contracted worker, pay them certain % of maney )

    Point 4 > there will be no corruption when ( Right to reject+ Small family+ Regular raids+ give higher % prize may be 30% on giving information about black money)

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