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Sirens Spell Danger (Book Review)

There is one common – but sublime – theme running across all the three stories in this book – Be careful with women! ­čÖé

Sirens Spell Danger is an eBook written & published on the Kindle platform by two of my Blogger friends – Suresh, Karthik and another Blogger, Radha. When your friends publish a book, the least you can do is to read and review it, no? Besides, it will be useful if/when I write one myself ­čśë

OK, the above mentioned theme-interpretation was an exaggeration, but the protagonists in all the stories get into trouble when they are lured into the traps set by women.

The first story is a thriller on how a new IPS officer recruit becomes part of an international conspiracy to plant a bomb in Bangalore. The second story is a serial-killer/murder mystery that involves some serious science & chemistry concepts. The third story is about a modern-day encounter with an ancient paranormal myth. Only, the myth is not a myth anymore!

Personally, I liked the second story the most – Bella Donna. I guess it’s got to do more with the genre – when the author keeps us guessing who the murderer was and what their next move will be (the murderer being a serial killer in this case), it creates a lot of suspense and keeps us hooked. The unexpected twist and┬árevelation in the end justifies all the tension created before. The scientific concepts make this story different and fresh, but at times, it also makes the story difficult to follow.

India is a land of myths, but we don’t have many modern-day paranormal stories! It’s time authors focused on this subject, and I am glad that one story in this book deals with this subject. I felt that more fear could have been induced with such a strong and earth-shattering antagonist (like in our ghost movies). Maybe some more background story about Balla, the myths, Krishnadeva Raya, etc. could have been added to make it even more interesting and fearsome.

What I liked about the first story (thriller) is, it was realistic. The new recruit doesn’t show any extraordinary power or skill. He just acts like how a normal person would and still tackles difficult challenges with deft and courage. The realism adds to the story, but the author could have kept us guessing and provided an unexpected ending.

Just my thoughts… I finished this book quickly and that in itself should speak a lot about it. I guess it should have taken a lot of efforts to write three (fairly long) stories, revise them, edit them, publish them,┬ápublicize┬áthem, etc. I┬ácongratulate┬áthe authors on having successfully crossed all those challenges and publishing the book. I hope to see more bloggers take up the challenge of publishing novels – I am sure it will be a thrilling experience.

Destination Infinity

BTW, Not mentioning who wrote which story in this book was a deliberate ploy to get frank reviews? ­čÖé

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