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Jack Russell Puppy

He: [Rings the doorbell]
She: [Opens the door] You know what your son told me, today? He told me not to ‘interfere’ with his life.
She: Did you hear what I said just now? I am ‘interfering’ with his life, it seems. I carried him in my womb for almost a year; I sacrificed my career to give him the best possible attention; I dropped him to school, tution classes, hobby classes, and brought him back daily, for years; I made sure he got healthy meals even though I slept hungry on some days; I have sacrificed so many things for his happiness only to hear him tell me that I was ‘interfering’ with his life?
She: You know why he told me that? I asked him where he was going today morning. That’s all I asked. Can’t a mother ask her teen-aged son, even that?
She: What is the use of telling you all this anyway? You’ll never find fault with your son. If anything, you’ll advise me to be patient and you’ll blame me for whatever happens in this house. Is that not what you have been doing all this while?
She: What is making that soft howling sound behind you? What are you hiding from me? Bring both your hands forward and show me what you have.
He: [Moves his hands in front, from behind]
She: A puppy! You brought home a puppy! You know how much I hate dogs. In spite of knowing that, you still brought home one? I just cannot stand the sight of these dogs. I want you to return this animal to its owner, right now.
He: [Drops the puppy on the floor]
She: Hey, what are you doing? The puppy is coming towards me . . . It is . . . It is climbing on my feet . . . It is licking my legs . . .
She: [Bends forward and lifts the puppy with her hands] Oh, look at how small this dog is! Golden brown hair, little eyes, little ears, little mouth, little legs . . . He’s . . . sort of . . . cute. Is it he?
He: [Nods his head]
She: [The puppy jumps on to her shoulders and licks her cheeks] Oh, my! What is it doing? No . . . Now, come back to my hands . . . Come back to mamma’s hands . . . Good boy โ€“ there you go.
She: Did you see how restless this puppy is? Just like our Rohan when he was little. Does he have a name?
He: [Shakes his head]
She: No problem, we’ll find a good name to call him. I’ll do some research on the net and will ask our relatives and neighbors. I am sure we’ll get many names. We’ll select the best among all of them.
She: [Goes into the home and sits on the chair. Places the puppy on her lap and pets it gently] Why are you still standing outside? Come inside and join us, no?
He: [Comes and sits on a chair next to hers]
She: So, what made you get this puppy for me? I am sure there was some occasion for it.
He: Yes. I want to divorce you. This puppy is a better listenerย than me.
She: [Drops the puppy onto her lap and turns to stare at him]

Ten minutes of silence follows between them.

He: That divorce thing was an April fool’s day prank. But the puppy is yours to keep ๐Ÿ™‚

Destination Infinity

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