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Gone Girl (Movie Review)

How far would one woman go to save her marriage? That’s the gist of the movie ‘Gone Girl’ written by Gillian Flynn and directed by David Fincher. At 149 minutes, you’d expect this movie to drag, but it doesn’t. Excellently written (and directed) movie.

Amy and Nick are unhappily married for five years. The cause for their unhappiness ranges from recession to adultery. On the day Nick decides to propose Divorce, Amy goes missing. Police suspect Nick murdered Amy, but they search for her anyway.

Since Amy is a famous author, the media starts following the story with interest. The media plays a crucial part in all their actions that follow. The lawyer openly admits that the case is going to be about what people think and not what happened.

Has Amy been murdered? Will she come back? What does she want?

In spite of the length (2.5 hours), the movie manages to keep the audience in the edge of their seats. The movie doesn’t hide anything about anyone – all the people are realistic, and as selfish as they ever are! There is no Good Vs. Bad – it’s about who is able to control and influence. Just like in real life.

Amy says she doesn’t want to be controlling, like other wives. But in the end, she learns a lesson or two about marriage, and conveys it (to the audience) without mincing words/actions. There is only one way to make a marriage work, and that is . . .  I am sure you guessed it right 🙂

For a change, it’s very good to see the truth (about people, their intentions, and their actions) being portrayed as such, in a movie. This movie has been adapted from a super duper hit novel (of the same name), and hence maybe the multiple-layered realism.

This movie is realistic storytelling, but events/actions have been amplified to make it interesting.

Useful viewing for gullible young wives, especially in liberated societies.

The message is drilled down hard. Very hard.

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