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Life of Pi – Movie Review

Well, I have never done a movie review in this blog. So, I thought why not start? Before a couple of days, I had the opportunity to watch ‘Life of Pi (3D)’ in a theatre here in Chennai.ย I went to Sathyam, but since tickets were not available, I went to Sangam theatre. I am very choosy about the movies I watch, you see ๐Ÿ™‚

Though I was aware of the book (Life of Pi), I never read it because it was fiction and I read only non-fiction these days. Now I am not sure if I want to read the book as I have watched the movie. Will decide on this later.

First, I want to write about what I didn’t like about this movie. I think people can skip the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes. The introductory Tamil song (and the visuals that accompany it) is nice, though.ย  But that made me wonder if I came to a dubbed version of the English movie ๐Ÿ™‚

I will make a *startling* revelation – I did not start believing in God after I watched this movie! I thought the parts about faith/God/philosophy, etc. just does not compliment the film and the director could have made it into a pure adventure movie. Maybe since this movie was set in India, perhaps the director was influenced to bring in love **shortest love story on earth**, faith, philosophy, emotions and other bollywood-style elements?

The last 15 minutes were even more inappropriate. I did not ‘get’ any message and I am not sure if there was one. If you are going to watch the movie, you can start moving to the parking area right after the boy/tiger lands on the Mexican shore. Oh, I am not breaking any suspense. Some trailers show this scene clearly.

Now lets come to what is good with the movie – Everything else! To say that the visual effects were stunning, is an understatement. Even without 3D, the scenes were outstanding. If you don’t love the most beautiful cat on this planet already, you’ll definitely fall in love with it once you see this movie. The tiger, especially, was *STUNNING*!!

Even though all logic point against a boy surviving the company of a tiger, all alone on a life-boat, the way the story unfolds makes us believe it! Some scenes like the large fish coming out of water, etc. (see trailer above) clearly look animated, but they do add to the breath-taking imagery/visual-effects. The scenes on the island are another treat, altogether. Not sure what those little animals on the island are called. Anyone?

Do I recommend it? Yes, of course! But if you skip the parts I told you to, you’ll come out happy, with wonderful memories. Life of Pi is an excellent adventure movie, but with an unconvincing/unnecessary attempt at preaching some ‘message’.

Also, movies like this might help a lot in rallying public support for Tiger/Wild animal conservation initiatives.

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