What I am learning from Women (Bloggers)…

All these years of blogging have not gone totally waste. By following and commenting on blogs written by women (also), I have gained new skills. Sample this –

For a few years (now), there used to be a routine of arguments and disagreements between me and my bike-mechanic. I will give him a budget for bike-servicing and he always overshoots this saying this part had to be changed, that needed some tweaking, etc. I just couldn’t win these arguments, especially since I was trying to find fault with the technicalities of automobiles – which was his strong-hold (obviously!). 

So, if I give him a budget of 500 rupees for a bike-service, he ends up charging me 600 or 650 rupees. I argue for sometime, but end up giving the amount he asks or something slightly less than that. The work was good, so I didn’t mind.

Before a few months, though, I tried a different approach. As usual I told him that my budget was 500 rupees and asked him not to buy anything new for the bike without my consent (this he always disregards – he doesn’t like me interfering with his job!!). He said, ‘I’ll try’. As usual.

But this time what happened after that was different. Here it is –

Me: You know something?
Him: What?
Me: I lost my job.
Him: Is it?
Me: And you know what?
Him: What???
Me: I have just started a small business
Him: Oh…
Me: I am sure you know the perils of a new businessman and how difficult it is to manage. You have been in that position yourself, haven’t you?
Him: Yeah…
Me: So, I just wish my bill amount is manageable…

And then I left. Guess what, the bloody bill was 480 rupees, this time.

Had I learned this technique before, I would have saved considerable amount of money!!

So, the message is: Women bloggers, even if you don’t intend to teach, men can learn (and apply) your techniques if they want to. They might even apply it on you – BEWARE 😛

Now I hope to become a ‘Guruvai minjiya shishyan’ – The student who excels over his teacher!! 😀

Destination Infinity

Note to self: Stop being lazy and give that bike for service sometime soon, before it breaks on you when you are driving on a busy road!!

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