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Udaan (Review) & My Suggested Script for Udaan-II

Udaan is a Hindi movie released in 2010. Guys, if you haven’t watched this movie, see it soon. It is a simple story and can resonate with anyone (especially creative ppl). The way in which the story has been told/shown is outstanding. I was surprised to see such a realistic and gripping movie from Bollywood! Highly recommended.

Rohan, the central character of the movie, gets ousted from his boarding school and is sent back home to his father. The issue is, Rohan last met his father eight years ago and has not spoken to him ever since. Upon reaching home Rohan discovers that he has an 6-year old step-brother (Arjun), and his father is a strict disciplinarian.

Rohan’s father wants Rohan to call him ‘Sir’, orders him to work in his factory in the mornings, and attend an Engineering college in the afternoons. But Rohan is not interested in doing Engineering – he wants to become a writer. Is Rohan able to convince his father to become a writer, is the story.

A totally offbeat Hindi movie. I am glad that such movies are being made in Bollywood nowadays. It’s realistic until the end. But the climax follows the usual “Happily ever after” Bollywood formula.

My suggested script (story outline) for Udaan – II (This was done as a part of an exercise in a recent workshop I attended).

It’s 13 years since Rohan and Arjun moved to Mumbai from Jamshedpur. Rohan works in a coffee shop and takes up other part-time jobs in the day, and writes during the nights. Even though a couple of his works have been published, the income from his writing is stillΒ minuscule. Publishers insist that he write Romance, Mythology, and other in-demand Genres, but Rohan refuses. He writes what his heart tells him to write.Β 

Rohan’s girlfriend keeps pushing him for marriage. But since Rohan’s income is not sufficient to start a family, he keeps avoiding the question. One day, she gives him an ultimatum and breaks up with him. On the same day Rohan returns home and his brother (Arjun) informs him that he has decided to quit engineering and wants to become a music director. Rohan asks him to complete the degree first, but Arjun refuses. Rohan slaps Arjun, and Arjun walks out of home.

On realizing that he had not been much different from his father, Rohan travels to Jamshedpur to meet his father. He finds out that his father has divorced again, sold his business, and is drinking on a daily basis. He gets a call from his publisher that his book has won the Tiber Jones South Asian literary award and hence it is expected to become a best seller soon. His publisher offers a decent advance for his next book. He shares this news with his father and apologizes to him for being insensitive back then. Rohan requests his father to move with him to Mumbai, but his father wants to stay back in Jamshedpur.

Rohan returns to Mumbai and learns that his brother has been cheated by a rogue producer. Arjun is now doing some part time jobs to support himself, and has enrolled in a music college. Rohan asks Arjun to move in with him, but he refuses. Rohan meets his girlfriend and informs her about the award and his advance, but she informs him that her marriage has already been fixed with someone else.

Left alone, he finds solace in writing his heart out. Reading books and writing becomes his companion for the rest of his life. Some of his books would go on to become classics in the future.

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