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Bucket List of a Traveloholic by Sarika Pandit (Book Review)

Bucket List of a Traveloholic is a travel-book written by Sarika Pandit, who is a market researcher by the day and freelance travel writer by the night. This book has been published by FingerPrint Publishing and a free copy was sent to me for review purpose.

The author achieved the goal of traveling to 20 countries before she reached the age of 30, and this book chronicles a few interesting incidents she encountered during her travels.

The writing style of the author is good and I was able to easily flip through from one page to another, but the author (mostly) visits only popular tourist destinations. She just doesn’t go off the tried-and-tested touristy circuit tracks! 

I have never read a travel book before, even though I read a few travel blogs. International tourism has been outside my purview until now, but at some point I may want to visit other countries too. So, looking at things from my perspective, the author’s ‘mission’ seems to be ‘audacious’, especially for a average budget conscious Indian.

The world is a large place and has many countries whose names you may not even have heard of. So, if you decide to go ‘abroad’ one fine day, and that abroad has to be different from the norm (US, UK, Switzerland, Sing/Bangkok, Dubai), you could read travelogues like this, for inspiration and information.

The point is, not all countries maybe to your liking. And not all countries are open to receiving tourists (Israel, I learn from this book, is not exactly welcoming). Certain countries are specialized in certain things – Brussels for chocolates, Greece for alcohol, South Africa for wildlife, etc. This book introduces a few countries where the author has been to, and tempts us to shortlist travel destinations, based on the author’s experience and the country’s unique offering.

If you are looking for adventure or off-the-regular-tourist-trail experiences, this book is not for you. The author does narrate certain interesting experiences during her travels, but, they are quite normal, actually. Some of them were even over-hyped! But if you are looking to read a short introduction to a few interesting countries/venues, that might sometime tempt you to want to visit them yourself, this is a good book to read.

Some interesting experiences were narrated – getting robbed in a train, learning Spanish in Spain, taxi stopped (briefly) by thugs, getting converted into a chocoholic and jazz-lover in spite of hating them both before, hating alcohol at the mekkah of alcohol – Greece, not spotting vampires (except one hopelessly fake one) at holy Romania, etc.

I liked the way the author relates her inner dilemma (and realizations) with her travels. This is more profound as the book comes to an end.

The book could have been more interesting – if she had lost 5000 Euros instead of 300 Euros or if she was kidnapped by the thugs who stopped her taxi, etc. But the readers are not treated to such pleasantries 😛 Also, based on the narrative, I find Aditi and Alina’s (authors friends) personality to be more interesting than the author’s 😛

Nice book for a casual read. Reminds me to get on with my local travels (at least) – they have almost dried up!

Destination Infinity

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  • Nish

    I also received this book for review last week, and it sounds interesting. I love to travel, but no money, so armchair traveling it will have to be.

    It seems that the book is more about normal traveling rather than out of the box stuff, but that is comforting and at least the author hasn’t made up stuff just to make the book sound more interesting.

    Looking forward to reading it.

  • Big Foot

    Hi! 🙂
    I, too, am reading this book now. Just started… While it is commendable that she follows her passion for wanderlust, as you pointed out, she seems to stick to the tried and tested ways of travelling. Nothing off-beat, atleast not in the beginning few pages.

    • Rajesh K

      In India, traveling to even one foreign country (on a tour) is an achievement! Considering that, I think she has achieved something. Probably henceforth she can try traveling solo/off-beat 🙂

      Destination Infinity

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