The Green Bazaar, Chennai

So I went to the inaugural edition of Green Bazaar, an expo on green, organic and sustainable living in cities organized by The Alternative, last Sunday, Sept. 07 @ SPACES, Besant Nagar, Chennai.

If you are following this blog, you know that I am passionate about green living/sustainable living practices. I have an entire category dedicated to Sustainable Living articles. How then could I miss an event that brought various green living aspects under a single roof? I just had to go.

As expected, there were a no. of stalls in the exhibition, but there were also talks/workshops on various topics. I’ll give a brief introduction to talks I attended and some stalls I visited, in the Green Bazaar, Chennai. See if something interests you. There is bound to be!


* Composting, Organic Gardening & Permaculture by reStore Gardens/Magic Bean: In this talk, they explained the basics of composting, why it is required for organic terrace gardening (growing your own veggies/greens/herbs at home), and Permaculture – the art of growing your own soil! More . . .

* Seed Saving by Organic GartenIn this talk, they explained how to save our own seeds from organically grown and healthy plants, and the disadvantages of buying seeds (and fertilizers, etc.) off the market from “corporate companies” selling them.

* Know Your Fabric by The Chakra Design Studio: In this talk, they explained the disadvantages of powerloom clothing  (clothes manufactured in machines we normally wear) and explained why we should consider wearing cotton/ handloom/ khadi clothes. More . . .

* Reusable Cloth-based Sanitary Pads by Eco Femme: In this talk, they explained the disadvantages of using disposable/plastic-based sanitary pads and introduced their range of reusable/washable cloth-based Sanitary Pads. More . . .

* Cooking With Millets by Vaer OrganicIn this demonstration, they showed us how to cook a few tasty dishes using Millets, the grains that were popular and healthy, but ignored in favor of rice and wheat. A number of millet recipes are here, if you want to try.


  1. Daily Dump – Terracota pots for Organic Composting at Homes.
  2. Maduban Naturals – Pomegranate fruit-based products and supplements.
  3. Ultimate Cocos – Cocopeat, coconut products, coir, coco seedling cups.
  4. Tru Bio – Organic Spices.
  5. Terra Earthfood – Organic snacks.
  6. reStore – Organic foods, grains, oil, millets, etc.
  7. Aruvadai – Organic produce, organic farms.
  8. Thai Vazhi Gramathu Iyarkai Unavagam – Herbal juices, soups, millet foods, etc: Jones Road, Saidapet, Chennai.
  9. Lotsa Lavender – Organic bakes, breads, cookies.
  10. SHARAN – NGO committed to make India diabetics free, healthy cooing workshops.
  11. Krya – Organic and vegan/cruelty-free detergents, body care products, etc.
  12. – NGO promoting waste/e-waste recycling.
  13. Bambaram – Online toys rental for kids.

I am glad that such a useful/informative event was conducted in Chennai. Looking forward to attend the future editions of The Green Bazaar, too.

People, visiting The Green Bazaar (in the future) will inspire you to inculcate natural, green and healthy practices in your everyday lives. Don’t miss.

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