Photos of The Napier Museum in Trivandrum, Kerala

NapierMuseumTrivandrum01The Napier Museum is located in Trivandrum. Both the Trivandrum Zoo and Napier Museum share the same premises. When we went, this museum was closed for renovation (for a couple of days, I guess) and hence I was able to take pictures of the museum from outside only.

The museum complex is itself like a huge palace and its surrounded by a botanical garden. The museum building had a very interesting construction and hence I was more than enthusiastic to click away some photos of it.

You can read more about this museum from here. In this post, I just want to show the photos I took from outside the museum.







NapierMuseumTrivandrum08Destination Infinity

PS: You can view a photo of this Napier Museum taken in 1900 by Zacharias D’Cruz from here. Thanks to Rajani for passing this info in the comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Photos of The Napier Museum in Trivandrum, Kerala

  1. Not sure if you saw this.. but there are a few pics of Zacharias D’Cruz floating around which were from long time back… very interesting pics… u might want to take a look. Pics of Trivandrum. Let me know wat you think once you see them.

    1. Thanks for the info, I got one pic of the museum taken in 1900 by Zacharias D’Cruz and I have linked to it from this post.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Ohh wow…lot many good places to visit in Trivendrum…the museum indeed looks very well maintained…liked the India Map made out of lawn. Really good one !

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