The Washing Machine Joke

Before a few years, this joke was actually doing the rounds. I am not sure if you are aware of it, but here it goes –

The Indian cricket team went to South Africa (around early to mid 90’s) and they fared pretty badly, both in the test matches and one-day matches. Those were the days of Donald, McDermott, Pat Symcox, and other such intimidating bowlers!

Obviously against such a line up, that too in SA, our team had no chance. I guess it was Venkatapathy Raju or Sunil Joshi who went for a lot of runs in that series and people were particularly angry with that person. Let’s assume it was Raju.

So, Raju returns home amidst tight security and is advised not to go outside for a few days after the match, due to security concerns. But he wants to buy a Washing Machine. So, he dares the security threat and goes to the nearby appliance store.

He looks at various models, likes one of them and decides to buy it. He asks the shop keeper –

“I want to buy this washing machine. How much is it?”

Looks like the shop keeper too was an avid cricket follower and was not impressed with his recent performance. So he says,

“Raju, I am not selling anything to you. I am very upset with your recent performance”

Dejected, Raju comes back. But he somehow wants to buy the Washing Machine. So, he disguises himself as a Sardarji and goes back to the shop. Once again after a little wandering he points at the same model and asks,

“I want to buy this washing machine. How much does it cost?”

“Raju, I told you I am not selling anything to you. Don’t think that I will not find you if you come in disguise”, comes the reply from the shop-keeper.

He is perplexed. He thinks that maybe his disguise was not good enough! So, this time he dresses up as a woman, checks with a few people he knows, and after confirming that no one was able to identify him, he goes back to the appliance shop.

He moves around, looks at so many models for a long time and then asks the shop keeper,

“I want to buy this washing machine. How much does it cost?”

“Raju, if you come once again in any form of disguise, I don’t know what I’ll do. Go back immediately”, comes the reply from the angry shop keeper.

He couldn’t believe his luck! So, he tells the shop keeper,

“Ok. I promise not to come again, but tell me one thing – how could you identify me when others could not?”

“Because, the model which you are pointing to, is not a Washing Machine. Its a Dish Washer!!!” 😀 😀 😀

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  1. I have heard a different version of the same joke…. it was one of those ‘Blonde’ Jokes … :-P…. good one! thanks… 🙂

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