My New Blog on Renewable Energy Technologies & Products in India!

As my readers may already know, I am a professional Blogger. That means, I work on my blogs (1,2) full-time. It doesn’t mean that I earn as much or more than what I was earning, when I was employed, earlier. In fact, I am far from reaching that point, anytime soon. Perhaps, with my efforts, your good wishes and a lot of luck, that might just happen sooner!

Anyway, this post is about my new online

It’s a niche blog, dedicated to renewable energy technologies, companies & products in India. Since it’s a blog, I will primarily be giving information to both individuals & organizations on what renewable energy technologies they can adopt to generate their own electricity, which companies offer them and what products are offered by such companies. I will also provide information about OEM’s, spare part manufacturers, raw material suppliers for the renewable energy industry.  

I plan to write about my views/analysis on the renewable energy industry & technologies. I don’t intend to cover news, but I may touch upon them occasionally, for inspiration. My blog will have a special focus on : Solar Energy, Wind Energy & Hydro Energy, in India. But, I also intend to write about other popular renewable energy technologies, for the Indian market.

As you may have noticed, I have taken a lot of interest on sustainable living concepts recently and renewable energy forms an important part of that broader vision. I would have had a lot of advantages, had I chosen to write about renewable energy technologies on this site. But then, I realized that I will want to retain Destination Infinity as a personal blog. I will, however, continue to write about sustainable living/renewables here too, occasionally.

My new blog is hosted in Blogger. I am not planning to monetize that site anytime soon. In fact, I have not yet decided how/whether I will be monetizing it! I know renewable energy technologies are not yet hugely popular with people/organizations in India. But, I will want to be in a good position, when that eventually happens. I hope my efforts will contribute towards/be a catalyst, for clean energy initiatives/development in India, in whatever small way possible.

I have to also mention that my sailing as an online publisher has not been entirely smooth. In fact, I had to delete one site and abandon another after having worked on each, for about a year. There is always the challenge of earning sufficient revenue, and whatever I make now is not much. But they are not entirely insignificant either. I also do freelance writing jobs for customers, occasionally.

But, in spite of all this, working on what I am passionate about, gives me immense satisfaction. I do hope I will learn from my failures and mistakes, quick enough! Any suggestions/feedback on the new blog (topics to write, design, etc.) are highly welcome. It’s a professional blog, so regular readers don’t have to follow it. I will update important happenings on that blog, here anyway.

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