My walking afflictions!

Since I am fast approaching middle age, I thought why not exercise and keep myself fit? So, I have started to walk for around half an hour each day in order to gain the benefits of walking.

But instead of me burning calories, calories are burning me!

When I first started walking, I was on a strict schedule. I did not take any money with me. Those blissfully healthy days – I miss you!!

It all started with a Samosa. Actually, there is one shop near my house that makes some tasty samosas. I was consciously avoiding that route but one day I did go that way. They say,

“Its much easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy those that follow”

How true! Actually, in this shop they serve hot samosas (fresh from oil). Since many people keep buying them, the samosas are always hot! They also have a hot sauce to go with it. So, they will put it in a cup, break the samosas, drench it in a hot sauce and give it to you. All for seven rupees! How can one resist it? So, since I bought my first samosa, I became a regular customer!

Initially the intention was to eat one samosa in a week. But then, it became once in three days, and then… Didn’t I deserve a samosa after a hard session o walking? Well, you get the idea.

I wanted to break this habit. So, I started to take other routes.

In one route, there is a shop that sells hot poli’s. These are like chappati’s, but they have a sweet filling inside. On the top of it, they put hot ghee and sell it for just twelve rupees! I just wanted to taste one of them, but became a regular customer soon after!

In another route, one bakery makes mini-pizza’s. They are small, tasty and have enough cheese to offset all the benefits of walking! All for eighteen rupees. No wonder, I became a regular customer there also!

In another route, there is a chat shop run by a North Indian. So, the pani puri’s and pav bhaji’s are irresistible. No wonder……..

I was fed up with all these tempting shops and decided to take the main road. There are only flats on both sides, and no shops. Ah, a healthy walker stretch at last. Or so I thought.

There was a petrol bunk and a mini supermarket inside it. Normally, it doesn’t come into my purview, but one day I had to buy something else and went inside. On the counter, they had small packs of six mini-samosas. Surprisingly, they tasted so good! From that day, I started to go regularly to that super-market just to buy this mini-samosa pack!

Again, I was determined to escape the clutches of these tempting eateries. So, I decided to walk in a park near my house which is totally closed on all sides and there are no shops or super-markets inside. I thought, how can anyone tempt me now? Again, I was proved wrong. Once I come out of the park, the first thing that my tired eyes looks at, is a Vada vendor (Medhu vada and Masal vada) on the side of the road! I have never seen them while going inside! Strange!!

Recently, I took a very off-beat way and can you imagine what was on sale in one of the shops there? Vada Pav!!!! I have literally searched the whole of Chennai to buy a Vada Pav earlier, but never found one. Now, one shop right around my house sells that also!!

I have not tasted it yet. I guess I win this time 🙂 But I am once again going for walking today evening…………. 🙂

Destination Infinity

And they say, you can reduce calories by walking. Not in India!! Or at least, not around my house!

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30 thoughts on “My walking afflictions!

  1. LOL!!!! That’s funny DI!!!

    Maybe you have to lay a road by yourself with no space for food vendors and walk!!! and I am really amazed by the variety of snacks you get in each road 😀 😀

    1. Even if I do that, I am sure that vendors will queue up on the entrance/exit point of the road and tempt me… They know their business! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. But instead of me burning calories, calories are burning me!
    LOL! 😀

    Hahaha….next time I come to Chennai, you and Kanagu are going to take me to all these places!! Pukka!

    And thank goodness I don’t live in your area. All the money I give at the gym would be totally wasted 🙄

    1. Exactly, all my efforts to maintain my weight are getting wasted because of these shops! Oh, let us not restrict ourselves to this small area around my house – There are so many eateries in Chennai to be explored outside this small circle 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  3. stop on that MIDDLE AGE thing.. come on .. We are young yet, hell I feel Young and I am sure I am years elder then you..

    But I like that road , when can I join you for those walks .. promise me when i see you in chennai you take me on that road for those beautiful morning WALKS 🙂 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    1. Well, the ambiance is not so good, but the food definitely is. I forgot to write about the frozen sandwich…. 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  4. As said by bikram you are too young to come in the middle age category.It’s ok if you eat and walk atleast you are not sitting and eating no.What you ate you are burning it by walking.I say Eat and Walk…..

    1. Actually, I want to get into the middle age category. I am consciously converting from the T-shirts to Normal shirts! If I don’t go out I may not get to eat these things – That’s the dilemma. Sitting and eating nothing or going out and invariably eating some thing! Maybe I could have some juice – at least they don’t increase the calories…

      Destination Infinity

      1. LOL. I thought people will support me by giving ideas to avoid the eateries and hence make the walking sessions effective!

        Destination Infinity

  5. Hello DI

    First time on your blog…..this is very interesting. Rakesh does mention about you from time to time.

    Came here through Rakesh’s blog and found your writing very interesting.

    Look forward to good blogging – thanks to support from bloggers like you.

    1. Yeah, I am a privileged regular customer! Who knows? I might even get a customized menu for myself in future! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  6. Indian food is full of calories and as you said every corner there is a temptation. Your walk may burn about 200 calories but a samosa is around 300! So my suggestions is plain old fashioned will power! 🙂

    1. I am gaining 100 calories per walk! I guess I should walk less often in order to get the benefits of walking 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  7. Wow…so many varieties of snacks! I am sure jealous of you. I am a lazy bone, so never went for a walk and i suggest you to avoid taking money with you,by all means.

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