In a Job, What Factors Matter to You?

This post is a continuation of the earlier one. In this post I want to understand what people (mostly) look forward to, in a job. These posts are only for my understanding and I am not going to do a ‘justification post for my comment’ at the end or anything. So, feel free to comment frankly.

Some of the factors that people look forward to, in a job might be: (in no particular order)

  • Money, salary
  • Perks, incentives
  • Job security, longevity
  • On-site opportunities, foreign trips
  • Jobs that will allow you to settle abroad
  • Type of company – MNC, Large PSU, etc.
  • Learning vital skills that would make you a ‘specialist’ in your field
  • Learning vital skills that would enable you to do your job better/more efficiently, solve the problems faced by your client, increase the revenue for your company
  • Lenient boss
  • Easy job
  • Challenging job that will push you to achieve more than what you think you are capable of
  • Motivating boss
  • Inspirational/helpful colleagues
  • Lenient/easy-to-handle clients
  • No one should shout at you, pressurize you
  • 9-5 working hours. No working overtime
  • Office situated in the same city, near to home
  • Ability to tele-commute, if required
  • Shares, stock options in the company (giving you a sense of ownership)
  • Clear growth strategy, earlier management positions
  • Lack of office politics
  • Lots of office politics
  • Working in a multi-cultural environment
  • Exciting job, makes you think ‘Wow, I am in office!’
  • Job profile perfectly fits in with your passion, allows you to work on something you are passionate about
  • A job that will help you become an entrepreneur/start your own company, eventually
  • A job where you can apply what you have learned in school, college (for example R&D, professor, etc.)
  • A job which will not ‘tie’ you within four walls
  • A job that will enable you to learn skills that will be helpful in real-world situations (like negotiation, strategy, etc.)
  • A job where you can serve your country/community
  • A job that will give you absolute power
  • A job where you can solve other’s problems and earn their gratitude/good-will
  • A job where you cannot be replaced (vital/highly-specialized function)
  • A job that will make you popular
  • A job which will make you in-charge of a lot of people/sizeable capital
  • Early retirement
  • Breaks, holidays on weekends
  • Allows you to have a work-life balance
  • Allows you to be a part of the next biggest thing – Nano-technology, Robotics, Path-breaking display unit, etc.

I have listed some factors that people might look forward to, in a job. Let us know some factors that you look forward to, in a job. Of course, you can add your own points too…

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  • Jas

    For me, things have varied depending on what phase of life I am in.
    I started out to learn, explore, keeping in mind money and benefits. Then moved on to be hungry for respect, empowerment, purpose and inspiration. In between came a phase when job security was primary and now it is satisfaction, challenge and something that makes me happy drives me.

  • sm

    very good points , factors, all above factors are interconnected with each other directly or indirectly.
    each point is important but today security is more important

  • Nita

    Assuming that one has sufficient money, it is a challenging job that keeps one’s interest going. However, I think a good working environment (lack of office politics) is essential, at least for me. But that is because I am quite at sea with politicking and find it difficult to handle.

  • Bikramjit Singh Mann

    I always looks for furthur learning, dont want to get stuck at a place and no one needs me in years to come..

    Money is also a big consideration in todays day and age , People who say oh they are not bothered about money , I find them a bit odd, they can work free then ..


  • Shilpa Garg

    That’s a pretty comprehensive list and covers all, I believe. For me, these factors have been different in different phases of my life. But learning, growth and peace of mind are topmost for me!

  • rahul aggarwal

    well seeing that list of yours i can easily summarize one needs almost everything in a job …

    but one must remember that job is not such a big thing as we consider it in India .. people without job are also doing very well today .. one must do what he’s good at .. may be that can generate job for others!

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