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Amazon Kindle @ Rs. 4999 & Free Kindle Books

If you have been waiting for the right time/offer to buy the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader, here is the temptation: will offer the Kindle for Rs. 4,999/- (I bought it for 5,999) until Nov. 01, ’13. If you are a book lover, this might be the perfect opportunity to experience reading from the best eReader in town. 

Light weight, long reading time (battery life), holding more than 1000 books and easy carrying with you anywhere aside, the entry-level version of Kindle (Wi-Fi) offers page-turn buttons. This is one thing that is most missed in the higher Kindle versions (Touch, 3G). I have it in mine and love it – I can hold the device in one hand and easily turn the pages with a finger in the same hand. It matters.

Look at the above embedded video to see it in action & get familiar with hardware and features. As far as I am concerned, the main advantage of Kindle is the quantity and quality of books, we can now access. Amazon has one of the biggest collection of eBooks Online and you’ll not find many books in local bookstores. Since most of the books are categorized, rated and have reader feedback, it’s easy to find the best books – that makes a huge difference to the reading experience.

There are some websites that publish a list of free books that are available for free, everyday. This list keeps changing, so it’s better to follow a couple of sites and see if any good books are listed. Here’s one I like. I have seen some very good books being offered for free, on some days.

But, it is important to distinguish between a good book and average/poor book. I have seen some hopeless books get multiple 5 star reviews (from friends and family, maybe) – these books, even though free, waste a lot of our time. But then, careful discrimination and evaluation will land some true gems in our hands. Most of the classics are free and can be downloaded from the net.

Try the Kindle – you’ll like it 🙂

Destination Infinity

If you have any questions on Kindle, let me know below. I’ll see if I can answer them.

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