Should I buy a Kindle or Tablet for reading eBooks?

I think, I am facing one of the *biggest* DILEMMAS on EARTH – KINDLE (vs) TABLET!

Though I have a pile of unread (physical) books, I find myself reading more eBooks these days! In India, I guess we have three good options for buying eBooks –, Google Play & Flipkart. Do let me know if there are any others.

It is difficult for me to read eBooks on my computer/browser (which is what I am doing these days), because I generally use books as a *diversion* activity – to GET AWAY from WORK. With physical books, it’s comfortable to lie down over 2/3 pillows, hold the book in hand and read it for sometime (say 30-45 minutes).

It’s difficult to do that with a laptop. I mean, *imagine* holding a laptop over our head while lying down, to read eBooks!! šŸ˜› And besides, I want to go away from the computer monitor, while reading. I hope that will reduce my eye-strain, as I spend considerable amount of time in front of the monitor.

That’s the reason for the dilemma. If it was not for the eye-strain, I would have straight away bought a tablet. Tablet is a multi-purpose device and decent tablets from popular companies like Micromax are available from Rs. 4500!! (I hear many of their models are *SOLD OUT*). But a tablet screen is backlighted LCD, which is the same as what we find in our computers.

I like the concept of eInk readers (which is what Kindle display is) as it comes with reflective screen technology. That means, just like physical books, we are able to read the characters when external light falls on the monitor (and is reflected back to our eyes). We can’t read from it in total darkness, but we can always switch on the tube-light during nights.

There is not much point in escaping from the computer LCD display to the tablet LCD display, is there? But the problem with Kindle is, it pretty much supports ONLY Amazon store. I can’t buy eBooks from Google Play or Flipkart and read them using Kindle! It is difficult to read PDF documents using Kindle, not to forget the limited 2 GB memory.

I would love to buy an eReader, but I want more choices than just being restricted to the Amazon store. I know Sony and Kobo make eReaders, but I am not sure if they support Amazon store and are available (at a competitive price) in India.

For the practical reason of having NO other choice, I might go with Micromax tablet in the end. You know what? This 4500 rupee wonder supports everything you can imagine (movies, music, games, android apps and even 3G connection with a dongle, which I have)!!

Should I listen to my heart and buy the Kindle or should I listen to my brain and buy a Tablet?? Heart Vs Brain, Kindle Vs Tablet; H v B, K v T… Arrrgggggghhhhhhhh.

I am still CONFUSED. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destination Infinity

PS: Anybody who suggests iPAD and its *expensive* clones WILL be BANNED from this discussion. Also, I would stick to buying physical books if the titles I want are available in India. Most of them are NOT. Besides, with Amazon/Google directly selling in Rupees, the eBooks are MUCH cheaper.

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46 thoughts on “Should I buy a Kindle or Tablet for reading eBooks?

  1. Go for Brain. I would go for a tablet because I am not a fan of single utility device(when it’s expensive as kindle or tablet). And Tablet got more functions to adjust the screen display. And there are loads of things you can have on a tablet.Plus no more a monopoly for Amazon only book.
    And to beat your heart for a tablet – buy an Apple. That will make your heart beat & satisfy your brain too. šŸ˜€

  2. I’d suggest a Tablet! I have read a few books on the Tablet and it was a good experience.
    On a Kindle, books from only is not an interesting proposition.

  3. I was seriously thinking of buying a Kindle and was hoping to get some excuse to do so. But seeing the one sided suggestions, looks like I need to think again!!

    Destination Infinity

  4. Kindle all the way Rajesh.

    A tablet has multiple usages, yes. But the question is, do you need it? So does a laptop. If the prmary need is reading, why should one buy all the features simple because it is available?

    a kindle’s reading experience is great. If you need a tablet, sure. But reading a lot of books on tablet is not = kindle.

    Also, I don’t buy all books from Amazon. As long as the book si in the right format, say, MOBI etc, that’s all you need to transfer it to your kindle.

    1. Tablet: 6 – Kindle: 1.

      I guess only a Kindle user knows the real value of an eReader over a Tablet. Thanks for your input KTB. I am indeed going to use it only to read eBooks and not for any other purpose. I need to research a bit more on what books can be read on the Kindle and what cannot… I just wish it was a bit more open, like the Android App eco-system.

      Destination Infinity

  5. Iā€™m using my Samsung galaxy player (5ā€ display) to read ebooks and it has adjustable mode for the night and day reading. I too vote for tablet! I think you can use Anti-reflective coated gasses like me while reading on laptop and tablet to keep away direct affect on eyes.

    1. Tablet: 7 – Kindle: 1

      Thanks for the anti-reflective glass suggestion. I guess it’s for the monitor? I will check for the options available…

      Destination Infinity

  6. This is a true dilemma. Although the sound of owning a tablet over kindle seems more better, since the tablet is not limited and can be used for other reasons – like blogging, it does truly boil down to individual choice. I mean, if you want a device purely for e-books and nothing more than Kindle is sure the best option – but if you want to use the device for browsing and so forth then a tablet makes sense.

    On that note, in the UK we have the kindle fire – which is a tablet too. Is the Kindle Fire not available in India? If not, let me know and I’ll send one over to you.

    1. Tablet: 7 – Kindle: 2

      Kindle Fire is available in India. But it’s a Tablet and not an eReader!! I would prefer an eInk-based eReader because our eyes will not get tired even when we read for a long time from them. They are the next best thing to physical books. Probably better, because we can adjust the font-size.

  7. If you already have a phone that does other things you ‘need’ like maps, camera, songs etc, then go for Kindle.
    If you use your phone only for talking, sms and don’t need any other applications at all, then go for Kindle.
    If you don’t have a phone for apps, maps, songs, camera, internet etc but planning to upgrade so in future, then go for Tablet, coz its more multi-utility.

    1. Tablet: 8 – Kindle: 3

      Yes, I use my phone only for talking. Actually, I don’t even use it for talking (based on the amount of talking I do!).

      Destination Infinity

  8. I own ipad, kindle and sony reader. Of these three, I like Kindle for reading books. It is so light weight and the display is really good for reading books. I dont like reading on a tablet since I cant read for more than 2-3 pages without my eyes hurting. Tablet is good for other things like playing games or browsing and definitely not good for reading books.

    1. Tablet: 8 – Kindle: 4.

      I am definitely not going to play games, watch movies, listen to songs or browse the net using this device. I am going to use it only for eBooks. So, I guess Kindle might be better for my application. Thanks for your input. I guess Kindle users have convinced me into it – that’s a great thing actually šŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  9. Tablet. Go for Samsung 10.1 ” Galaxy note. It supports two windows. You can copy and take notes easily.
    Amazon kindle is also good. But for newspapers a larger tablet is better because of more columns in one screen. But you may argue that why multiple columns when there are hardly any news in India!! No comments here.

    1. Tablet: 9 – Kindle: 4

      What you say is true – There is less news and more propaganda/paid adverts in the newspapers these days. Or even in the TV for that matter. I read the newspaper very rarely, these days. I know Galaxy note is an excellent tab, but it is very expensive and my application is only reading… So, I might go with Kindle…

      Destination Infinity

    1. Tablet: 10 – Kindle: 4

      I know, but kindle is the only device that has the screen I want – eInk. I am once again confused – Let me put off this purchase until I finish reading all the unread books on the shelf. Otherwise, I may not read them and I will get some time to think šŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  10. Hmm, I have Kindle, ipad and laptop and if you want to read only books then go for Kindle. I have an older version of Kindle which isn’t available now on Amazon, it doesn’t have backlight but it’s so good. As for memory 2 GB is too much if you want to store only books. I currently have 150 odd books loaded on Kindle and that’s not even using half the memory. Pdfs may not read well but you can always convert them to mobi. A tablet sure is multipurpose but then you get distracted a lot, check email, check FB, twitter and it goes on. If you are keen to buy a tablet just go for ipad, I personally don’t trust android. šŸ™‚ Enough gyan.

  11. I have both – Kindle and iPad. After I got iPad, I never used Kindle. But I don’t use iPad either now. I go for paper copy. For some reason, I could not get used to reading eBooks. I have Mobi and converters but still paper books are better.

    You can adjust the brightness and get an anti reflective screen on the Tablet. Between these two, I suggest Tablet but reasoable big screen.

    1. Tablet: 11 – Kindle: 6

      Thanks for the anti-reflective glass and big-screen suggestions for tablets. This discussion has ended up confusing me more šŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  12. I am facing the same dilemma, but my problem is whether I should buy the kindle or stick to paperbacks.
    I have an ipad and can easily read books on that, but I really want to buy the kindle. And lets face it, so do you. YOU REALLY WANT TO BUY THE KINDLE, even if a tablet is the smarter option. I think I will buy a kindle too as soon as I am done reading these 3 books I already own.
    So if you really are just looking for THAT reason to justify your purchase of a kindle over a more functional tablet, I will vouch for it (even if I don’t own one) because nothing will make you happier.

  13. hey beware of anyone here supporting tablet !!!
    they probably do not even read books !! they want device just to play GAMES and watching item songs.. lol, I have checked the device kindle and it is great !! if you like to read books it is the best device, it has E-ink , you can read books for long hours and good battery life also, its handy, i like its simple screen ,you will not feel pressure in your eyes , you can not read book in a tablet when you are outside,it will glare a lot..
    go for Kindle . šŸ˜€

    1. Oh, I bought a Kindle and now I have bought a Tablet too! I use FBReader app in tablet to ‘listen’ to eBooks (ePub or Mobi) using Text-to-Speech (TTS). That enables me to read more as my eyes get strained when I read for a long time.

      Destination Infinity

        1. Kindle is the best device for reading books (if that’s the only thing you want to do).

          But since I stare at the computer monitor for a long time, I found reading books on Kindle would also induce eye strain after a short time. So, nowadays, I download the eBook, load it in an app called FB Reader and use the TTS (Text to Speech) feature in it to ‘listen’ to eBooks! But you need an ePub or Mobi file, Amazon’s .azw3 doesn’t work.

          Destination Infinity

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