What I am learning from Women (Bloggers)…

All these years of blogging have not gone totally waste. By following and commenting on blogs written by women (also), I have gained new skills. Sample this –

For a few years (now), there used to be a routine of arguments and disagreements between me and my bike-mechanic. I will give him a budget for bike-servicing and he always overshoots this saying this part had to be changed, that needed some tweaking, etc. I just couldn’t win these arguments, especially since I was trying to find fault with the technicalities of automobiles – which was his strong-hold (obviously!). 

So, if I give him a budget of 500 rupees for a bike-service, he ends up charging me 600 or 650 rupees. I argue for sometime, but end up giving the amount he asks or something slightly less than that. The work was good, so I didn’t mind.

Before a few months, though, I tried a different approach. As usual I told him that my budget was 500 rupees and asked him not to buy anything new for the bike without my consent (this he always disregards – he doesn’t like me interfering with his job!!). He said, ‘I’ll try’. As usual.

But this time what happened after that was different. Here it is –

Me: You know something?
Him: What?
Me: I lost my job.
Him: Is it?
Me: And you know what?
Him: What???
Me: I have just started a small business
Him: Oh…
Me: I am sure you know the perils of a new businessman and how difficult it is to manage. You have been in that position yourself, haven’t you?
Him: Yeah…
Me: So, I just wish my bill amount is manageable…

And then I left. Guess what, the bloody bill was 480 rupees, this time.

Had I learned this technique before, I would have saved considerable amount of money!!

So, the message is: Women bloggers, even if you don’t intend to teach, men can learn (and apply) your techniques if they want to. They might even apply it on you – BEWARE 😛

Now I hope to become a ‘Guruvai minjiya shishyan’ – The student who excels over his teacher!! 😀

Destination Infinity

Note to self: Stop being lazy and give that bike for service sometime soon, before it breaks on you when you are driving on a busy road!!

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27 thoughts on “What I am learning from Women (Bloggers)…

    1. I can make stereotypical statements like, ‘All women bloggers are emotionally manipulative’ and other such social-media headline-friendly magnets.

      But for now, lets assume that a few women (that may include bloggers) are emotionally manipulative. Now, do you know why they sometimes resort to such tricks? That’s because they don’t have any other options. They are forced into using such things (primarily used as a defensive strategy, but yes some women use it as an offensive strategy too) by a predominantly male-dominated society.

      Fortunately, God has created some weakness in men. Otherwise, like how we pushed certain animals to extinction, we might have done certain unthinkable things. Even now sex-determination is prevalent in certain societies like India, because of this very reason: Male-dominated (feudalistic) culture.

      Destination Infinity

  1. Hey, if you are in KK Nagar or Alwarthirunagar, I can recommend a good bike mechanic. There are two reasons why your bill may be high
    1. It simply costs that much
    2. You are easily manipulated (holds good for both the mechanic and women blogger scenarios)
    I’m sure for 480 bucks your mechanic must be cutting corners 🙂 So either change your bike or the mechanic.

    1. No, I don’t stay in KK Nagar or nearby areas. I just went there for the tree walk. Your point no. 1 maybe true and I also risk the mechanic changing some good part with some second-grade part and charging less. But I am trying to negotiate because I don’t want him to overcharge. And I want him to change only those parts that need to be changed, not some good working parts and charging me higher for it.

      I used to be easily manipulated. But these days, after following the right people (for a considerable amount of time), I am learning quickly 😛

      Destination Infinity

  2. Huh what is the connection btn women blogger and ur trip to the mechanic???

    Unless u just wanted to have an argument with ur women blog friends for the sake of it 😉

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